Great product for the price. I have not one single complaint. It looks great, I currently have my PS4 hooked up to it...picture is way better than s standard tv. My pc will be hooked up to it soon. I love this!


Here's an average joe review..

What I mean by that is that I'm not nor will I proclaim to be, some professional in the field of gaming displays. I have however been playing on an old school vizio 1080p 60hz tv for 9 years. I bought this because I received advice from friends that I desperately needed a display upgrade and that they recommended a monitor with a high refresh rate preferably 120hz and a low response time. So I found this and it came today. Right off the bat the packaging was fantastic, there wasn't a trillion little pieces that were a pain in the ass to install, the stand to my knowledge feels like pure metal and is extremely sturdy and the best part??? It CAME with a 165hz ready displayport cable! I hooked this sucker up and immediately noticed the difference, I mean seriously no doubt I could literally tell the difference in overall quality and gameplay instantaneously. Very seldom has an item taken my breath away over the sheer quality but this very much so did. Now don't misunderstand me, if you have more money OBVIOUSLY there's better products with better image quality but for 179.99 I truly believe I got away with theft. I am so beyond pleased at this product. I reckon my only complaint would be the speakers but who in the blue hell even uses though for pc gaming..lol

I definitely without a shadow of doubt recommend this to anyone looking to amp up their pc gaming experience. It's just so good...

P.S the friggin screwdriver that comes with it is a bossssssss


Great buy likely will another for myself

Color is exceptional, refresh rate is great for gaming


Better than top of the line monitors!

Hands down best monitor I’ve owned. 24.5 inches is the perfect size for gaming. This monitor has a 1ms response time and 165hz out of the box. Not many monitors offer these 3 things especially at this price range. I was surprised that there was no need to adjust the color since they were tuned straight out of the box. No dull or over saturated colors. The only negative thing I can say about this monitor is that the mount that comes with it is not customizable at all. No swivel, tilt or height adjustment but at this price point it’s not a turn off. Is is vesa compatible so that’s a plus and if it’s too low then I’d suggest putting it on top of the box to raise the monitor to a level that suits you. All in all it’s a great monitor with a strong build quality and it comes with a display port cable. Highly would recommend.


Bought this as a gift, quick test worked well at 165 Hz as a G-SYNC monitor!

Bought this as a gift, quick test worked well at 165 Hz as a G-SYNC monitor! Didn't have extensive time with it, but it was ridiculously smooth, and G-SYNC worked on it with an NVIDIA RTX card.

#EDIT: Only issue with it is the stand; it's not keeping the monitor level on the table.


Great product at a great price

A great product at a great price! I didn’t even know it had speakers but I was surprised when I heard game audio, the speakers are pretty mediocre though.


This Monitor is GREAT!

I bought this monitor about a week ago and so far, I have had no issues. The picture quality of this monitor is amazing, the colors are nice and vibrant, "but being vibrant is all my opinion." The 165 Hz on this monitor is so smooth. I bought it to mainly play Black Ops 4 and Fortnite on PC and I have had no issues. I would HIGHLY recommend everyone that is wanting to buy a monitor to get this one, you won't regret it! Oh yeah I put the "Sound quality" at 3 stars because the speakers on this monitor suck, but cmon, no one uses internal speakers. But at least it has some!


I'm Amazed

This is an exceptional monitor for the price. Packaging was great and it came with everything needed to hook up. I didn't use the stand because I use a monitor mount. The mount is perfect where it is located on the back of monitor. I made some adjustments in the monitor settings and the picture is superb. I'm averaging a little over 100 frames per second in the game The Division and using 3Dmark I averaged 70 frames per second. I also checked the pixels and found zero dead pixels on either monitor. Images are very crisp and vivid in both regular applications and in games. The cons for this monitor are the locations for the connections like the HDMI and Display ports and the power cable. You will need to purchase 90 degree adapters for any cable you use because otherwise you will see them protruding from the bottom of the monitor. The sound is fair considering the monitor is very thin.


This is the Deal of the Century

This monitor is ultra bang for buck at around 200$. On top of that it comes with a nice metal stand, screw driver, and DP or Display Port cable (Not mentioned in description). The free sync and fast frame rate never chop and can even run any video at max 4k at 60 Hz.