bruce todd 2018-02-22

bright and clear picture

this 32 in. is my 2nd sceptre tv bought and there are no disappointments to the picture and clarity ,the picture options to adjust to my room light or dim or dark are great sound is loud and smooth enjoying it very much
Tina 2018-02-21

Great picture

I purchased this online for my 7 year old daughter. I didn’t know about this product because I’ve never used this brand but I love the picture and the sound is clear so it’s good so far and hope it last.
gbpfeif 2018-02-21

So easy to install

Great picture and great features at a wonderful price. Setup could not have been easier. Great product
Cool 2018-02-10

Great picture

I got about this about a week ago and it is great
redd65 2018-01-05


i just got it today,but so far its working great, the sound is good,love the picture!!