• 32” Curved Monitor
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Up to 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Fast Response Time
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, Audio In/Out Jack


With the C325W-1920R, a revolutionary curved display with a leading 1800R screen curvature delivers images that appear to wrap around you, providing an in-depth, immersive experience. Combined with an ultra slim design, take in the wider field of view. 

Protection and comfort are the hallmarks of this design   as the metal pattern brush finish is smooth and pleasing to the touch.  The metal halo stand strikes the perfect balance between durability and design.

1080P resolution (1920 x 1080 Pixels) provides stunning color and picture detail on a 32 inch screen.

A 5 millisecond response time displays action sequences with the highest degree of clarity.

Enjoy HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort inputs to connect all video and gaming devices.

Key Features

Curve Monitor

The curved display delivers a revolutionary visual experience with a leading 1800R screen curvature as the images appear to wrap around you for an in depth,  immersive experience.


With sharper contrasts of light and darks, LED display delivers a vast array of rich colors, ensuring that moving images have never been so pleasing to the eyes. LED Display offers a lifelike picture, complete with bright colors and crisp images.

HDMI and DisplayPort

Connect video and audio your way with HDMI and DisplayPort.

Windows 10

Sceptre monitors are fully compatible with Windows 10, the most recent operating system available on PCs.  Windows 10 provides the added convenience of being compatible with earlier versions, such as Windows 8, 7 and XP.


With the ability to connect your computer, laptop, monitor, or TV to all your favorite variety of input options, VGA inputs deliver superb analog video.

Response Time

With a 5 millisecond response time, all activity on your LED screen will seamlessly transition almost instantly. 

Blue Light Shift

Reduce your monitors blue light to protect you from eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This enables you to work on you documents, watch movies, or play games more comfortably for extended periods.

VESA Wall Mount Pattern

Using the VESA wall mount pattern, easily mount your Sceptre LED monitor on the wall in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and conveniently practical.  You will be able to save ample space and view the screen in a position that affords the greatest visibility possible.


With the ability to tilt 15 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward, the added tilt feature will provide multiple options for finding the optimum angle to view the screen so that work and browsing can be performed with ease.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are, and have always been, based in the USA, guaranteeing that our customers’ needs are met as efficiently as possible.

30 years of Experience

For over 30 years, Sceptre Inc. has maintained its winning formula of designing and delivering quality products for affordable prices in the USA.  Founded in City of Industry, California, our mission ensures that our products continually evolve to better suit your needs.

Screen Size 32” (31.5” Diagonal corner to corner)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate Up to 75Hz
Brightness 311 cd/m2
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 12,000 : 1
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Response Time 5 ms
Colors 16.7M
Lamp Life 50,000+ Hours
Viewing Angle 178˚ (Horizontal) / 178˚ (Vertical)
On Screen Display Control (OSD) Picture, Display, Advance Color, Source, Other
Full HD 1080P Yes
OSD Language English (Default), French, Spanish
Auto Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Yes
Neck & Base Detachable Yes
HDMI Input 1 x HDMI
DisplayPort Input 1 x DisplayPort
VGA Input 1 x VGA
PC Audio In 1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio input
Audio Out 1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio Output for external speaker or headphone
DisplayPort Input Signal Support Up to 1920 x 1080
Digital Signal Frequency 30 – 80 kHz (Horizontal) / 60 – 75 kHz (Vertical)
HDMI Input Signal Support 1080/60p, 1080/60i, 720p, 480p, 480i
VGA Input Signal Support Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
Bezel Width Top, Left and Right: 0.35” ; Bottom: 0.65”
Chassis Colors Silver
Tilt Backward: 20˚, Forward: 5˚
Slim Design Ultra Slim
Power Range AC Adapter Input: 100 – 240V~ 50/60Hz, 1.0A Output: 12V DC, 3.33A
Power On Mode < 28 W
Power Standby Mode < 0.5W
VESA Wall Mount Hole Pattern (mm) 100mm (W) x 100mm (H)
Wall Mount Screw Size (mm) M6 x 8mm
Stand Screw Size (mm) M6 x 20mm (1pcs)
Neck Screw Size (mm) M4 x 14mm (2pcs)
With Stand (Inches) 28.38” x 19.05” x 7.99”
Without Stand (inches) 28.38” x 16.61” x 0.35”
Packaging Dimension (inches) 31.88" x 8.54" x 23.3"
With Stand 12.1 Ib
Without Stand 11.6 Ib
Gross Weight 19.8 Ib
Approval FCC, cTUVus, ISTA 3A, Energy Star V7.0, WHQL (Win 10)
What is in the box? Ultra Slim Monitor; Base x 1; Neck x 1; Base Screws x 1; Neck Screws x 2; User Manual x 1; AC Adapter x 1 (12V/3.33A); HDMI Cable x 1; VGA Cable x 1
Warranty One Year Limited Parts and Labor
-October 7, 2018
Great Monitor, been in use for 8mo with no issues

