• 50" LCD 1080P HDTV
  • High Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 3 x HDMI Ports
  • Swivel Base ± 30º
  • ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM
  • SRS TruSurround HD



Q:The video is cut off under the HDMI, what do I do??

  1. Open the Menu.
  2. Click the PC Setting, then go to Picture.
  3. Check the HDMI PC option and Uncheck the Auto Wide Option.

Q:I have multiple displays and the video card is not displaying in 1920x1080 resolution, what do I do??

  1. Under the video card's software there are the following options:Dual View, Clone Display, Single Display,Extended Desktop.
  2. Most likely, your TV is in Clone Display.  Some users may have a lower resolution with this setting
  3. Please select another display setting (other than Clone), now you will have ideal resolution.


Q:The video card driver is not up to date, how can I fix this? ?

  1. Find out what card you have by going into the Display Settings of your Operating System.  You will be able to see your video card name.
  2. Most video cards are from two companies, nVidia and AMD (formally ATI). You will need to download the latest driver to update your card. Here are the links:
    • nVidia: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

    • AMD (formally ATI):  http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx

    • Note: If your video card is not from nVidia, please search for the card on Google (www.google.com) or  visit www.sceptre.com for additional technical support and Live Chat with Customer Tech Support.

  3. Download the newest driver and remove the old driver from the system.  You will also need to remove the plug and play detected monitor driver.
  4. Reboot your computer and install the newest video card driver.
  5. You will need to reboot an additional time (reboot twice) for the system to detect the monitor, then you can adjust the monitor resolution.

Q:HDMI Compatibility Issues Basic Information:?

  1. HDMI is a constantly evolving and a cutting-edge technology.  If you have troubles getting a displaydue to HDMI, simply switch the video card HDMI cables or use a different video card.  Remember Sceptre is always willing to assist you.  For detailed tech support call 1-800-788-2878 or email us at monitor-ts@sceptre.com. There is also Live Chat from 8:30am-5:30pm on our website.

Q:The contrast is too bright, and the text has coloring, what do I do??

  1. Go to Picture setting and use features like Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness for best viewing experience

Q:Recommended PC DVI resolution for X320BV-HD?

  1. The X320BV-HD is a LCD HDTV that can be connected to computers.  Under HDMI the TV can be connected to regular HDMI connection or DVI connection via a DVI to HDMI conversion.  With the DVI to HDMI conversion cable, the computer will show you resolutions HIGHER THAN THE MAX RESOLUTION of the TV.  Please keep in mind the NATIVE RESOLUTION OF THE TV IS 1360X768 AT 60HZ.  If you try to change to resolutions above that, it will not be supported by the TV.   
  2. **Up-conversion DVD players and Blu-ray DVD players will not be affected by this issue since they use regular HDMI cable.            

Q:Installing the TV Stand?

  1. Place the TV flat on a table and insert the smaller plastic ring onto the neck. 
  2. Install the base onto the neck.  Remember the deeper end is toward the front.
  3. Install the larger plastic ring onto the bottom of the base, and the metallic plate onto the plastic ring.  Remember to match the railing to the protruding metal piece and the 3 holes to the 3 plastic pegs.
  4. Once you match the railing and the 3 pegs to the metal plate, screw in the 7 screws to tighten the installation.  Once you finish doing that, you can stand the TV up and begin setting up the TV for viewing.



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Email: SceptreCS@Sceptre.com
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