Lynd 2018-06-18

Great picture & PRICE!!!

Very satisfied with this tv, easy set up..a good quality tv!
TashiaMyKingsQueen 2018-06-15

50" Sceptre LCDHDTV

This Tv is awesome it the picture is perfect the the size is perfect it was a great buy for $199.99. Light weight and easy set up. Perfect for the family room.
JamieN 2018-06-14

Sleek design!

I bought this tv cause the price was good! The picture is very clear and sound is great! I’m happy I bought this tv!
Judybl 2018-06-06

I really like this TV

I bought this TV a few weeks ago and I really like it. Great picture and the sound is also very clear. I had a hard time hearing my old TV so I‘m glad I chose this one. I really like the big 50" screen.
Jsm57 2018-05-06

1 st tv in 15 years

After installing a video security system i needed something to view it on. Havent owned a tv in 15 years too much an high cable bills tuned me out. So i reviewed an considered cost sceptre was my choice. I added an antenna which was very easy to navigate an now i can watch nfl on sundays all while keeping an eye on the home. This is a real review an i got my money‘s worth. 65 channels in vibrant color an would definitely buy again, so press that button twice so you‘ll have two the price is RIGHT!
Ksh18 2018-04-24

Great product!!!!

Received my tv today! Absolutely love it. Clear crisp Picture. Great price!
Bbrown69 2018-04-22

Sleek design!

Purchased this from walmart .com very pleased so far.
AJ Bucci 2018-04-22

Great all around product,price

I have only had my tv a few days and for lack of a better explaination I‘m happier than a pig in slop. Look at a pig in slop and you will understand the ufamizum (don‘t judge on the spelling how often does anyone have to spell that one "lol"). Anyway I would recommend this manufacturer and it‘s product due to my complete ear to ear grin of happiness in my decision to go this route to anyone within my relm or ear shot to travel the same road of satisfaction and pure intelligence to travel it. That is if they like being happier than a lion with no one trying to share his black and white striped steak dinner. To put it bluntly if you want to walk down the road of life with confidence the you are not da da dumb as dirt think sceptre as I‘m a king and I hold my sceptre (get it ) hey if you can make ‘em laugh it‘s good 4 the soul and mind. Anyway looking forward to future experience‘s with your products a many. Psst your stocks are going up so make sure you get your retirement shares I will. Thanks for listening c u in the future A. J. Bucci lll
Doug65 2018-04-19

Great review

I bought this about month ago and love it. Happy I did.
Jamminj 2018-04-16

50” at this price!!!! Nice!!!!

I bought this Tv at Walmart for $199.99 also and I am happy with this purchase. Now I need a bigger room for this monster sized beast!!!
Ambo 2018-04-14

Must buy!!!

I bought this tv on for $199!!!! Best tv I have had in a long time.
Bella 2018-03-08

Great buy

We set up this tv last night. It is perfect! Picture is very clear and volume is just right being that we live in mobile home. Very happy with our purchase!
JoyS 2018-03-05

Good sound and picture

I have had my Sceptre TV for several weeks. It was very easy to set up. Just pug and go. I will buy more Sceptre TVs as I need more in my home.
Justrand 2018-03-03

Gorgeous picture, Great sound!

I got my big 50” tv today and it was so easy to set up. Lightweight, sleek and a great screen, excellent sound. I got it for my bedroom but now I want this one in my main tv room. Thank you Sceptor! Thanks to all for the great reviews I read at time of purchase... we aren’t kidding about being SO pleased!!
reb1072 2018-03-03

Great picture

Bought this TV a week ago. Great picture impressive sound. Would recommend!
Mauri 2018-03-01

Great Picture and Sound

I bought and plugged in today, watched a few tv programs, already like it
Kachele 2018-02-28

Nice Picture!

Just hooked it all up today. BTW, I read one review that said the screen wasn‘t as large as advertised, but the guy measure the width. The screen size is measured diagonally. This IS definitely a 50" screen. It has 3 HDMI ports for hooking up all our stuff including CHROMECAST. Set up was easy. Antenna and satellite both come in with a sharp picture. Sound is great too. Got it on sale at WalMart for only $199.00 with free shipping. Great deal if you can get it. Worth the $349.00 regular price. My wife and I did this review together.