Power Boost Portable Power Station & Jump Starter

  •  Ultra Light Power Station & Jump Starter
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Multi-Functional Power Supply
  • LED Flash Lights with 6 Modes
  • Dual USB Out put Charge
Six Mode Light Features

Navigate your way or be found with the 6 modes of LED lighting capability.  For general visibility and labor, use the working modes, which are the three different levels of brightness modes (100%, 50%, and 10%).  The work lights (brightness modes) will especially come in handy in the dark when you need to jump start your car.  The Emergency modes are the Quickly Flashing, Slowly Flashing, and SOS modes.

Short-Circuit Protection

When the clips are cross wired, the power boost will automatically stop the power output.  Press the reset button before using the device.


•    Green light Flashing: The voltage of the device is >14.8V (Over-charged Protection).
Desirable levels of power
•    The best working voltage – Red, Yellow, Green lights are on but not flashing  (the device has 13V to 14.5V)
•    Adequate voltage – Red and Yellow lights are on but not flashing ( that device has 12V to 13V)

Customer Service

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30+ years of Experience

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