Excellent choice for a low budget monitor

I wanted to purchase a good monitor of decent size for a second desktop computer that I intended to use only for internet browsing, document drafting with Word, and home video transfer. This monitor has been great for all three tasks. Your eyes can only differentiate up to a certain level of screen quality beyond which the extra money for tasks like these is probably not money well spent. It's working great so far and I've found no reason to be concerned about its durability and continuing quality. As good as anything else you'd find in this price range.



Awesome product definitely get a lot for your money, very crisp and clean image would definitely buy again.


Best bang for your buck

Couldn't ask for anymore. Works great with two hdmi ports and vga.


We use these for business use.

We use these for business use. They are lightweight, and come with a stand. Good value for the price point. 1080p display. 2 x HDMI and VGA.


Good picture quality

Omg the image quality is awesome for the price


Very pleased

Bought for my son and he’s very happy with this.


Good Screen at an even better price

Works great for all my needs, I dont need 4k as 1080 is perfectly fine


Excellent Monitor!!

Excellent monitor for the price!!


Very Cheap For The Specs Highly Recommended

Amazing price to quality ratio


Very nice

Good price


so far i am pleased

these sceptre 24" monitors have a great price. so far unit is working as needed with well made feel and great colors.


Affordable quality

Got this for monitor for laptop to run off, great as a second screen. Image quality not as good as my laptop, but great for how inexpensive it was.


Quality Product

I really had to research to find monitors which you could mount to articulating arms. I love these monitors, they come with great mouthing hardware, and a quality screwdriver.


Using this as an additional screen via HDMI connection...

This is the 2nd screen I've connected to my laptop. The 1st I connected with a VGA connection and then I purchased an HDMI cable to connect this screen to my laptop and it worked like a charm.


Very good for the price.

A standard 1080p monitor, looks good, the images and videos look good. I didn't get any of the dead pixels or washed feel other reviewers got. The material feels good enough for the price. Comes with a 75 HZ display which gives me an extra 15 HZ which gives me like a 1% chance over other gamers. Easy to build, took me less than 10 mins, overall worth the $80. The sound isn't the best but you're paying $80, you're not exactly looking for a monitor with extreme sound.


Easy to set up, great colors

I use this monitor for work, and it is highly functional. Easy to install and connect, easy to see for those of us with aging eyes! Recommend


Nice monitor

Very easy to setup. I connected with HDMI cord setup resolution and been using ever since Great monitor for the price


Price is right

Great product so far. Use it for working at hone.


Good monitor good price

Good monitor liked it so much I bought a 2nd one for my other computer. Sound is not great but it works


Nice monitor

Great buy