Works perfectly, 8 months and going strong - now if I could just get the kids to stop playing their games on it... Hard to argue with the price on this.

-October 7, 2018
Cheap Price and Amazing Feel

It is so cheap for what it's worth. The quality of my video games are amazing and I do not get any fps lag. Also watching videos on here is amazing.

-October 3, 2018
Better than the Samsung and LG 32"

I purchased this for $180 on prime day, whereas I was viewing an LG and Samsung for the same spec for $250+. This monitor has had no flaws, the picture quality is great for it's size and the color settings are superb. Even at $250 I'd take this over the LG, it's neck and neck with the Samsung. Keep in mind for such a big monitor at 1080P and no G/Vsync it's not going to be crystal clear like you would get on a 24"/27" but if you're on a budget and not a complete graphic snob it is a great gaming monitor. (Primarily playing first person shooter's with no complaints of monitor latency)

-October 1, 2018
Excellent imaging

This item has a very image and integrated sound

-September 29, 2018
First one not good, second one is perfect.

This is my second monitor, which the first was returned after a few days when I noticed the dreaded dead pixels. At first I thought I saw only two, but then I spotted two more while I was deciding if I should return it. Thankfully with free returns it was no hassle at all. I threw out the old box but when the replacement monitor came in I just used that box and sent it out free of charge. I probably wouldn't have given this monitor five stars if I had to pay for any return shipping or dealt with a hassle.

Besides that, let me say the price for this monitor is honestly ridiculously low. If you look for a monitor of this size from another more "respected" brand, it is pretty much triple the price. Sceptre is a brand I know very well due to the fact that all of our TVs in our home are Sceptre, so I can definitely vouch for the quality:price ratio and say that what you get for the price is a true good value...

-September 28, 2018

I switched to this from a 42” tv and I was amazed by the difference. Not so much picture quality as it was the same resolution and what not but the screen delay was virtually nonexistent. Great quality would buy again.

-September 25, 2018
Believe the hype!

I've had my monitor for about a month now, and for what i use it for its perfect. I also have the 27" curved and I love this brand and their curved monitors I'll never go back.

-September 25, 2018
So Far So Pretty Darned Good

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this monitor. I got it for analyzing market charts, and it works wonderfully for that purpose. I can also turn down the blue light, which helps my eyes a good bit, especially in the middle of the night.

I've had it for a few months now, and like I stated in the opening, have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. This is a quality monitor.

-September 24, 2018
Light bleeding through edges, but easily fixed.

Great display, not much else to say. There is no glare at all, no dead pixels. There is however some light bleeding through around the edges. I fixed it (mostly) by fiddling with the on screen menus. Now i cant really tell its there unless i look hard.

