43" 4K UHD TV

  • 43” LED 4K UHD TV
  • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2
  • MEMC 120
  • Support MHL Function
  • Support CEC & ARC
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By Sgomez23 On December 08 13:55:00, 2015

I purchased this tv on cyber monday for $259 at walmart.com and I have been using it for a few days so here is what I think. the 43' is perfect for my room I was thinking of using the tv as both a computer monitor and TV. I have my PS4 and PC connected and the quality of the images is very good. Since I have it connected to my pc It makes for an awesome monitor and windows can detect this monitor as 4K@30Hz and 1080p@60Hz (using HDMI 2.0 cable). It could be because my Gigabyte 290x graphics card may not fully support 4k but I will try to either upgrade my GPU or get a Displayport adapter to see if it can run 4k@60Hz. Since there is not much 4k content out there I have used youtube to take advantage of the 4k resolution and all I can say is WOW! I went from a Panasonic 720p Plasma tv that was 6-7 years old and weighed a TON to this 43' tv which is extremely light, has a thin bezel, and the jump from 720p to 4K is ridiculously obvious! Its like staring out a window when looking at 4k content, just breathtaking. The videos in 4k are truly AMAZING for a tv that was less than $300 and definitely much better than my previous tv. It has enough HDMI connections to satisfy most people who want to connect multiple devices. I did connect a blu-ray player with a disney movie to try and calibrate the screen and to me it looks a little bit better. Obviously this tv will never compare to a $1000-$1500 4K TV in terms of features or technology or build quality but you definitely get your moneys worth. Netflix and Amazon tv shows look really good and my PC and PS4 games look amazing. The only Con that I found for this TV was the speakers. I wish they were a bit better but then again I don't really care since I have a sound bar connected to the TV. Other than that please please please buy this TV you will not regret it especially if you are looking for something and have a low budget. I had never heard of Sceptre before and I was skeptical so I puchased the 3 year prote