McCaron-L Bluetooth Speaker - Blue

  • Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
  • Color Series - Blue, Pink, or Yellow
  • USB port
  • Lanyard 
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  • Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
  • Color Series - Blue, Pink, or Yellow
  • USB port
  • Lanyard 

Traveling Never Sounded so Good

Compact and unassuming in appearance, the Sceptre McCaron Bluetooth wireless speaker delivers solid base and smooth treble that will powerfully resonate while you are on the move. Diversify your tastes by selecting a McCaron in blue, pink, or yellow. Connect a smartphone to the McCaron via Bluetooth in seconds, and enjoy connectivity as far as 33 feet away from the speaker. Compatibility is also part of the package as this wireless speaker is charged using a standard micro USB port.  Jog, dance, or party, the McCaron will attach easily to your side with the durable lanyard that is included or will suit almost any space in the house.

Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery, 3.7V, 400mAh *Battery life varies by volume and audio content
Battery Life for one Fully Charged Over 6 hours playing
Recharging Time via Micro USB DC 5V/1A Approximate 2.5 hours
Signal to Noise Ratio ≥75dB (A Weighted)
Acoustic Stereo driver(s) x Diameter (inch) 2 x 1.5”
Driver Type Active
Frequency Response (Hz) 150 Hz - 20k Hz ± 1dB
Amplifier Integrated Class-D 3W @ 1V (RMS)
Lanyard Length 7.13”
Bluetooth Connection Built-in Bluetooth supports EDR (Enhance Data Rate) Technology. Connects wirelessly up to 10 meters (33 feet)
Compact Design Take the music with you. Our smallest, lightest weight speaker
Power saving Automatically turns off if no device is linked to the McCaron after 10 minutes
Long lasting battery Approximately 6 hours of continuous music playing
Pairing Link Ringtone notify successful linkage
Wireless Bluetooth® + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Operation Condition
Operation Temperature (ºF) 14°F - 122°F (-10°C - 50°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F - 160°F (-20°C - 60°C)
Product Dimensions (inch) 2.48” x 2.48” x 1.42”
Carton Dimension 4.06” x 3.35” x 1.54”
Gross Weight 0.26 lb (4.16 oz)
Product Weight 0.19 lb (3.04 oz)
Certification FCC, Bluetooth, CEC, WERCS
What‘s Included McCaron Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker × 1 USB charging Cable × 1 Lanyard x 1 User Manual × 1
Limited Parts and Labor 90 days
October 2, 2016
Great little speaker.

I wanted to get a small speaker for my son as a gift. Whenever he has dedicated work to do around the house he uses his phone to play his favorite music. However, he wanted a better sound without having to turn on a large music system. He loves this speaker. The sound is better than any other bluetooth speaker he had previously tried and produces an unbelievable sound from a very small speaker that can be placed anywhere. I purchased this speaker for a discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

September 28, 2016
Fun for around town

Is this a Bose? No. It's not Beats either. It's also not going to cost you an arm and a leg and for the size, it packs quite a punch. The portability of it is great; I used it when my car stereo went on the fritz and I couldn't have been more pleased. The carrying strap is convenient and durable. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.
Compact Size, Powerful Sound The McCaron is designed to look compact, playful, and stylish, but it contains powerful speakers that provide flawless playback for your music.
• Bluetooth Connection Connect a smart device to the McCaron via Bluetooth in seconds, and enjoy connectivity as far as 33 feet away from the speaker.
• USB Charging With a micro USB cable you can charge the McCaron with any USB charger.
• Lanyard Jog, dance, or party, the McCaron will attach easily to your side with the durable, silicon lanyard that is included or will suit almost any space in the house.

September 26, 2016
Bluetooth speaker

This is one of the best little speakers I have ever used. When the speaker arrived I was disappointed it was soon small. Soon as I connected via bluetooth and turned the music up.. I was blown away. The sound quality was superb and the music got extremely loud without being distorted. The speaker its self is very small. like the size of an oreo. There is only one button so its easy to use. Overall, this is a great little speaker that packs a punch!! I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

September 26, 2016
Very clear sound quality.