-September 18, 2018
Good for the price

I've been using this monitor for about a week now. Upon first hooking it up to my PC, I immediately noticed why there are many negative reviews about this monitor claiming blurriness and washed out colors. Depending on what your graphics settings are, obviously the initial picture is going to look displeasing. It took me some time over the course of 3 days before I finally got a good picture dialed in, but now that I have, I'm very satisfied with this monitor. The key for me outside of changing my resolution in my graphics card settings and tinkering with the brightness and contrast via my graphics card and the menu button on the monitor itself was turning down the saturation of every color via the monitor's menu. After initially switching to a higher resolution, slightly turning down the brightness, and slightly turning up the contrast, the colors still seemed too saturated and were bleeding into each other. Turning the saturation down from 50 to 45 for every color did the trick for me. If you're patient enough to keep adjusting your settings until finding a picture detail that suits you, this monitor is well worth the $180 price tag. Combine this monitor with a nice set of external speakers (because yes, the one built into the monitor does kinda suck), and you'll have yourself quite a nice setup for not a whole lot of money

-September 15, 2018
Great monitor

Excellent monitor for the paid money

-September 12, 2018
Fine Monitor

Happy with purchase!

-September 10, 2018
Five Stars

very happy

-September 9, 2018
Wow looks great!

Great curved monitor! Picture looks great. Son uses with his PlayStation on his gaming desk and loves it.

-September 4, 2018
Great Monitor

Works exactly as advertised and a great price. All of my co-workers comment about how impressive this monitor. I wish this thing had a security lock slot. I'm sure one of these suckers will try to swipe it. Haha.

-September 3, 2018
Gorgeous Display, Terrible Speaker

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. It is beautiful and functional and the quality of the picture is excellent. The speakers, however, are terrible. You definitely need to buy a better set of speakers to hook up to this if you want to use it for sound.

-August 30, 2018
Awesome screens

I purchased two of these screens and they are simply amazing. They have a wonderful crisp look for the picture quality and there were no issues attaching them to my computer. I love that they are bigger screens so that when I am watching tv, playing games, or doing homework, I can see what I'm doing. Not to mention the curve on the screen is appealing to the eyes and create a well rounded picture. No pun intended. I recommend this buyer and this screen, especially if you are on a budget.

-July 13, 2018

I love my curved screen monitor. I play quite a few games and this monitor is great for that purpose.

-July 6, 2018
Excellent monitors for work or play

Came on time, well packaged, very easy to setup. Definitely better for productivity than the 40" tvs I was using before. Picture quality states 1920 x 1080, but I had no problem increasing the resolution to 3840 x 2160, so I suspect the monitors are only limited by the graphics card. For work I would stay with 1920 x 1080 as print may be crystal clear but tiny letters are still tiny letters. PRO easy to setup and use up to 3840 x 2160 resolution for gaming. Excellent for working with spreadsheets, graphs, documents, sharepoint sites etc... Metal frame sturdy monitors. 20 degrees of tilt. Price 32" curved monitors for 189 each and a metal versus plastic body Con A power block instead of just a cord and it is rather large. No vertical adjustment, buttons are on the rear right side of the monitor. A little cumbersome when making adjustments when you use more than one of them and the monitors serve two systems. One for work and one for play.

-June 6, 2018

Definitely a good screen, the quality isn’t perfect, but it’s still good and the light is fine.

-May 2, 2018

Great monitor. Very clear screen and reasonable prize

-April 25, 2018
Great Huge Monitor for Little Price

This is a beautiful Monitor, huge in size and great HD quality. Worth every penny.

-April 23, 2018

All around great monitor for any usage. I have it hooked up to use for gaming. Looks great and handles well. My wife also needs it for her college work and it allows for more tabs to be open and scattered while still making the words of each page easy to see for a more productive and have swiftly done Assignments. Only problem I see is because of the curve, certain games you can see something from the screen every now and again down the center on the bottom half

-April 14, 2018
Great Display Monitor

Bought this to use as a display for my work laptop and worked perfectly. Came with everything I needed and only had to plug it in.

