E246W-1080P Monitor

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The sleek and stylish E246W-1080P 24" LED 1080P Monitor model features 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, ultra fast 2ms response time, lightweight/slim design and new Sensitive Touch Control. These new smooth sensory controls are flush with the monitor's frame, which not only adds to the flawless visual appeal, but also to its technologically advanced functionality. Now you can quickly adjust a number of settings, including contrast/brightness and color, among others, without the complication, unpredictability and unattractive aesthetics of traditional protruding buttons. This 24-inch monitor is just over eight pounds and only an inch and a half thick, of which the screen itself is only 16.8mm, allowing this lightweight, slim unit to be used in any PC environment for enhanced stylish entertainment. Plus, you can enjoy the extra eco-friendly benefit of having this Energy Star 5.0 complied monitor.

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