SoundBar with SubWoofer

  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Wired Subwoofer
  • Full Range Speakers
  • Remote Control


Pairing Superior Sound with Unrivaled Visuals

Feel the power surround you.  The Sceptre SB80-PS produces powerful sounds from its 2.1 sound channel and a down-firning subwoofer so you can enjoy your entertainment at its best. The compact design of the speakers suits any size TV while the slim, down-firing subwoofer is easy to hide away anywhere to prevent clutter in your space. Play music wirelessly from a your Bluetooth phone or tablet. Connect your way with a 3.5 stereo, coaxial digital, optical digital, and subwoofer inputs.  Control all functions with the lightweight remote.  

Key Features

Preset EQ Sound Modes

The Sceptre sound bar comes with preset sound modes (movie, game, news, music) that are cater to different events on TV. Whether a concert, news broadcast, sports event, or movie, the Sceptre sound bar will always elevate your aural experience.

Sleek Design

Designed to not just sound great, Sceptre’s sound bar’s minimalistic profile offers wall mounting or table top placement a modern and elegant look.

30 years of Experience

For over 30 years, Sceptre Inc. has maintained its winning formula of designing and delivering quality products for affordable prices in the USA.  Founded in City of Industry, California, our mission ensures that our products continually evolve to better suit your needs.

Subwoofer x Diameter (inch) 1 x 4”
Output Power (Watt) 40W
Frequency Response (Hz) 45Hz – 250Hz
Speaker(s) x Diameter (inch) 2 x 2”
Output Power (Watt) 20W
Inputs DC 24V Power Input x 1, 3.5mm Stereo Input x 1, Coaxial Digital Input x 1, Optical Digital Input x 1, Bluetooth Input x 1, Subwoofer Input x 1
AC Adapter Input 100V – 240V, 50/60Hz
AC Adapter Output DC 24V, 1.5A
Product Dimensions (inch) 19.69” x 2.60” x 2.56” (Sound Bar) / 19.33” x 9.29” x 2.79” (Subwoofer)
Carton Dimension 21.26” x 12.99” x 4.53”
Product Weight 2.25 lb (Soundbar only) / 8.25 lb (Soundbar + Subwoofer)
Certificates FCC, Bluetooth
What is Included Power Sound Bar x 1, Power Subwoofer x 1, Connection Audio Cable x 1, AC Adaptor x 1, Remote Control with Battery x 1, User Manual (Warranty Information Included) x 1
Operation Temperature 50 - 110℉ (10 - 43℃)
Storage Temperature 32 - 131℉ (0 - 55℃)
Remote Control Model No 14202046K999V
Limited Parts and Labor 1 year
areeko -July 25, 2018

EXTREMELY EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS I have had more than 6 soundbars, and I needed the dimensions of this one. I cant believe how good it is. now I have to look at Sceptre's other products for my other devices!

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Yes, I recommend this product.
DonnaY -February 18, 2018
Works Great

So easy to install, great sound quality. Awesome product, perfect addition to your entertainment system!

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Yes, I recommend this product.
Spazmo -November 10, 2016
Very surprised!

I received this from a retailer delivery,it only took a few minutes to set up! It doesnt sound bad considering the cost. I use it for my bedroom and I am very pleased with it!!!!!!

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-August 15, 2016
Amazingly good sound, and that comment from an aged audiophile

Amazingly good sound, and that comment from an aged audiophile. No, it's not true hi-fi, but it's darn decent. Hookup is a breeze, and Bluetooth works perfectly once you get the PC set up. Audio adjustment is simple, though there is no visual representation, and bass is more than sufficient. The remote is a really nice touch, as it means one less cable cluttering up your desktop. In fact, you can pretty much hide both the power cord and the subwoofer connection, and that leaves the desktop just about totally clear if you have a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Another reviewer suggested that bass is woefully lacking, which simply isn't true. Perhaps that view comes from someone whose notion of adequate bass is akin to earthquakes and such. In summary, the sound is very good for something this small that sits only a few feet from your ears -- clean, well-modulated, and easy to listen to. Highly recommended.

