Fast easy delivery, very nice for not a common brand, great picture


Sceptre 43"

Great picture! No blue tooth and not a smart TV but any inexpensive reception gadget ( firestick, Roku )could solve that.


Great TV

I needed a TV fast so I ran up to my local Wal-Mart and this TV was great for the price that I could afford. I've only had a short time and its my favorite TV in my apartment. It has a beautiful picture and great quality sound. It has several ports that I needed for hookups. It was easy to set up too. I didn't have time to really read reviews so this is mine great TV. I'm so glad my other TV died.



After 1 year of ownership... Pros: Cheap, excellent picture, light, easy to set up, great, great, great for gaming. Super energy efficient. Advanced Waste will recycle for free. Cons: Remote is cheap and buttons difficult to navigate. Small text makes difficult reading. Could use another USB port. This is my third Sceptre. Sceptre one died from a stroke after five years of use. It was a fast and definitive expiration. Fade to black. Sceptre two is still going strong after 5 years. I have nothing but high hopes for my new Sceptre.


Great price for a very good TV

Best deal on a TV I've ever gotten! Easy to install and set up. Has a great picture. We added a Roku stick to make it a smart TV and it does everything we need.

Quickie2 2018-11-09

Great Product......

This is my second Sceptre tv.....i‘d never even heard of this brand before but at the time I needed a new tv & this one fit my budget! All I can say is the product hasn‘t let me down yet so I purchased another somewhat bigger than my other! Great picture & the speakers seem even better than the old one, not bad at all! I‘m a female paraplegic living alone & I set it all up by myself except i‘ll have someone put it up on my stand for me! I‘ve seen bad reviews about damaged products & packaging but both mine arrived in excellent shape!
mcr1010 2018-10-17

Great bedroom tv.

Just received the TV today and have it setup in the bedroom to replace and old 720p that was not working very well. The picture on the new tv is spectacular. It was very easy to setup, but am still adjusting the sound as it does require some tweaking to get it pleasant.
Tippybear 2018-10-08

Great product

I recived my tv today, easy to set up. Great picture crisp and clear. I have no issues with the sound, just play with the equalizer and it has great sound. Great value for money and would definantly recommend this tv. So impressed with it, i will be purchasing another tv from Sceptre, this time the 50" for my living room. Thanks Sceptre. Very impressed
O_E_M 2018-10-05

Not bad

Arrived today from Wally World. FedEx beat the box but TV fine. Don‘t know why people gripe about sound, it‘s not bad at all. Is it super awesome shake the floor surround and drown me sound? No. But geez people, it‘s actually pretty good if you set it up. Learn the equalizer. I can‘t comment on the built in tuner as I‘m running a Digital Stream converter box through it. TV input set to AV. Out of the box the picture settings aren‘t bad. It‘s acceptable enough. Refesh rate seems good. One gripe.... the remote.... whomever laid it out button wise, geez. Let‘s see how many more useless buttons we can cram in an even smaller space.... Bet you can do it. Bet you can‘t do volume and channel in rocker types or even close proximity to each other, because, well.... that‘d make sense. I‘m glad I only needed the factory remote to set it up. I‘d be mad if I had to use that thing daily. Overall though, it‘s pretty good. Non-smart which is what I wanted. An actual decent American brand and SIMPLE basic, because not EVERYONE NEEDS OR WANTS A SMART TV. Thanks to Sceptre, I hope it lasts for the next several years. Photos were sad quick motion shots with iPhone 6 It doesn‘t show up worth squat but the in person picture is way better.
vernon 2018-09-30

Great TV

I only just got this, probably the first tv I have ever purchased. for the price, the connectivity is impressive, the picture quality is excellent and the settings options are more than adequate
brina21 2018-09-26

Love it!

I bought this 3 weeks ago it was a wonderful purchase. It has a great image and picture quality, the sound is also great. I would gladly recommend this product.
Bruin39 2018-09-20

Excellent value

Image and color look great! The sound system isn‘t the best but I would definitely recommend this tv, especially for the price.

Got a great buy...absolutely no problems with this product... Yes I will recommend this this product


Great picture... sound not so great

The picture is good - the sound is not great. It works for our bedroom - but you can tell a difference. I didn't expect great sound at that price point - If we had a sound bar hanging around the house I'd use it.


Great Value!

Very happy with this TV. Great picture and quality for the price!


Crisp clear picture, horrible sound

Fast delivery. Easy to assemble. Great sharp picture. Sound is HORRIBLE! Very tinny sounding and have to turn the volume way up. I bought a sound bar and now it's acceptable.



i love the big tv screan,the picture is awesome for me,thank u Walmart


My tv

Fantastic picture and easy to set up


My new t.v.

The price was great! Just the right size...not too big, not too small.


Love deal

My dad love the sceptre it shows a very clear picture. It’s Worth the purchased.