Great security system monitor.

Use to view a 4K security system picture. Provides great clarity and fast motion does not blur at all.



Works well can use PC or ps4 with it. Great picture quality.


A good deal

For the price? Hands down a great deal. I write technical documents and laptop screens are just too small. So I hooked up my 2 laptops (one micro and one DisplayPort) to a switcher and cabled this monitor to the switcher-- all with HDMI cables from Amazon. Works like a charm. No more eyestrain.


Great monitor for the price!

I bought this monitor for gaming & work, in my home office. Super slim, easy to set up, great picture quality. I have the monitor suspended by a VESA mount, no issues at all. I plan on getting a second one.


Works great!

Works great, very happy with price!


Highly Recommend

I bought this for gaming. Great picture quality. For best picture, change setting to “FPS”. Gives the screen more defined color. Built in speakers are good not great but there’s an audio port. in the back. If u plug in a speake u should be fine.


I have 3 of these monitors and love them.

I love these monitors!
The only thing I'm not happy about is that on 1 of the 2 monitors I ordered from this vendor, both the HDMI ports don't work. So for that monitor I am using the vga port and that seems to be working fine.

I was considering returning the unit for a replacement but when I went to disconnect it from my mounting bracket one of the screws broke off in the hole.

I have 3 of these monitors (1 I originally bought from walmart) and besides the HDMI ports on the 1 unit I have had no issues. I love the size and the price.


Wow looks good

Replaced a smaller monitor


Great product!!



Great quality!

Amazing monitor especially for the price! I use this as my second monitor for streaming and it looks amazing quality! Sound quality could be better but can't expect much from built in speakers.


Exactly what I expected of a monitor. -1 star because I read somewhere that it included an HDMI cable, but they shipped me a VGA cable instead. Otherwise, a functional monitor that does what I expect it to do. Helpful that there are built-in speakers.


What I needed

Easy set up


hard to change between screen

However, still a very good buy.


Great monitor at a good price

Good clarity in the picture


Very good, but don't let it drop

I really thought this monitor was amazing. I've had it for about 6 months now, and it has been very good. Although, do not put any pressure or force upon the screen, or else it may blacken some pixels. One or two pixels are black, but that is my own fault. Very nice monitor.


Great deal for the money

Great deal for the money.


Why pay for this quality is spot on

They do exactly what I bought them for, business and personal use in my office, no issues, might be nice to have ones that you could move up and down on the stand to give you some more height, but at $99 they outperform the DEll ones I have at work by a landslide and hate to say what my company pays for them. Highly recommend


Surprisingly good HDMI monitor!

I purchased two of these displays to use as accessory monitors in my gaming machine (see photo). I spent a significant amount of money on curved MSI 32" 1440p displays as the primary gaming monitors but wanted something smaller and less expensive for the secondary monitors for displaying YouTube videos, Netflix, web pages, etc.

After receiving the monitors and using them for a week I have to say I'm really quite pleasantly surprised with both the image on the displays as well as the fit and finish of them. Right out of the box I was pleasantly surprised with the very good packaging and the light weight and thinness of the displays themselves; I've found no dead or stuck pixels so far.

Additionally, as you can see, I needed them VESA mounted and when I initially saw the back of them I moaned because they have a mounting stud sticking out of the VESA area for their stands. But a few seconds later I realized that lo-and-behold Sceptre had included standoffs and hardware necessary to accomplish a VESA mount! They even included a small screwdriver! They could have cheaped out on including that hardware (my expensive MSI curved displays did and are not VESA mountable out of the box) but these little guys didn't. Good show, Sceptre.

I haven't used the stands so I cannot comment on those, but text is clear, color is good and the built-in menus are simple and effective. I have to say, for a monitor at this price-point I'm pretty impressed.





Best price compared to others and quality is superb.

Very stilish and very thin, image quality is great. this is our second sceptre monitor and they work great. Also have a sceptre tv working great for maybe three years now.