Nice small tv

Great picture and easy setup; good price.


Very good as a monitor and has VGA...Strong electronic smell for a couple of weeks

This is a question reply I sent that I am posting here. Yes it does have VGA and I am using it as I write this. Read complaints of strong electronic smell which was annoyingly true as I have two in a small office. The smell is mostly gone after a couple of weeks. I'm am now very pleased with them after a good 'burn in'. It is a good deal on a 1080 32 inch at $145 as a monitor. As a TV is is not smart and has wanky little speakers underneath. BTW I purchased it sold as model X328BV-FSR and received model X325BV-FSR. Scepter's website does not have a X328BV-FSR. The model shipped was better than the description so happy about that. Has VGA,3HDMI,3.5 audio in, DTV Coax in, Component in, Audio out (RCA/3.5/optical), does not shut down/sleep auto with computer. For a 1080 monitor thumbs up. I run my compy sound through it to my sound system. Gets a 4 star for the electronic smell plus the wrong model number. If the smell is too strong for you try it and return it but I couldn't find a comparable deal on a 1080 32 anywhere.
Update 10/5/2018...a little over a month up and running...the electronic smell is almost completely gone...or I'm nose blind...actually a friend was here in my tiny office and smelled it when mentioned but hadn't noticed before. Image quality is still good and I'm still happy. Screen goes blue when my computer sleeps.


Great value

Great picture at a reasonable price.
Makes a great TV for the kitchen!


Great pic!

I like the size for a 10 x 10 room, picture is great, and its so lightweight!!

DRC1 2018-09-09

Excellent value!

After 3 weeks, appears to do everything as advertised. For this price, with all it’s features, it is an excellent value. It was easy to connect to my cable DVR, DVD and Amazon Fire. I will certainly consider this brand for my next larger TV.

Great price

Great picture


Value Product

This is a product designed to be sold as good value for a modest price. The audio is Ok for 95% of all TV viewing but would fail at listening to quality music. The picture features are good but less that higher priced models, this is not unexpected. The 1080p resolution is great and the 120 refresh is also effective.


Great for small spaces!

I love my TV...I had it wall mounted. Its perfect for my sitting room and i can swivel it to watch tv while i am cooking!


Great Value Monitor/TV!

Great use as a big screen monitor for a computer. Decent quality and features for the price. Great value. Picture is clear and the colors are bright. Sound is a bit tinny but not to the point of distraction. We bought two about 6 months apart and both pieces were identical with no issues.

Note: the plastic smell needs to vent out for a few days before being put to use. Leave it in an open area out of its box prior to use. (This is a best practice for almost any heavy duty plastic but especially true in this case.)



So far so good.


Nice picture

Very happy with picture. Sound is not a priority with us but we were prepared after reading reviews for it to be subpar. Sound is actually awful. But certainly not a deal breaker for the great price.


Good picture on display

It’s a good basic tv at a bargain price. The only thing I don’t like is it has a strong new electronic smell that is overpowering

Bigbenny1989 2018-08-04

Awesome Product.

I bought this tv to replace my other flat screen and I couldn‘t be happier.
wpeva 2018-07-27

Great value

Nice crisp picture, lightweight. Just the product we needed for our RV
HKCityGirl 2018-07-25


This is my second 32" Sceptre TV and there are noticeable differences: 1) No swivel stand only 2 angled feet. Too wide to place on my own swivel platform. 2) The remote control will not allow me to press SOURCE only to move from TV down to AV, YPBPR, HDMI1/MHL, etc. I would need to use the up or down arrows. 3) You can‘t jump from say HDMI1 to normal TV channels. I would need to use the SOURCE button again then the up arrow to find TV then enter a channel number in FULL (5-1) before I can move through the network channels. I can‘t use one single number (5) to take me away from HDMI. Wished you had the old technology for your new remotes.
CougarCamper 2018-06-26

GREAT picture

We bought this to replace a 32” TV that no longer works. Haven’t heard or seen this brand before. Very surprised by the quality of picture on it. Very easy to connect & setup. Just received it today, so will need sometime to try out. But, very surprised & pleased so far. Our OLD DVD player & everything works good.
z89101 2018-06-26

Low heat, low pwr, light - RV!

Low power consumption, low heat, light, great pic, etc... Great for our RV.
Precious 2018-06-14

Great! Esp for the price

Bought this tv for 140 dollars and it works as well if not better than the one I bought for 300. Very happy with this product.

A little grainy due to resolution capabilities for use as a computer monitor. However, it's fantastic.

tiru 2018-06-06


just purchased from walmart ,easy set up and outstanding picture