• 24" LED 1080P HDTV
  • High Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 1 x HDMI Port
  • Energy Star 
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By Val Q On December 19 21:01:00, 2017

I bought another TV from montgomery wards, it was a proscan 24" hdtv, but it performed more like a TV that a 5 year old built, the worse TV I ever bought!!. I returned it an bought this Sceptre TV, I am so glad that I did, the picture is great! The sound could be better, but I managed to get the audio to a place that I am satisfied with, so I won't have to buy a sound bar, or speaker for this TV. I am so glad I bought this one and sent the other one back!!. Not to mention, the other Proscan TV was $250 more than the Sceptre is. All I have to say is NEVER buy a Proscan TV!!!