The pictures of this speaker do not do show just how adorable it really is. I purchased this for myself and was worried since it was not too expensive that the quality would not be the best but it is awesome. The sound is crystal clear and it is so easy to use. I actually did not even read the instructions it was so simple to connect. It comes with a silicon strap as well as a mini USB charger. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. I would recommend this speaker as it is perfect however be aware if you have a young girl in your house she may steal your speaker and you will have to purchase an additional one.

September 24, 2016
This speaker is super cute since it looks like a mccaron from the ...

This speaker is super cute since it looks like a mccaron from the side. Although the speaker is little it packs a loud sound and was very easy to connect to my device. Charging was fast and seemed to only take a little over an hour if not less. Packaging was nice and included a strap you can attach and the charging cable.

I received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer to increase sales. My remarks are sincere and true. I work very hard trying to write insightful and thoughtful reviews for each item. My hope is that these reviews are helpful to others. If it did not, please comment with how I can improve; this helps me to be a better reviewer. While it is true that many items are received at discounted rates or complimentary, my reviews are completely unbiased as well as honest and are my personal experiences and opinion of the product. Once again, it is just my own opinion and experience with the product, your own opinion and experience may vary. I received no monetary compensation and not required to give a good review.

September 23, 2016
Amazing sound for such a little portable speaker

Surprise was what I got when I listen to this little speaker big sound for such a little thing I knew it was going to be small so I really wasn't expecting a whole lot out of it my little granddaughter who is going to be one likes to carry around a speaker and I thought this would be perfect for her little hands that part did not disappoint it is small and it has a nice almost rubbery feel so it is not slippery but the sound is very good for the size and it is pretty loud and really for the original price it is a really nice speaker in fact I think I am going to keep it in my purse for when I wish I had speaker with me it will also be fantastic to take on the cruise for when we go to the beach it has hardly any weight to it at all so I won't be bog down to carry it I base the five stars on the fact that I thought the description was completely accurate the little portable Bluetooth speaker that I receive looked exactly like the picture and I really like the little thing I received the portable Bluetooth speaker at a reduced price in exchange for a honest review but that did not encourage me or influence me to give it five stars I based it solely on performance of the Bluetooth speaker and the reasons listed above and my personal opinion that I really liked it so I hope this review has helped

September 22, 2016
bluetooth shower speaker is awesome cant wait to take a shower i had gotten ...

We have reviewed this shipping was very quick as usually on 99% of items was packed an secure well

This is made very well we have seen Many brands cost more and not made well as well as being at real low price as they have set we did get a lower discount Price on this
And it does not effect in any way at all are review or outcome of any review an item at all usually 3 of us to debate and come to a top conclusion of the review an we feel .

This .bluetooth shower speaker is awesome cant wait to take a shower i had gotten one some time back actual radio hanger an it junk this has nice heavy weight has everything an is sounding real loud an crisp wowwww surprised all 3 of usofan it seems made real good an 100% works good an does exactly as they posted and looks like what they show an for the price an shipping total you can not beat it we gave it 5 ****s all day an hope this helps please see the pictures an if the review helped in any way please let us no click the link review was helpful so we no we have helped an we thank all use and thank the manufacturer for letting 3 guy's review this at a discounted/or free price an we also thank amazon prime 5 ***shipping again you guys rock an have always made sure we get are item quick an it's in 👌. ..perfectly packaged an we thumbs

September 20, 2016
Pocket size Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is so small fits in the Palm of my hand it has a little weight to it but not much it easily fits in my pocket relatively it has a very small footprint indeed smallest I've seen comes with a Lanyard for easy carrying.This little guy paired instantly with my phone my Music streams effortlessly with no static or distortion whatsoever.There is definitely a Presence of Bass.... hard to believe ? from such a small speaker it has decent Highs and Midrange it don't sound tinny like some others I have reviewed overall a Great pocket Bluetooth Speaker. my opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway or form if you have enjoyed my review and found it helpful than please press the YES button below thank you and have a blessed day

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