-March 29, 2018
Nice 32-inch Monitor

So far, I'm really enjoying this 32-inch curved monitor ..... I have it connected to my new Dell Inspiron 17" Generation 8 i7 5700 laptop. Works great. My eyesite is not great, so this 32-inch monitor makes reading so much easier and less straining.

-March 14, 2018

It's great and at an affordable price! Only issue its contrast is a little low so I'm going to have to knock off a star for that.

-March 13, 2018
Buy Curved Now

Well now I'm spoiled-can't ever go back to a flat screen after this. Solid metal stand means no more scratches from the keyboard, and the power light has been nicely shrunk to a tiny point LED--

-March 10, 2018
Very good deal.

Very good for the price, size, and color rendition. The monitor is standard resolution, but you would have to pay a fortune to get any higher in resolution. But it does allow you to sit it back and view comfortably what you are writing on the screen, and your eyes do not need to re-focus much when viewing different parts of the screen, so it is more relaxing on the eyes. Also nice to watch movies on. But remember that curved screens are designed for single viewers sitting in the center, not for several people trying to watch, say, a movie on them.

-March 8, 2018
Not bad for 1080p gaming

The screen size and resolution are nice. Curve helped with FPS FOV and easier on the eyes. Only knock it has is the black looks more grey on color saturation.

-January 12, 2018
Excellent Monitor

I use this monitor for streaming content and working with two applications on the screen at the same time. It does its job well and the price was outstanding. Pay attention to the cable connection from your computer to your monitor. The monitor comes with an HDMI and a VGA cable.

-January 11, 2018
Excellent Monitor

I use this monitor for streaming content and working with two applications on the screen at the same time. It does its job well and the price was outstanding. Pay attention to the cable connection from your computer to your monitor. The monitor comes with an HDMI and a VGA cable.

-November 29, 2017
Very nice.

Bought as a gift Great for videos and online gaming.

-November 19, 2017
Look great!

Hard to beat this great monitor for the price. I see 2 feet 10 inches back from screen, and cannot see any pixilation or dots in the image. At 2 Feet 2 inches I can see them which is not good. A relatively low resolution is fine when you sit back from the screen a bit! No problems. Has a DisplayPort, an HDMI input and a VESA input. Also sound in and sound out. Very very pleased with this giant computer monitor!

-October 29, 2017
Great screen, great price

On a full black screen though, we noticed pressure marks, prob from being packed tightly. Still happy tho! Great for gaming!

Alexi -September 27, 2017
Look good

It look good and nice with a PC

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-September 16, 2017

This monitor is very good, nice quality and looks great. One thing missing to make it even better is speakers. Other wise great product.

-September 14, 2017
great value and quality

we got this for my 95 year old dad who has macular degeneration in both eyes so he could continue to use his computer. he is very happy with it and the large size makes it possible for him to tell the suits of cards when he plays solitaire. I think it will lengthen his time he can use his computer-a good thing!

-September 13, 2017
Sceptre 32 inch curved monitor

The monitor is easy to setup and comes with all the hardware necessary for using HDMI, VGA, and Display Port. I am using HDMI 1080P setting and the picture is clear from corner to corner. The curved monitor allows for long use with no eye strain. The only con is the rear mounted control buttons for the OSD. Setting up the initial settings took a little concentration and continually looking at the back of the monitor to make sure the correct button was pushed. Other than that...I like the product. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a good sized monitor that won't break the bank.

-August 16, 2017


-July 12, 2017
Good, when you get a perfect one shipped out.

