• 24" LED 1080P HDTV
  • High Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 2 x HDMI Port
  • Energy Star V5.3
  • 3 Watt x 2 Speakers
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By cokeman3 On February 08 17:35:00, 2015

I purchased this product about two months ago. It was easy to set up and the picture quality is very good.


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Monte63 2016-12-18

Great value

bought this product and very happy with it

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JoHo1118 2015-12-25

Great TV for my son's room

We bought this TV for his birthday last year. The picture and sound quality on this TV is perfect for his small room as he loves to watch TV in there now. I would definitely buy another Sceptre in this size range again as it is a great bargain for the money.

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Tom24nh 2015-12-07

Great TV for a Great price

I have had this TV for 2 years and it has been great. The picture and sound are awesome, just set them to the way you like there are many options to use. picked this up for use in my bedroom and it has been great, the built in DVD player is a bug plus and works great. I‘m going to move this one to the guest room and get a bigger Sceptre 32" E325BD-FMQC 1080p to mount on the wall for my bedroom, and for under $180.00 on sale you can‘t beat the price for the quality of TV/DVD you get.

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Sceptre 24" LED TV

it works very good easy set-up and install on wall mount. picture is good, sound isn't the best but ok. this is to replace the Sceptre I bought in 2011 and my TV's are used almost around the clock. the one I purchased in 2011 was to replace a Vizio that only lasted 11 months


Sceptre TVs

We bought four of these brand TVs in the last couple of years, three opf them had the DVD combo. They all work wonderfully and I would definitely recommend the brand.


Great for College Students or children!

I purchased five of these for my family members that were headed to college. It was the perfect fit for their dorm rooms and also a very clear picture.


Great picture, great price.

I bought this for the bedroom in my travel trailer. I've only used it on the crank-up antenna so far but the auto search found a dozen or more channels and the picture was as sharp and clear as any high priced set. The price was certainly right. I would recommend it without pause. Hugh


awesome for $$

best little TV ever owned


Good for first little apartment

It's a great tv for my first little apartment out on my own. Very lightweight and picture much better than the box of a tv I used to have. It's been working great. No problems yet.


Sceptre 24"

Works great! Sound is good for a small TV and picture is very clear


Good value for a 1080 resolution.

I'm using this as a PC monitor. Has VGA and HDMI inputs as well as an analog audio jack.


Small but perfect

Use this as a TV in my exercise room, when I'm on the treadmill to watch a show or two. Great color, easy to hook accessories too. Just a good TV.


Nice tv

I was going to order a Samsung tv but decided to order this one even though i never heard of it because it had a higher picture quality. It comes in very clear and i havent had any sound issues



So far the product is exactly what I was hoping it would be. The TV has a great color.


good tv

Workds great. Good for kids room or small area


24" tv

I bought this TV for my camper works great nice picture just a little expensive for 24 inch TV I think


Best Tv I've ever owned

I bought this TV being a little skeptical because I didn't realize how large 24" TV's are and also because of how most of the reviews said the sound was. However when I got it I immediately knew I had made a fantastic purchase, the size was spectacular for a gaming/computer room. Also most reviews say the sound is very bad but mine is very, very loud. When I first hooked my WiiU up to the TV I had to turn the sound down to 5 instead of 30 and it is still very loud. Overall this TV is one of the best I've ever had. 10/10 would recommend.


Perfect small tv

My son is using it as a computer monitor and loves it. He has used it as a tv just to see the picture on it and liked it. Great for small spaces, kids room, or as a monitor.


Sceptre 24" TV

This TV has performed well since I purchased. It has a great picture and the sound is good. I selected this brand because I purchased two 32" Sceptre TVs over a year ago and they have been excellent TVs. We have had no problems at all with any of the Three Sceptre TVs. We have been well satisfied with our purchasers.


Great little TV at a good price

I got this set because I was setting up a Tivo OTA unit. Now I am using it as a computer monitor/tv in my den. Great picture and sound. The menu is straightforward and easy to use. The only problem I had was when setting up the Tivo I couldn't find a remote code for sceptre but that's the Tivo's bug. Recommended.


Price versus quality!

This is a great product that exceeded it's price point; clear picture, great color adjustments, and free shipping.

RayS 2015-02-25

Excellent Television

Just the right size for my room. Picture quality is better than expected.

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pianogirl 2015-02-11

Great features

Really enjoying this tv. Especially like that we can run the Karaoke machine through it without a vcr.

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cokeman3 2015-02-08

Very Good Product

I purchased this product about two months ago. It was easy to set up and the picture quality is very good.

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First Time Owner

This is my first HDTV & it is a spectacular experience for me. I didn't know what I was holding out for all these years. My SCEPTRE TV is marvelous & I have been watching almost ever since I got it. I am not disappointed with performance & I got everything I anticipated. Already, I've been recommending this to all who I run into. Great deal. Oh! And the price was great too.

