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Car cameras are an emerging technology specifically developed to capture events that are occurring inside and outside of your vehicle. There are many applications or potential applications for the car camera, from video recording beautiful scenic drives which you can narrate to friends and family to incidents on the road which you may be involved in, where you capture the videos to show who is at fault. Here is a list of more beneficial points of owning a car camera.

  • Evidence of any on road activity (accidents, pedestrian activity, robbery, theft, etc.)
  • Promote road safety and reduce road trauma through raising awareness
  • Safety and protective mechanism against dishonest or reckless drivers and people
  • Key evidence to dispute motor vehicle collisions and any wrong doing
  • Automatic and continuous recording of both visual events and audio
  • Self start recording when the vehicle is parked and struck by another car

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable car camera. More importantly is the quality of the video that you record (at least HD 720P). Low quality 480P cameras produce blurry images and especially at night where high definition car cameras produce a crisp and sharp video.

With Sceptre’s CCR2000 advance car camera not only can you record in highest video resolution possible, (High Definition 1080P) but it also comes with an array of helpful options. 

  • 120° wide angle lens for super wide field of view on video.
  • G-sensor (gravity sensor) can detect a collision, and the camera automatically locks the current recording video file for evidence.
  • Self start auto recording, the CCR2000 can detect a collision, and the camera will automatically start recording video while the car is parked and the driver is away from the vehicle.
  • 8 gigabyte SD card included to record up to 250 minutes at 720p/30fps HD video. To extend record time, purchase a higher memory volume SD card and&

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