REVIEW: The startup time for the monitor is around 7.6 seconds, which I find just a little slow. The colors are great, and the slightly curved monitor is refreshingly wide. I was initially concerned about "bigger everything" due to the 1920 x 1080, but it was nothing to worry about, as the only thing I really noticed were the enlarged icons/taskbar on the wallpaper. And I just went and shrunk them down to normal size in settings. The bottom of the monitor (where everything is basically stored), gets a little on the warmer side just like the power adapter itself does. The monitor buttons are in the back, which I find a little disappointing, but it's nothing you can't quickly get used to. Overall, I am satisfied with this monitor. I ended up attaching it to a vesa mount and it just looks visually pleasing...

maxbishup -May 2, 2017
Curved is great

I bought this a week ago I will never go back to flat screen.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-March 20, 2017
Sceptre monitor

I am very pleased with this monitor and even happier with the price. Great value and excellent monitor

-March 1, 2017
Sceptre 32" LED Curved Widescreen Monitor

I just love this monitor. Won't ever have any more problems with viewing anything. Great for watching movies with 1080p. Three different kinds of video hookup. The picture is absolutely beautiful. Good job Sceptre and Walmart

-February 21, 2017
Very nice, little low on resolution at this size.

Very nice product at this price. Even in very bright circumstances the image is still very visible. A higher resolution would have made it perfect.

-February 20, 2017
Great Monitor For Price

Sceptre C325W-1920R 32-Inch Curved Monitor Full HD 1080P HDMI Displayport Ultra Thin Brushed Metallic Very happy with the monitor except for quality control. This monitor came equipped with one broken pixel in the lower right area so no big deal. Otherwise a 5 star rating.

-February 19, 2017
Image quality and speed is really good. Meets my college son's needs

Image quality and speed is really good. Meets my college age son's needs. He tracks stocks and the market with live updates. Plays some games on it, and uses it with his mac book pro as an additional monitor. Was very pleased and would like to get another one.

-February 18, 2017
Great Purchase!

After performing all of the setup functions and making the necessary adjustments to the display, I'm very pleased with the monitor. This is a replacement for large bulky monitor that died, which I'm happy to say was a good thing since it prompted this purchase. I'm using a VGA connector and the video quality is excellent. I can access the control buttons (for example, the power button) on the back of the monitor; however, I would have preferred these buttons to be on the side or on a small remote device.

sm1976 -February 17, 2017
Lacks "wake up" feature

This is a good monitor picture/price wise. However, I wish it would turn on automatically after my system wakes up. For some reason the monitor powers off after being idle/standby for some time. Though you computer might be up, you will need to manually power on the monitor by pushing the on/off button in the back.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
Hagaballs -February 17, 2017
Great monitor, great price

This monitor is great, well worth the price.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-February 16, 2017
Look awesome on my desk

A great computer monitor, excellent resolution real sharp.
Product was delivered as promised in good and safe package.
Pretty good price.

-February 15, 2017
A+ monitor. Curve is great and can't beat this price!

Have had this for a few days now and love it. Great picture. Crisp, clear, and bright. Games and movies look great. Arrived on time with no hassle and easy to set up. Was a little skeptical about getting the curve, but for the price and the size, I figured why not. No regrets.It's awesome

Only drawback I had and not sure if it was just my setup or settings but with HDMI I could not get this monitor to produce a good picture. Bought a 10$ Display port cable and picture is perfect and clear now.

-February 15, 2017
Awsome monitor

Good monitor for the money. The picture looks great. But there a lot of bleed when the screen is black . The buttons on the the monitor is a little Confusing that's the only con. But overall a great monitor

N2iT26 -February 14, 2017
Pleasantly suprized

I was a little concerned of the curve because I wear glasses. But there was nothing to be concerned over. I use it mostly to play video games. And like the title of this review I was pleasantly surprised. Fantastic picture great color easy to set up. And I had to pawn it for a couple of weeks and they haven't seen a curved screen yet so it got a lot of attention.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-February 14, 2017
Good stuff

Great monitor, worth the money

-February 13, 2017
It is a perfect workstation monitor and an exceptional gaming monitor

After my 22” inch monitor died, I was looking for something with bigger screen size. I finally settled on this Sceptre Curved Monitor. When the monitor arrived, I noticed was the metallic brush look. It looked so sleek and slim. I was very skeptical when first saw the curve. I thought that the curved monitors were just another fad but this curved monitor makes everything so much more immersive. It is a perfect workstation monitor and an exceptional gaming monitor. When playing FPS games, I feel like I am actually part of the game! When using this monitor as a workstation, I can multitask much easily due to the large size of the monitor. I found myself being more productive. I highly recommend this product to any gamers and/or professionals.

