Perfect for my Auntie

This was a gift. My Auntie loves it. She can play her DVD's easily without additional equipment that always confuses her. It's perfect for her


Great Buy

Receives digital channels without cable box.

brainizz 2014-12-29

A great, inexpensive TV

I have had this TV for over a year now and have no issues with it. It is easy to use, has a very good picture, and sound. I would definitely recommend this TV.

Get Some Cheap Speakers For It

Great picture. Easy to operate. Light, easy to move. Lots of plug ins to use. Do heed the warnings from me and other reviewers, the sound isn't good. I thought possibly that some had more sophisticated ears than mine. Not so...got a cheap pair of computer speakers, around $12, and now the sound is great. Other than the sound, I really like this TV/DVD combo.


Not Bad for the Money

The product works well--the DVD loading is a little slow, but it works and the picture quality is great. The sound is a little weak but works. All in all, this is a good product.

HGC25 2014-11-27

Good picture not so good sound

Use this TV in my bedroom like. It has a very good picture and I like that it has a DVD player. I don‘t like the sound it produces but I expected that as most flat screen TV‘s have that issue. I attached a pair of small powered speakers to it and settled that problem.

Five Stars

3 years and still working without a problem


Five Stars

I really like this TV and we take it with us in our trailer to go camping/hunting/fishing.


Love it!

I love my Television, and it working properly so far. I will always order Sceptre products, forever,and forever. Yes I will.



I love this product the fact that the picture and sound is clear and the dvd combo excellent price too.


Great picture and memory

For the price, you can't beat this tv. The picture and sound qualities are great for the money. The tv also has a memory button that when activated allows you to remove a DVD and when reinserted will start back up exactly where you left off. This is a very convenient feature.


Sceptre E243BD-FHD

Very pleased with this purchase


Low cost tv-dvd combo

Sharp image, weak sound. I installed this with a Computer stereo sound system with woofer, and the sound is good. The TV is sharp and brilliant Images. I put in a bookshelf so I would have something to watch the news on in my shop. I'm very satisfied. The DVD player works perfectly. For the money, a good investment for what I wanted it for.


Works great on our boat

Bought it for use on our boat as it is 12V and 110. Mounted on the main salon bulkhead so it could be seen from almost anywhere in the salon. Impressed with the picture quality, ease of adjustment in different light (day or night) and exceptionally easy DVD that plays bright and clear. Some others complained about the speaker volume, but in the small space of our boat it isn't an issue. Very pleased with this product. I've had good luck with scepter products as I've owned another 32 inch flat screen that proved to be very good at a very reasonable price point.


Great Extra TV

What's great about it: Sleek design

This is a great addition to any small size room. It has great clarity, and I love how easy it is to operate. The DVD player was the main draw for me, and it works great !  I would recommend this to a friend!


Great TV

What's great about it: Great picture for the size of TV

Would purchase another of this make of TV if one broke down.

I would recommend this to a friend!


Great picture!

We got this to hang under the cabinets in our kitchen, since I anticipated not being able to get a bracket that held the television at a perfect 90 degrees I wanted to be sure the television picture could be seen at any angle and this one fits the bill. Great picture, I have not problem with the sound, it is loud enough for a small space. The picture is great and it doesn't matter where you are standing and there is no decrease in picture quality. Exactly what we were looking for at a great price!


Great bedroom tv

" Got this as a gift for my sons bedroom has everything he needs, good sound and a great picture, I don't know what's wrong with the other reviews have had nothing but greatness with this. "

Would you recommend this product as a gift?Yes

Who would this be a perfect gift for?Kids


Like this little TV

This is a great little TV. I bought it for the kitchen for when I've got a lot of work to do in there. The only problem is the volume doesn't go up very loud. Easy remedy: go to the store and get a cheap pair of powered (plugs into the wall) computer speakers (mine cost less than $15), and plug them into the headphone jack. They work great!


bang for the buck AAAA

Easy to hook up, great pic,,,USB too!! Sound a little shallow....what can you expect miracles..? a used computer speaker solved that.. Remote control EZ, my favorite one...clear to understand.