-August 11, 2016
Could not believe the difference it made easy to set up and use

Sceptre TV was lacking on sound,very tinny. Bought this sound bar and bass unit. Could not believe the difference it made easy to set up and use. Came with a remote which is needed for other brand tvs The remote that came with my Sceptre TV had buttons on it to control the sound bar. Would definitely recommend this sound bar

-August 11, 2016
Easy to connect and sounds great

Easy to connect and sounds great. We live in a RV and when the air conditioner is running it was very hard to hear the tv. Now we have no problem hearing and I was supprised by the sound quality.

-August 1, 2016
This thing is great - I was able to place it above my ...

This thing is great - I was able to place it above my stereo components and hide the subwoofer under the cabinet. Very discrete was to have sound from my stereo without big speakers or bluetooth.

-July 23, 2016
Good sound bar for daily use

Good sound bar. It isn't a Bose or Beats level of cool or sound but, it does very well connected to my 4K Roku Tv in the bedroom. The Bluetooth works well with my iPhone and iPad as well. The sound is clear and loud and I am happy with the device.

-June 21, 2016
Sound quality is very good. Definitely a great bargain

For getting the subwoofer bass for the price, you can't beat it. Sound quality is very good. Definitely a great bargain.

-June 20, 2016
Missing Bass

I thought it would have more bass sound but it does not.

-June 9, 2016
Five Stars


-June 9, 2016
Five Stars

Nice sound bar for limited space.

-June 3, 2016
Four Stars

Sound is not as loud as I would like it.

-May 22, 2016
Great little system, Big sound!

I was skeptical at first. The sub looks tiny, but was imediatly impressed with its finish, and felt very solid. Well, this tiny thing is very capable sub, able to faithfully reproduce lows while staying clear while cranked up. I would definetly recommend to anyone!

-May 22, 2016
Five Stars

Absolutely is what I needed...Would buy again.

-May 22, 2016
Five Stars

Absolutely is what I needed...Would buy again.

-May 18, 2016
Five Stars

It is a great sound bar, it is small yet powerful and the voice is clear and good!

-May 15, 2016
Just Wow

I was looking for a cheap Sound Bar that was easy to use and has all of the features of an expensive surround sound system. I have had a trusty Sceptre 50 inch TV and saw that Sceptre also made Sound Bars. I went with my gut and decided to spend the little bit of money I had leftover from my tax refund. The Sound Bar arrived within the promised time. When first un-boxing the Sound Bar, I thought they had sent me an expensive, top of the line speaker system. The Sound Bar looked very slick and smooth. The Sound Bar included a remote control, and a detailed instructions on how to set it up. I eventually hooked everything up and turned everything on. The sound was off the hook!!! I felt like I was a movie theatre but with all of the comforts from home. I began to explore some more features and found that the Sound Bar had different sound modes. These are presets that are available depending on what you are viewing or listening to. All of these presets were phenomenal and fantastic. The Bluetooth functionality was perfect for my kids to listen and share music with each other.
This Sound Bar is top of the line in terms of quality and functionality. I have also compared this Sound Bar to other brand ones. These Sound Bars are a joke compared to the Sceptre Sound Bar. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality and the easiness of use and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a cheap awesome Sound Bar.

-May 9, 2016
Five Stars

works great have it in my shop sound is good

-April 25, 2016
This is a decent buy for smaller tv's

This is a decent sound bar for the price. Definitely better than the TV speakers on the TV. I found the best sound is when they are kept together like below the TV on a shelf, if you set the bar away from the subwoofer its hard to get an equal sound between the two. Plenty loud even for a large living room. It's hard to find a smaller bar with a subwoofer for those of us that don't have 60" TV's. The Bluetooth is a big plus.

-April 22, 2016
Five Stars

great deal

-April 8, 2016
It's one of the best deal I could find on Amazon

It's one of the best deal I could find on Amazon. I was worried about the quality in the beginning. The speaker arrived last week and it works great. The installation was easy and the speaker is light. The sound output is good and it significantly improve my TV system.

