Excellent picture quality, slick design and great price

Leelee337 2018-10-10

I can't be happier

I made a high quality purchase at a very fair price. It exceeds my expectations in the scope of the image and motion time. It is well worth your time to give this a shot.

A good buy

I've had a sceptre since 2013 a 32in so when I seen this great deal for a 50in I had to buy it! Perfect size for a big master bedroom, great color and sound!


Great Product 5 stars no doubt

Sceptre 50 " you can beat the Price and HD Picture is amazing almost as good as my Samsung 65"


Great picture! Sound isn't that great but it's bareable after some adjustment to the equalizer. I'd recommend buying it for sure! It's a great tv for the price!


works for me

I read a lot of reviews and had my doubts but this is great the picture and sound are good


Fo Sta's

The picture is amazing! Shipping was quick. Sound is why I gave it 4*'s. It's great for a $250 50'' UHD 2160p tho.


Don't hesitate

Very nice graphics, 4K, wonderful price, has all the ports needed for hdmi, etc. I have been putting off buying a new TV for a few years. Don't hesitate on this one!


Great deal!!

Super picture and great sound not to mention easy set up!!!


For a big screen tv that is not a well known name!! The picture quality just blew me away!!


Great - very please. Great sound, nice color and good picture


Nice Picture-Low price

Nice sharp picture. a 4K TV for about half the price of the big name brands. I hooked up a Yamaha 120 watt sound bar as the internal TV speakers are not great. Comes with a year warranty.


nice picture and sound. it is everything i hoped for a bedroom tv.


Great TV, if you can read and follow instructions

Ordered this tv after reading through the reviews and noticing most of the negative reviews had to do with shipping concerns and inability to set up TV (connections, pairing remotes) most who claim bad picture didn't have cable and were using over the air connections. I received the TV in perfect condition, shipping was not the 2 days promised, but I ordered it on Friday, it didn't ship until the following Tuesday and I received it on Thursday. Set up was easy, very few frills, but for this price, I didn't expect frills. Picture is awesome, very clear and vibrant. Sound is more than adequate, very adjustable. Pairing the cable remote was easy after I read the manual, simple to use Sony audio code, remote works great. I couldn't be happier with this TV for the money. Read through the reviews and you will come to the same conclusion I did. Poor shipping, inability to read and follow setup instructions, and poor input choices don't make a bad TV. I would definitely recommend this TV to everyone.


Great price and quality

We only paid about 270 for this tv after tax and it was so worth the price. Great sound and picture. It's not the most amazing or fancy tv in the world but it works great for gaming and watching YouTube. Can't beat the price either. We also had it delivered to our house and because of other reviews saying it arrived broke we got the warranty but thankfully it arrived completely intact and ready to use.


Great TV great price

Picture quality is great! Set up was super easy. Only Reason for 4 stars is sound. Sound is not horrible but still not great. It has the option of the TV automatically turning down really loud parts of shows/movies/commercials and it turns it way down. I've turned this option off and played around with the sound options and still doesn't sound great. Like I said, its not horrible but could be improved.


Great TV for the price. Easy installation, fantastic picture. I added a SCEPTER sound bar for better sound. All around great addition to my 3 season room.


Love it

Great TV,you wouldn't expect it for this price,you'll be blown away. In just one word "WOW"



I was a little afraid to buy an off brand television but this one has been a pleasant surprise. Easy setup and works great.


Very pleased

Great price for the size and beautiful picture quality. The only criticism I have is the limited setting options for screen size.