Cheapest 4K monitor, very good as main or secondary

I'm using this along with a 144hz 1440p panel. I prefer the 144hz for gaming and most tasks, but having this monitor for photo editing is very nice.

At only $200, it's not much more than most 1440p or even some 1080p/1440hz screens at the same size. The stand is good, but make sure you screw the screws in well or else it will woble. I am using a wall mount. I had to use standoffs and cut out part of it that was blocking the power cable, but after that it works fine. Out of the box it needed some settings tweaked, but now it looks great. The buttons are in the back which makes them hard to use, but when you're setting it up you can move the monitor to a more convenient position so it's fine.

This monitor is definitely worth getting.


Best value in 4K

I took a chance and purchased this monitor on 9/2/18 despite some other web reviews of dead pixels and lines in the monitor. My monitor arrived in perfect condition, with no dead pixels and excellent color out of the box. The web reviews also clued me in that you need to be aware that the best picture and FPS is obtained with the use of the display-port and an aftermarket 4K/V1.3/1.4 cable. Throw away the cheap factory supplied HDMI cable which is causing problems for many if they do not read directions or reviews. If you plan to wall mount the monitor be aware that you will need to use the included standoff spacers. The power cable may need to be replaced with a right angle monitor power plug to clear some mounting brackets. So pleased with this purchase that barring any problems I plan to order another next month. Thanks Sceptre!!!


Pleasantly surprised

I was a bit skeptical with other reviews experiencing dead pixels and internal dusts. But for the price, I took a chance and ordered 2 of this. I am glad I took the chance. Both monitors arrived in time and I immediately checked for any quality problem. So far I found none, and picture quality is great. There are some dusts, but they are behind the screen protector. Once I removed the screen protector, I was able to just blew the dust off. I highly recommend this monitor for the quality and price.



They seem to be caused by the HDMI cable that ships with this monitor. I used the cable that came with the monitor and had a lot of horizontal red lines and black screens that I originally thought was caused by my GPU because I had overclocked it. I swapped over to another HDMI cable, and I haven't seen one red line or black screen since then. Kind of annoying that this wasn't caught in qa but, luckily I had another one laying around. Another thing, this monitor will look like absolute garbage out of the box. There is another review here that has some very good settings for color calibration. This and the bad HDMI cables that seem to still get sent out with these monitors loses a star for me. Other than that though, the stand is nice. Only upwards/downwards tilt but for a 4k monitor that is only $200, not really expecting anything more. Games look good, text looks great. Good monitor for the price.


Best monitor for the price

Great image quality, 4k 60hz can’t ask for more and is IPS? Couldnt believe it till I got hands on.


Decent for the price

Purchased this monitor to go with my newly built PC, It is good quality, and overall good for the price, my only two complaints, and the reason it is not 5 stars, is that for one thing it arrived with a dead pixel, this isnt a big deal (as of right now) so it doesnt really bother me, the other complaint is that on the part where the stand mounts to the monitor the screws are very loose, not enough to cause issues, just enough to make it wobbly. It seems like overall if they went through a bit better quality assurance, they would be great!

Bron 2018-07-06

Best Color Monitor Ive Owned !

dont miss out buy this monitor! I was skeptical at first but this beat out about 5 different monitors that I tried out and had to return because they all had weak non vibrant color. ADJUST THE COLOR SETTINGS AND YOU WILL BE IN SHOCK !! Best purchase ive made this year by far
airborneranger73 2018-03-08

Small Price Huge 4K Experience

For such a small price, the 4K experience is almost overwhelming. The monitor is so easy to use and has perfect presets for every need. I had my doubts and really questioned could something cost so cheap and be that good. I am truly amazed at how good this monitor actually is even compared to high priced monitors not as good. Their will be some who will say negative things about this piece of hardware but even the most expensive things can and will mess up. For the money you will not find a better 4K UHD IPS Monitor Anywhere!!!!!!!!! Guaranteed
JimmyS 2018-01-07

Great 4K monitor great price

Have been using this monitor for 4 weeks now. Really like it. Easy to set up. My PC‘s CPU is AMD A10 that has built-in GPU capable of 4K at 30Hz (the monitor is capable of 60Hz), had to upgrade PC memory for 8G to 16G to get smooth 4K video play. Great color and features. I don‘t use the built-in speakers since I have a pair of much better speakers. The price is about half of any other 27" 4K monitor I could find. It has more input choices than any other I could find.