Good tv

I have had this tv for over 2 years its been camping and banged around but still works like it is brand new I have never had a problem with it I would buy another 1 if I needed to its a great tv for the price I would recommend it to anybody



works well and with the $8 3-year warranty is a bargain.only complaint i can not find a way to display the remaining time on the dvd.



works well and with the $8 3-year warranty is a bargain.only complaint i can not find a way to display the remaining time on the dvd.


Great RV TV upgrade

Decent cheap TV. Bought to replace the older non-DTV tuner in our little RV. Even with the integrated DVD player it's lighter than the older TV (also a flat panel, not a tube). DVD player is a little balky to load sometimes, but generally works fine - you just have to be firm when loading a disk, and also remember that unless you've selected the DVD input, the player is effectively "off" and won't load.

Plenty of inputs, and with the integrated DVD freeing up the shelf where the old DVD player used to live, we've moved our PS2 into the RV in it's spot.

Sound is "ok", not great, but I didn't expect much from a small TV. Power usage is pretty small, and it seems to run on 12v so at some point I may switch it to use straight 12v from the battery system instead of wasting juice on the AC power brick.


The Sceptre does exactly what it advertises!

Easy setup, plenty of input options, it's a perfect 'office' TV! Highly recommended if what you're looking for is a compact, decent looking TV.


Perfect for camper

We bought this for our camper's bedroom so we could watch movies in bed at night. Awesome picture, easy to set up, great price!



great addition to my office able to view videos, power point, slides, pictures watch DVD and the NEWS perfect fit


Amazing Value

Item arrived very fast; am amazed by the good quality at such a low price. Thanks


Amazing TV

" I purchased this for my kitchen and it fits perfect. I have had it for months and not 1 issue with it. Sound is good and picture is great. I haven't tried the DVD plater yet so I won't comment on that. "

Would you recommend this product as a gift?Yes

Who would this be a perfect gift for?Me!


Great Deal for the Price

Set up in guest room and after four guests staying over night they gave the set rave reviews.


Great RV television

Saw in one of the reviews that some folks got one that didn't come with the 12V adapter, that was all I needed to get this TV on the way to my house. I've been looking for a good LED/LCD TV with internal DVD player that also had an external adapter to convert 120V to 12v, I'll be moving this between my truck camper and RV. This unit is perfect for those of us with a 12V lifestyle and are concerned with battery life.

Picture is very good, sound is somewhat tinny but you can't have both a small LED/LCD TV and large speakers. It's perfect for small spaces like a slide in truck camper or the bedroom of an RV. As soon as it got home I fired it up and as far as I'm concerned the picture is great, very clear with bright and true colors, the DVD works well and is fairly quiet, can't hear it at all over whatever is playing.

When I have hookups I'll use the "brick", when I'm boondocking I'll use a 12v cord (that you can source from just about anywhere) and save the inverter's power losses. The power brick is rated at 4.5 amps 12V DC, so draw on your batteries will be minimal as that's the absolute maximum.