Five Stars

Works great, sounds great with my Sceptre 55".


sound bar

I enjoy listening now. with new sound bar addition. great price


Four Stars

great sound


Five Stars

Works great.


Five Stars

I bought this for my daughter and she really likes it.


Five Stars

Love this. Went to buy two more for gifts and the price had gone up. I paid 60.00

cheri67 2016-01-25

Clarity of sound

Received this as a gift. We are so happy with the sound enhancement especially during movies when the background music tends to overpower the script. Great product. We had to have a new remote after only 1 month, but the customer service was prompt and extremely satisfactory.

really good sound

use this every day in my house, really good sound quality



Great price nice sound for the price


Great Sound Low Price

This product sounds absolutely amazing. I had the volume up to its max of 20 and I swear I thought I was in a movie theater. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because I tried to plug in the composite cables from the sound bar directly to a sceptre 4k tv I just purchased and no sound would come through. The only way I got this to work was to plug it in to my cable box which would be fine for some users but I have multiple devices connected to my tv. Either way I would definitely recommend this product!


Fine Sound Bar

For those that need more sound, or those looking just to hear the "talking" more clear without adding another $100 to the cost -- this works just fine.


Great Sound and Looks Cool

Don't let that ugly picture fool you it is very sleek looking in person. The plastic is smooth and does not collect dust like the sponge covered sound bars. It sound really good I have a Vizio and this is way better. I hooked it up to my Sceptre TV and can pair the TV remote so I only have to use one remote. I have not used the Smart Android feature yet as I have Apple products. The Other thing I find great is NO bright light shining in my bedroom the light only comes on when switching sources or volume. There is no tiny blue or red dot which drives me crazy.


Four Stars

great product for the price. I could barely hear my TV before, but now the sounds is much clearer


Five Stars

A great companion to my Sceptre TV!


Five Stars

A great companion for our son's flatscreen!


Sound is very good and turns on with TV which is nice

Sound is very good and turns on with TV which is nice. It is larger than I anticipated. I should have paid more attention to dimensions


Will sound better

Comes with black, red & white cables for tv & plugs in wall outlet , holes in back of sound bar for wall hanging , small remote , we use with same brand tv remote , makes tv sound much better but sound bar only reaches number 30 of volume is not a shaker sound system



I bought one for my house and I love it. I bought this second one for my parents. They have a large front room and it doesn't seem to project as well as it does at my house. Wish the volume went higher.


Five Stars

Works great with Sceptre TV. Got it for around 50 bucks. Great price.


Very pleased with both the Sceptre HD VT and this Sceptre Sound Bar. I did make note of some reviews that the TV sound was not the best without some additional speakers. This is not unusual for some TV's. The Sound Bar works beautifully. Very easy out of the box. Very easy instructions. Most of all, the sound is great. I am enjoying the TV and Sound bar in my studio. Very pleased with the quality, price, and buying experience of both items.