More Pros than Cons

-Monitor feels sturdy
-Good metal stand
-VESA mountable
-Great refresh rate (144hz)
-Amazing quality colors/screen (AFTER calibration)
-No dead pixels
-Included hardware for mounting

-Needs color calibration out of the box
-Bleed is noticeable sometimes around the screen (Bleeds around the screen but generally has less bleed than my samsung monitor)
-Some people have been receiving monitors with dead pixels.
- Response time says 8ms in book but manufacturer says 3ms but test says 6ms....no idea about that but still it's not bad response time.

I have not used the speakers so I don't know the quality of them. All in all it's a great monitor and I'm thinking of buying another one to replace my samsung monitor. I would go with the 24" model but since I already have the 27" might has well go with another 27".


Beautiful Display, No Issues

Curve is noticeable compared to my previous flat display, 3d effect is beautiful, bright colors are brighter, and best of all this is cheaper than any other display available in this category.

Only negatives is that the indicator (bottom right) will blink when computer is shut off but the monitor is on. So when trying to sleep at night it does get very annoying. Of course, you can turn off the annoyance by turning off the monitor, but alas effort.



Good quality

Very comfortable when I play FPS games such as Rainbow Six and Battlefield.

Kenny Ly 2018-08-24

For the price, it's worth it

I bought this at the beginning of August 2018 and it wasn‘t missing any components, no dead pixels or damages on arrival. I am running this monitor with a Ryzen 3 2200g and a GTX 1050 Ti. It runs at 1080p and 144hz perfectly fine once you go into the monitor‘s setting to turn on AMD Freesync and ingame settings. The curved monitor is immersive and amazing. After playing around, you would barely see any screen tearing which is great! For the price I paid, I was skeptical at first because there were barely reviews for this model online but I took the chance and am actually pleased with it! Only downside is that the speakers aren‘t as loud, but you can just plug in a pair of headphones or external speakers and you‘ll be okay. Not the most color accurate but you can mess with the settings to your liking. Overall, a great curved monitor with AMD Freesync, 144hz at 1920x1080 resolution.

Great Value.

Great curve effect. I was skeptical of curved TVs due to viewing angles but since a computer monitor is used by 1 person in a fixed location I gave it a try. I now love the curve! (for computer monitors). I use this monitor for gaming (PUBG CSGO) and stock trading.
Does output 144hz when using HDMI outlet from GPU. GREAT improvement from the 60hz I've always used.
The only downfall to this monitor is the color. The colors are off compared to other monitors. You can tweak with the settings to get what you want but it wont be exactly the same as other monitors.
*If you're using this monitor with a multi display setup then you might be annoyed by the color differentiation but if this will be your only monitor then I have no complaints!

Great value until the price of 4k curved monitors decrease.
Will update this review if I run into any issues with the product in coming months.


Great buy for a gaming monitor

Great monitor. This will be my first of two reviews as I’ve not had a chance to fully test the performance of the monitor. My boyfriend is building a computer for me and this was the monitor I chose. I picked this one first of all because of the 3ms refresh rate and the 144hz response. Most gaming monitors with both and that are curved are stupid expensive. Second I did read all the reviews. All of the good ones state that the overall performance was excellent. All of the negative reviews comment about missing parts. Parts can be replaced by calling the manufacturer or amazon so I chose to ignore these comments. My monitor came with an HDMI cable, mounting screws, screws for the base and a screwdriver that's actually pretty decent. The base is made out of what feels like a thin cast iron metal. It’s not flimsy but it’s not cast iron heavy. Its substantial and my monitor doesn't wobble. The screen itself it a matte finish and tilts up and down nicely. I did hook it up to my laptop via HDMI and it connected perfectly. The resolution was not perfect at first hookup. I did have to tweak the settings some to get it to my desired preference. The curve is nice and the screen is big. I’ve never had a 27” monitor. I like the fact that the monitor can be set on a timer to sleep if there’s nothing to be displayed and the PC is on. There is also an option to select on the degree of brightness for eye fatigue which is nice. I did turn on the AMD Freesync and will be testing that out soon.

I currently game on PS4 but will be moving over to PC shortly so this monitor will obviously be used for gaming. Most of the games I play are RPG’s, FPS and I regularly play FFXIV. As of now I’m sticking to giving this 5 stars as I’m happy with my purchase and I’d buy another. Once my gaming setup is complete and I’ve tested the monitors performance, I’ll update my review.

***Update 10/1/201


Five Stars

Image looks great @ 144hz.Great Monitor at this price range.


Looks great and is relatively affordable

Everything looks great and feels solidly built. 144hz is an amazing upgrade, I really recommend it. Vibrant colors, although don't expect this to be calibrated for professional color use. The curve takes a bit getting used to. It's also very light.