-February 13, 2017
Pretty darn good

So far so good, not a gamer, I use this for engineering work. Especially liked the blue light adjustment feature since I'm staring at 50hrs a wk. I'm going to wait another month before I order a second one just to be sure.

-February 11, 2017
Five Stars

Great so far, if situation changes I will update review.

-February 11, 2017
So far, so good

Just got this today and the AC adapter was hidden in the foam packaging towards the bottom. I was initially upset and wrote a scathing review. I looked in the foam packaging a 2nd time and felt like I won the lottery. Hooked it up and so far, so good!

-February 10, 2017
Very Happy

This a great Monitor I use it for my CAD projects where I need more space. My son uses it to game. it works great when I need to use it i just hook up the HDMI cable and power it on. It finds the input of the PC that is running. So I just power down the desk top plug up the laptop and I am all good to go. I am very pleased and looking into picking up another one

-February 8, 2017
Great value!

I never saw the benefit of having a curved TV.. it really limits the "good view" to the person directly in the middle.
But for a computer screen it made perfect sense, so I bought it to test it out.

My monitor I was using previously was a 27" LED for which I paid $199.

The upgrade from 27" to 32" alone was enough to justify the $30 difference.

The monitor comes with all the necessary ports and mounting holes that you could need.

The curved design is quite nice for a PC monitor and makes you feel a little more imersed in your games.

The only negative thing I have to say, is that the power cable is too short.

-February 7, 2017
Sceptre 32" LED Curved Widescreen Monitor

The Monitor does infuse a sense of a real big screen (outstanding), and for the price, you just can't go wrong but it just "lock" not having a DVI adapter when you have the need for a second Monitor.

-February 2, 2017
Great Picture

The monitor works great and the picture is very clear. The only thing I dislike is the adjustment and power button are placed in the back. Still like it though.

-January 30, 2017
Sceptre 32" LED Curved Widescreen Monitor

I was a bit skeptical for this type of monitor at this price, but am very pleased. The actual picture is not as brilliant or glossy as a 1080p 32 tv in comparison. But the curved screen adds an immersiveness that won me over. No product damage. Satisfied customer. Have already recommended.

-January 27, 2017
Nice monitor.

Nice monitor.

-January 14, 2017
best monitor for my needs at a super good price

My criteria was to be able to comfortably see more text lines vertically using Windows 10 fonts at their smallest setting (100%). This was the best choice for that. I could have gotten a physically smaller screen, which would have made certain fonts more crisp, but I would have had to go to 125% font to get the visual comfort, thus sacrificing vertical text lines. As a bonus, I really enjoy full HD movies and videos on this monitor. I don't really need 2 monitors now, because there's enough room for multiple apps on the one screen. But I do have a second monitor at 1600 x 1200, and Windows and my Intel 4400 graphics card accommodate both monitors at different resolutions fine. I suspect the reliability will be good, but only time will tell. It comes with HDMI cable, VGA cable, and even a small screwdriver.

-January 13, 2017
Dual, Curved, Gaming monitors.

These work perfect for dual screen setups and they look fantastic! Dial the color to how you like to play and it works out perfect. No regrets, would recommend to anyone!

-December 27, 2016

Really nice. Large screen easy to read, I'm old. Would be great for games.

-December 20, 2016
Fantastic Monitor

As I grow older, my eyesight does too. But with this huge, outstanding display monitor, I am able to see a lot clearer. I feel like the captain of the Starship Enterprise when I sit with my emails in the morning. Thank you Sceptre for you wonderful product, and thank you Walmart for bringing it to me at such a low cost.