The best part is the bluetooth system. Now I can play any music from my phone or pad. Combining with Chromecast, I can play anything in my cell phone at home now.

I will come back half year later if any problem happens. If I don't change my review, it means this product is still working perfectly.

-April 1, 2016
This sound bar is awesome!

I saw some good reviews about this sound bar so I decided to purchase it. I have never purchased a sound bar before and I’m glad I did. The sound that comes from this sound is awesome. The sub-woofer makes the entire sound system incredible and deep. It was easy to set up and setting up the Bluetooth to my phone was super easy. Heck, I even plug in my Nintendo 2DS to the AUX and it sounds pretty amazing. For a $100 price tag, it’s well worth it!

-April 1, 2016
Great audio

I purchased this as a pair to my Sceptre U438CV-UMC U Series 4k TV.

This sound bar came at a really great value and pairs really well with the new TV. Many sound bars come with an oversized ugly subwoofer but this one has a thin compact subwoofer that keeps the room looking clean and elegant. The subwoofer is built into the main box facing downward to keep its compact element.

2.1 sound channel is great for what we watch, don't need the surround sound and this was perfect.

We can connect via Bluetooth and play music when we're not using the TV which is great for parties.

Package included :

Sceptre Power SoundBar
Sceptre subwoofer
Subwoofer cable
AC adapter
Remote control
And user manual

Would definitely recommend purchasing this with any scepter TV!

-March 30, 2016
... on how such a compact speaker/subwoofer set could produce good sound. I was pleasantly surprised with this set

I was skeptical at first on how such a compact speaker/subwoofer set could produce good sound. I was pleasantly surprised with this set. The sound quality is not what you would expect with such compact drivers. The downward facing subwoofer also does a great job in providing a full sound profile without being overpowering. With a flat equalizer from my phone using Bluetooth to stream audio the overall sound was well balanced. With some tweaking through an equalizer you can get more oomph out of the subwoofer but I am perfectly happy using a flat equalizer with it.
A nice touch that was put into the subwoofer "cabinet" is that the seam of the veneer was put on the bottom so the unit looks like it was made from solid wood without taking a very close look. Only thing I would suggest improving would be the LED indication on the speaker unit. It appears that the single LED is placed fairly far behind the grill of the speaker so if you move you head a little the light suddenly disappears completely. Overall I am extremely pleased with the product.

-March 24, 2016
Such A Big Difference!

This soundbar set was one of the wisest purchases I've made. I recently received a Sceptre E555BV-F 55" TV for my birthday, and although the picture quality is excellent, the sound coming from the television is not the best. I paired this soundbar with my television and now I have the best home theater experience ever. I like how the bar is half the size of traditional ones, and the subwoofer lays flat. It is also a plus that the remote that came with the television is pre-programmed to connect to this soundbar. This was well worth the purchase.

-March 13, 2016
I like it because it was small/compacted compared with the larger/longer ...

I bought this to pair with the Sceptre U438CV-UMC 4K Tv. I like it because it was small/compacted compared with the larger/longer soundbar models out in the market. This soundbar also comes with a separate subwoofer. The soundbar has both an optical and coax spdif, usually it just one or the other. The Bluetooth connection is also a nice added feature to use with my smarthphone. The sound quality is definitely a lot better than the sound coming from the tv. By adding a soundbar, it made the sound seem like night and day.

-February 16, 2016
Most affordable Bluetooth speaker + sub-woofer you can ever get in the market

Received the package next day, thank you Amazon Prime.

For sub-hundred dollars, I'm getting both a Bluetooth speaker AND a sub-woofer, incredible.

Speaker works like a charm. I hook the cord to my TV for regular sound output, and you know what, the Bluetooth function lets me stream my music from my phone any time as well!

Sub-woofer hides exactly under my TV, neat and steady. I listen to trance/techno all the time, the beats kill you right there.

You won't regret it, this is definitely the most affordable Bluetooth speaker + sub-woofer you can ever get in the market.

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