Very big bang for the buck!!

Imperfect, it isn't OLED, but for the buck, a very good bang!


Great deal!

Great deal. My expensive Vizio died an un-natural death. This tv has a good picture and sound for the price!


Great price for 2nd tv

Cheap for 4k of that size. Wouldn't recommend as primary but am using it as a basement TV. Sounds is worse then the (also cheap) tv it replaced. Packaging had packing tape directly on the tv screen - was not impressed. Carefully removed and no adhesive appears to be left.


Everything is to my liking.


Had the TV for 2 years

I have had this TV for over 2 years. I am satisfied with the purchase. I do notice the same issues as others mention when it comes to the bad sound and bleeding at the edges. The bleeding goes around the complete edges and it slightly brighter then the rest of the screen. Besides that, the TV is working the same, no issues.


This tv was very easy to set up and hook up to my cable, dvd player and video game systems. The picture is great and I am very happy with the product, as well as the great price of the product.


Good tv for price..

The picture is good, not great. The sound quality is not great so it requires a sound bar as most new tv's do. Overall a great tv for the price.


Very good product.

Needed a non-smart tv. This one has been absolutely beautiful. Great picture and easy operation. Cannot go wrong purchasing this, and the price was great.


For $300, it' a steal for a 4K TV.

This is an honest review, I am not paid nor rewarded like most of the reviewed you have read. With a low price like this, it is a steal or the best buy I ever had. The picture is great, the sound or volume is good, almost comparable to my Super UHD TV that I paid thousands of dollars. Just got mine last week and I am very happy with it for my family room.


Try the Sceptre

Out of the box it may look grainy. Pop in a blu Ray such as Jurassic World (great scenery, vibrant colors) to let the tv warm up, as you watch experiment with the picture settings. If you put the time in to get the picture just right you won’t be disappointed. My first tv purchase was a 40 inch sceptre, the previous tv is still going 4 years later. Take a chance on this lesser known brand, it’s good quality for a great price.


Sceptre 55

Sound is great, size is great, picture quality is great! So glad for this purchase!


Extra sharp video, pretty bad audio.

Absolutely stunning and extra sharp video (I use it it with the brightness turned down which is a first for me). Arrived with 1 pixel always on :) The picture is as good as my friends that paid twice as much. The audio is really bad and the base/treble control barely makes any difference - plan on using some other audio amp. USB only plays pictures, no video. Slide show choice is 1/2/4/10secs - way too fast. Manual does not tell you how to operate anything. I recommend it as long as you don't plan to use it's audio.


Very Happy with this TV ,Great price!! beautiful picture, even nice with older Black and white films, sound is great,couldn't be happier!! loving the Golf Channel and Football with this 55 incher!!


Its been a good TV so far. The sound is not very good but that's why I bought a sound bar with it.

Louis 2017-12-30

It has become the family TV

I bought my first one about 6 months ago when my 2 year old LG failed. My dad and brother-in-law also purchased after seeing mine. I just installed my second one today so that makes 4 Sceptre 55 in the family and counting. I‘ll probably add another in the basement soon. I guess that tells you what I think of the TV.
Bigf6969 2017-11-23

Best 4K 2160P TV ever 4 price

I bought almost a year ago, this TV is absolutely effin amazing, if you can get a 4K TV channel or Disc the picture is totally dreamy, like your in a dream of science fiction because the picture is so clear and realistic it‘s positively mind blowing and fir $329.99 omg, it‘s like I stole it from Walmart, for real, I‘ve had other TV but nothing compares to Sceptre, period, for the price, a comparable TV say by Samsung or Sony would cost you about $800 - $1200 hard earned smack a roos and I ain‘t shelling that out if I can get same type for $329.99, Sceptre had my at "cheaper" I‘m in total Love, old style bro. Frank Fresh Lyndhurst, NJ

decent picture, that's it!!

really good picture, very large TV, works well for me using HDMI input with a digital feed. The BAD, must have a sound bar, the factory set up sucks, but would get you by in a pinch. The remote is supper cheap, and I hope that is not what is inside the TV. !! Well Packaged, and overall happy, because of the price! (couldn't afford a name brand, and this compares to a 899.00 TV, for 309.00


Sceptre 55" Class 4K (2160P) LED TV (U550CV-U)

Easy set up. Clear picture. Great TV for the price point!


Great Video....

This TV has Awesome video, but the audio stinks....If you have a surround sound system, great, if not, buy one and get this TV...You won't be disappointed...


Great TV, greater price

This is the 4th Sceptre TV I bought from Walmart.com , a 55 led, a 55 4k, a 32 led with built in DVD player and this one, another 55 4K. All the TV's work really good, and all came at a great price. The power button on my son's TV went out, but, that was because he didn't use his remote, and probably pressed too hard most of the time. He uses the remote now, and has no problem with it. All the other TV's work fine, and the picture is amazing. I know it's hard to get over the low price of these systems, but, they are really worth it. I am very happy with my pruchases. A 55 inch TV might seem huge, and it is, but, it is great for a small room still.