Jude135 2015-01-19

Great picture and price

I bought this unit at Walmart with a 2 year extended warranty for use in the kitchen . The picture and features are great. The sound was a bit weak so I have it on PC style external speakers

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zngykat 2015-01-14

Love my Sceptre!

Bought this tv after my 25 year old Magnavox died...

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Highly recommended!

Price is the best we've seen - and we've been delighted with an older model of this same brand of flat screen. It's been highly dependable with no problems!


Great tv great service

The tv is amazing and the online ordering is a breeze


I am very happy with this television.

I love this television. Even the sound pleases me, which I didn't expect from the reviews (I do live in a small space, though). This is a great first HD television - the picture amazes me!


24 inches is SO big!

I waited a long time for a good price on a 24" LED monitor for my desktop computer and this was it!! The hookup was quick and easy using an HDMI cable, the picture is gorgeous and it is so much bigger than my old 19" computer monitor. I am just delighted each time I turn on my computer and see the great big beautiful picture that my new Sceptre screen gives me. Plus, if I should ever decide to do so, I can take it to my bedroom for an extra Tv. I would recommend this HDTV to anyone.


Great buy!

This is the third Sceptre TV I have purchased. All have had excellent picture quality and features. These stack up to any of the major brands yet is value priced.


Perfect for the Bedroom

Purchased this for a small bedroom, it is perfect for small areas. I like the fact that you can install headsets into this TV so that you do not disturb others in the home. I always look for TV's that have capabilities of inputting other electronics and not just one but multiple inputting.


Nice TV for bedroom

I  bought this set for my bedroom. The price was fair and the best I found on one this size. The picture is great and even though some reviewed it with a less that good sound, the sound is quite good. I have a small bedroom so it's perfect for me. I may buy one for my grandson for Christmas.


Great buy for a great TV

Have had this for about 1 month now. Bought for my bedroom. Picture quality is great, sound is better than the Toshibaa I have in my livingroom. Has multiple features, including sleep. I love this TV and highly recommend for a bedroom TV, to me it is just the right size for a bedroom.


Never let down by Sceptre products

Purchased this tv to serve as a monitor for a PC, I have had Spectre tv's in the past and have yet to be disappointed. Great tv's and great prices. What more could you ask for? I love the fact that the remotes arent the little sink ones.


Awesome TV!!

All i gotta say is this tv is definitely worth it!! The picture is awesome! Where else u gonna get the price that walmart has to offer? No problems so far. Have yet to watch bluray on it thou....cant wait to see that!! The sound, I have this hooked 2 my surround receiver so 


Great tv for the price

Product has great picture and sound quality. We are just loving it. Nice and light. Feel we made an excellent choice. Used in the bedroom, fits great in the spot.


GREAT price, for GREAT quality

My kids enjoy it, perfect size for their room and we have no problems with it!


Awesome 24 Inch TV. Picture perfect, sound great.

I will definitely recommend the Sceptre television.


All Purpose television

Upon arrival, the UPS man (sweet man) carried to my 3rd floor apartment and my daughter did the set up process which didn't take long maybe 20 minutes, if that. She worked wonders, I tell you the picture, sound, audio is absolutely wonderful. Very convenient television with features that are off the charts (still learning how to use all settings) and endless possibilities as in what to use for. Presently am thinking of using it to plug and play mp3 player, connect to pc, Skype, and other devices as such. Great all-purpose television. I'd recommend this television to those that have cameras as well as other devices to plug and play.


Great for Kitchen or Bedroom

I got this as a replacement monitor for my computer. But after getting it, I'm enjoying all the features on it. The over the air TV reception is a lot better than I expected. I have the top set boxes on my other TVs, but there are a few channels that I can not get on them. I'm getting channels the I couldnt get before and the picture is clear and doesn't freeze and pixelate like it does with the boxes. So far I haven't had any problems from this TV.  The only thing that I could complain about is the sound. It has very small speakers and the sound has no bass or fullness. But it has all the jacks to connect to a surround sound system.  It even has a input for sound from your computer. 2 HDMi ports, Composite, VGA and Component hook up. and Usb port for pictures and music.


Great price and great size!

The quality is excellent and the sound is crisp and clear.


Great deal for a 24 inch TV

The price couldn't be beat and I already owned this tv in a 32 inch so I knew the picture quality was great. As with most small televisions, the sound could be a tad louder. Other then the sound the picture and hookup connections are great! Ordered on a Friday and Fedex was knocking on the door at 8:30 am Monday! Unbelievable FAST Delivery. Great Product!


Great for the Price!

Bought this for my mother for her bedroom. Its perfect size. Has a great picture. She loves the sleep timer on it. Great for the price.