-December 16, 2016
Great Monitor

Amazing value, a 32" curved monitor for a little over $200. A lot of similar products on the market cost twice that much. The only thing that would make this even better, especially for gamers, would be a higher refresh rate (60 hz is just average). But overall this is easily a 5-star deal.

-December 14, 2016
Excellent home monitor

Excellent home monitor for the PC. Got a bigger monitor to help my eye sight (getting old). Now fonts are a lot bigger and can read documents and web pages better. Not as sharp as monitors for business use. But this does the job for home use.

-December 13, 2016
Great monitor

This monitor is very sleek looking and user friendly, for the most part. Pros: Great picture, sleek looking, choices of picture quality (gaming, theater, pc, etc.) Great for gaming with a console, perfect size Cons: The menu didn't make sense to me. A remote doesn't come with it which is normal but the interface of the menu is very odd and to even access the menu, you have to look at the back of the monitor to even know what your hitting Overall this monitor is very self explanatory and very nice in conjunction with everyday use such as games and work. It has smart sense which can see which output is being used at the time so if you have a pc, a comsole or something else hooked up to it, it knows which one you want to use. You can also manually do this yourself.

-December 11, 2016
Sceptre32 inch curved monitor

If the source of the video you are using is putting out 1080, this monitor is unbeatable. But since usually you sit closer to a monitor than a tv, something less than 1080 is noticeable.

tobeymaguire -December 7, 2016
Excellent curved monitor

Got this from the IBP event in Costa Mesa and I have to say that I'm really happy that I did. It was a great deal and the screen is really sharp and crisp! Very happy with Sceptre.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-December 7, 2016
Good Value

I bought the 32" Curved Widescreen Monitor a couple weeks ago. The monitor is used for a second (dual) monitor for my 24-inch Mid 2007 iMac. A friend has a dual monitor set up and I could see the appeal of having additional desktop space for files and better workflow. To get the monitor to work on my old iMac I bought a cable online with a Mini-DVI male (iMac) to an HDMI male (monitor). The monitor comes with an HDMI male to HDMI male cable for computers newer than mine. It also comes with a VGA to VGA cable. The monitor has a Display Port for 1080P which I *think* is the most modern connection. I didn't see a Display Port cable in the box. I've never had a curved monitor before. Looked at one at an electronics store just before Black Friday and I liked the way it looked. It looks pretty cool at the curved corner part of my glass desk, also bought online at Walmart, here: https://www.walmart.com/ip/49782791 . The monitor isn't curved that much, which I was afraid would look awkward and be uncomfortable to use, but it's curved perfectly in my opinion. Nothing looks distorted. So far I'm happy I got the curved monitor, not having any experience with them before now. And, it looks pretty cool, being different than most, especially on the curved computer table. The power cord is nestled inside a foam block. I had to look for it, since everything else is bundled together in clear plastic bags and easily found. There's no speakers in the monitor, but I use speakers in my iMac, or my bluetooth Bose external speaker. The monitor has 2 audio jacks: in and out. Never used them so not certain what they're used for. Summarize, I would recommend the Scepter 32 inch Curved Monitor. Seems a pretty good value for what I paid ($230), and it's really nice working with a big 32-inch screen.

royrdo -December 3, 2016
Fantastic picture

I love the curved screen and the 32" screen is great! I thought the price was very reasonable.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-December 3, 2016
Good project.

Super Deal.

Andy L -November 21, 2016
Great buy!

10/10 Solid buy for only $250. Very pleased with the clarity, brightness and vibrancy of the colors.

