Fantastic deal!

I absolutely love this monitor! It is a premium product with out the premium price! 180$?! It’s an absolute steal, the stand is solid, and the panel is flawless. Mine came with a display port cable as well as all the hardware and tools... yes I said tools! This thing comes with a freaking screw driver to assemble it with!
Definitely buy one if you interested in 144hz gaming!
(No this is not a paid review)


Great on paper

I haven't bought this monitor yet, but on the page, it seems like a legendary deal! 180 dollars for a 24 inch 144Hz monitor?! Crazy! Usually on Amazon, I find these same types of monitors in the 200 to 300 dollar range. The only problem is that the 200 dollar ones have a lot of bad reviews and the monitors look pretty boring and ugly. This monitor is cheaper AND looks more appealing. Although so far, it has no reviews yet, but I've bought a monitor from Sceptre before, and it was great. It was a little pixelated, but I was really close to the screen and I got a 27 inch model, so I'm sure this monitor won't have the same issue. Overall, I think this monitor is worth at least a try. You can always return it :D