This monitor is the best bang for your buck.

This monitor is all I could ask for it has amazing specs for the price, couldn't ask for something better for the price!!

Nicky Mase 2019-04-06

Great Price to Performance!

Okay lets get this straight, you‘re buying a gaming monitor for under 200 dollars, so don‘t expect all the bells and whistles... Well having said that, this is a pretty darn good panel for the price and the performance. I haven‘t color calibrated everything to my liking yet so I will most likely write another review later on. Having bought monitors from Sceptre before I can honestly say they are solid and deliver what you can expect from a company that has a stable history in selling computer screens. Out of the box which was pretty impressively packed came the monitor stand, instant liking to the matte black metal which feels sturdy right from the get go. All screws were provided for the mount and the base, and were easy to assemble with the provided screw driver, Sceptre you get big points for this because sometimes you just can‘t find the right screw driver or maybe some folks just don‘t have one at all. So kudos to you. Now onto the panel, which was lovingly wrapped with a fun screen protector that is always fun to peel, c‘mon you have to love the peel. So getting everything together was a snap and although a little wobbly if you accidentally hit the sides of the screen, well it‘s going to happen with these types of stands, so not much worries because it will hold up the screen and durably so. When turning on the screen it went right to the brilliantly red Sceptre text and there was my computer, icons all over the place but then again I had the much smaller and much cheaper Sceptre 20" 75Hz screen which did the job until I forked over the cash for this beast. So after some tweaks to icons, color settings and so on I finally found the somewhat comfort zone with this panel, which is still an adventure but gaming is a beast on this thing. Remember to set Freesync to ON in your monitor settings and graphics settings, via windows and your graphics software. Make sure you select 144Hz using the display port(Recommended) or HDM
Bob eWan Kenobi 2019-03-29

Great Budget 144hz Monitor

The setup was quite easy. Two screws into the back of the monitor and two more into the stand was all it took, a Phillips screwdriver was included. To take advantage of the 144hz, you must make the change in the Windows 10 settings menu. Once done, the text is crisp and the mouse movement is fluid. To take advantage of AMD FreeSync, that too must be turned on in the monitor settings as well as the AMD Control Panel. Using an AMD rx580, I found the Free Sync to be wonderful. I was able to leave all VSync off, letting the variable refresh rate operate unimpeded. I used AMD Chill to keep the refresh rate withing the FreeSync range. Playing Apex Legends, I fluctuated between 80 and 120 fps, but game remained very smooth with zero tearing. The 144hz is immediately noticeable. Once you try it, you‘ll never be able to go back to 60hz, it‘s that drastic. The monitor has a plethora of advanced calibration settings: gamma, temperature, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta. Plus several pre-sets. The movie setting was quite saturated, but crushed the black levels. I found the FPS pre-setting pretty good. I also found the default color slightly bluish-green, I lowered both of those several ticks. I also lowered the gamma from 2.2 to 1.8 and set the temperature to normal, which appears to be 6500k. With a little tweaking, the colors can be quite good. With professional calibration, I‘m sure they could be great. I found this monitor to be excellent for gaming and very good for the price. 24" inches is a good size for 1080 and I enjoy the curve to the display. I would recommend this monitor to anyone wanting to move up to 144hz.