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Yes, I recommend this product.
-October 20, 2016
Sleek monitor

I am usually against curved displays because it distorts the image but for monitors its a different story. It definitely has an immersive feel and the picture is super crisp. I am also loving the ultra thin bezel and depth of the screen. I am submitting this review as part of a contest

-October 20, 2016
Great size monitor for those who like to multitask

Screen resolution is crisp so I don't have to squint to read anything. Love the fact that it's widescreen, it provides so much more space for me to open all see all of my programs without having to shrink them to unbearably small sizes. Some of the highlights I've found from using this monitor: - Energy saving. You can adjust brightness and contrast on this monitor and it will also tell you the energy consumption (based on your settings). You can also just choose the abundant preset settings available. - Nice sturdy base. You won't have to worry about it tipping over and getting knocked over easily. The base doesn't even look that large compared to the 27" screen but sturdy enough to support it. - WIDESCREEN. Can't complain with the widescreen. Image still looks good and you have a lot more "space". I am submitting this review as part of a contest.

-October 20, 2016
Sleek Design & Great Features

The Sceptre C325W has an ultra thin brushed metal design. Its modern and sleek appearance will complement any PC setup. If you sit directly in front of the monitor the curved screen is ideal for gaming as it provides more depth than a traditional flat panel. You can connect to video and gaming devices using HDMI, VGA and Display Port inputs. The screen is well-lit and there are no apparent 'hot spots' that can been seen on other monitors. The backlight distribution is consistent and even across. The color vibrant, contrast is sharp and viewing angles are dynamic and I appreciate that this curved monitor can be mounted as many curved screens are not VESA compliant (non-mountable). This curved 1080Pmonitor is a great value for the features and the sophisticated design make it pleasant to use and view. "I am submitting this review as part of a contest"

-October 20, 2016
Great for Games, Movie, and Audio-Video Editing

“I am submitting this review as part of a contest” If I have this monitor I will absolutely love it. I do light gaming, video editing and massive work spreadsheets extra screen real estate when working will be amazing. This awesome monitor is great, especially if you like; watching movies which are the biggest benefits of having a wide screen, as many of you knows movies are shot using anamorphic aspect ratio, so this monitor, this means on this wider screen this particularly suitable for watching movie. If you’re a content producer for video and audio, our editing application will love this extra real estate. The timeline base editing application will make editing easier. This led curved widescreen monitor really delivers an amazing visual experience the images seem to wrap around you and it also gives that wider field of views. Color is very settling, the metal brush finish is smooth front and back. This monitor also is a VESA wall mouth ready which is nice this open up huge mounting options. Here are some specifications. Inputs are; 1-hdmi, 1-vga, 1 display port, audio in and out. Size and Resolutions 32 inch screen, 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels and a 5 millisecond respond time displays. The bottom line if any of my findings fit your settings, then I can easily this monitor.

-October 20, 2016
Visually amazing at Great Price.

Curve looks good yhis will be my Christmas wish list

-October 19, 2016
Curved screens should be the new standard

The Screen is easy on the eyes in terms of colors . Height adjustability is not really there but is fine if you are using on a table top . I like that it its not too big to have to turn the head to view each corner of the screen . I would definately recommend this for the average consumer that wants a large monitor but dont want to buy 2 seperate monitors. " I am submitting this review as part of a contest "

-October 19, 2016
Great Picture

The monitor has great resolution! Great quality for a widescreen curved monitor.

-October 19, 2016
Sceptre 32" LED CURVED monitor

Overall I am impressed with the build and the picture quality of the monitor. Great for playing games and watching movies. Viewing angle is great for multitasking. I like the fact that the screen is non-glory. Its very light weight and should be easy to mount on a wall. Only thing that I am not too impressed is the aspect ratio but I can live with it. "I am submitting this review as part of a contest"

-October 19, 2016
Huuuuuge Screen!

I love the Sceptre 32" LED Curved Widescreen Monitor! The screen brought my on-line world to be huuuuuuuuge! My videos are popping, my words are dancing, and my creativity just tripled. Make sure to reward yourself with this monitor! (I am submitting this review as part of a contest).

-October 19, 2016
The curved screen looks nice in person

The curved widescreen monitor is gorgeous. Because it is wide it is a pleasure to the eye with less reflection. I am submitting this review as part of a contest

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