Set up was very easy. Best part about the setup was that the ...

I was on the hunt for a new 4K TV that will be able display 4K content with my Nvidia Shield and for the TV to be somewhat cheap. A simple Google search pointed me in the right direction. I narrowed down my choice between a Sceptre and a Vizio TV. At first, I was skeptical because I had not heard of Sceptre. I decided to take a risk and purchased the Sceptre. The TV was delivered within the given time frame. When I first opened the package, everything was neatly organized. Set up was very easy. Best part about the setup was that the TV came with a screwdriver! As soon as I turned the TV on, I was in for a surprise. The picture quality of this TV is superb!!!! I could finally stream 4k content on my TV!! The image was rich and clear. The sound was also very powerful. The best thing about this TV was the MEMC120 feature. This feature will let the TV flow smoothly from frame to frame which is perfect for fast paced videogames. Overall, I think this TV was well worth the money. This is a high quality TV that is half the price of other 4K TVs. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking to upgrade into the future of 4K.


Nice deal and good TV

It's a great tv and good deal! This TV is thin, light and colorful. The color looks great when I watch movies.


Great upgrade from my old TV

Purchased this along side the Sceptre Power SoundBar and subwoofer.

Both items pair really well together and look great in my living room.

Really awesome color and bright display. Our parties and family game days are now even more exciting being able to watch in 4k and HD. You never miss a detail.

I would definitely buy this again. Sceptre makes good affordable products.

Contains input and output ports for 4x Hdmi, USB, component, and composite.
Outputs include SPDIF optical audio, and 3.5mm mini line out audio jack. On point with the availability of ports. Love that it was really easy to mount.

The Sceptre U438CV-UMC 4k LED tv offered great bang for the buck and is definitely a must have. Have not had any issues yet.


I already have a 50” Sceptre TV I purchase over 2 years ago and I love it. So I wanted to buy a budget ...

After I received it, I was not disappointed. I connected it to my computer through HDMI to play some high definition content and wow, the picture quality is superb! Very sharp and vibrant pictures, and the sound quality is loud and sharp. I highly recommend since the price point for this 4K TV is very reasonable, and it’s worth picking up!


I bought this with the Sceptre Power Soundbar because I know the sound coming from the tv will be good, but not great

This is my first 4K Tv. I bought this with the Sceptre Power Soundbar because I know the sound coming from the tv will be good, but not great. I will be using this tv with my computer. With the computer, 4K tv, and Power Soundbar, it is like I created my own personal entertainment center. There isn't many sources out there that is 4K, and those 4K sources out there are not that amazing like those demos inside the B&M stores. The TV has more than enough HDMI ports that I would want. I can't wait until UHD Bluray players come out so I can see how much better the picture quality can be from this TV.

joemama 2016-02-18

Very good picture

Have had this over a month and still can‘t get over what a clear picture it has.I have seen that some people criticized the sound,but it really is loud and clear and comparable to any other tv.

best tv everz!

This is the most affordable 4K TV I can find which doubles as a 4K computer monitor!! There are haters and there are believers. It's all about the the mindset of buying a basic non-brand TV. Is this a top of the line super duper 4K TV with all the bells and whistles and it gets you coffee on the side? no. It's a basic TV low priced that does 4K resolution for me.

With my GTX 980 I look at my stock trade webpage with full details without sacrificing any space, and I can still play video on the side. My Roku 4 streams all videos 1080P (upscaled to 4K) and real 4K videos perfectly (I'd rather have a separate dedicated streaming box than those built in junk since the smart TVs have really slow app updates and they response to the remote is super laggy). I did see a lot of people criticize about the panel being 3k because of the RGBW pixels, but I don't see any of those problems, I sit 3 feet away from the TV when I use it as a monitor and 5-6 feet away when I play my ROKU. Maybe that is why, but frankly who sits within 1 feet and criticize pixels all day. That's like complaining MP3 isn't loss less or JPEG has compressed artifacts. Nothing is perfect in life!

My only worry is that it won't last as long as the premium brands, but with the money I saved (OLED $$$$, name brand still $100+ difference vs this one based on my research 1/20/2016) , I got to buy an extended warranty for 5 years and a dedicated streaming box. Best deal any day.


Affordably the best TV you can get for upcoming 4K era

This is affordably the best TV you can get for the upcoming 4K era. Wasn't expecting a 4K TV at $300 price range to be working like such a charm.

Been using it for my Xbox One and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, picture looks gorgeous, at both native 4K resolution and upscaled 4K. TV supports native 4K at 60Hz refresh rate, which means you will get lag-less 3840x2160.

With the extra HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) functions built in, I can wake and sleep my TV with my Xbox controller, no remote control needed, ever.

Debo 2015-12-24

Great value for the price!!!!

I got mine about a week and a half ago and could not be happier! The sound leaves a bit to be desired, but it was nothing my sound bar could not handle. Plan on getting a bigger one down the road. The coolest part is that it even came with a screwdriver to put the stand on!!!! Who else does that?
Terry464 2015-12-08

Great picture, Great value!!

This is my second Sceptre TV purchase. I bought a 32" model a couple of years ago for my son and it has been a great TV with a good picture. This is a replacement for our tv on the back porch and it hasa better picture than the 55" LG we have in the living room. Highly recommend this brand.