uncle rick 2015-04-14


works well with surr. s. and net flx
DomSimLem 2015-04-10

Beautiful TV

Just purchased it on 4/4/15 was like,Awesome Sauce!!! This television is the perfect size for me and the picture and sound quality,flawless.
rondeaul 2015-04-07

Great Television

I‘ve had this tv for almost a year now and am glad I got it. It has great color and the digital interfaces are amazing in their clarity. I‘ve used Roku, WiFi DVD, and digital cable and have had great reception. I recently tried digital over the air and it is beautiful as well.
MikeM 2015-04-06

Good Value

I bought this TV about a month ago. My selection was based on price and overall reviews. So far, I have not been disappointed. It was very easy to set up, and basically does everything I want it to. I wish I had bought a slightly larger one, but have no complaints on this one. The picture quality is great, The controls are easy. I cannot comment on the sound quality, since I play the sound through my treadmill speakers. (The TV is mounted on the wall in front of my treadmill) I very much recommend this TV
stevek 2015-04-05

excellent customer service

The tv is good and good price. I had problem that was taken care of right away. the customer service from California was excellent. would definitely buy another sceptre
Kevin 2015-04-04

Very Good Product!

I purchased this product as a replacement for my computer monitor and it certainly serves the purpose. The picture is especially clear (even when viewing print). I haven‘t needed to tweak any of the settings. Installation was truly plug-n-play under Windows XP Home Edition. A little gray at the extreme corners of the picture, the clock doesn‘t keep accurate time, it turns itself off after 10 minutes (it‘s suppose to) but it doesn‘t turn itself back on when the computer is turned on or brought out of screensaver; nevertheless, it was a good purchase! Note that I‘ve been using this product for less than 1 month.
charlie 2015-03-17

Sceptre TV

I am very happy with quality and price would recommend to my friends.
Yooper Dan 2015-03-05

great picture and features

We won our TV but when we ever have to purchase another it will be one of these
rrr232 2015-03-02

great service!!

excelent comunication, fast warranty support.. Sceptre the best!!!
chan302 2015-02-27

everything about the tv

I purchased this item in december and i absoulutely love it, great pic and sound, very clear pic
Ron Sr 2015-02-26

Sceptre 32" TV

Using for 2 months now and have had no problems.
aiyana53 2015-02-25

Awesome TV

I have had this tv since December 2014 and love it. The quality is amazing, especially for the price.
diggy12 2015-02-22

Very nice pic

Procrastinated and finally purchased with insurance plan. Researched and read a huge amount of reviews. I have a very tight budget and my old TV suffered from a shrinking picture LOL. Have had a few weeks and picture is clear with good color. Would have given 5 stars but audio is fussy and has many options- glad one of the kids had the patience to fool around with different settings. The sound is now decent. Hope it lasts long term. An excellent value if you can‘t spend a lot the quality is good and I‘m glad I bought it.
deb01 2015-02-20

Great features!

Purchased one month ago- great deal! Color is great!
jimbo49 2015-02-17

great tv

Ibought this tv for my granddaughter and she loves it.
Clancy 2015-02-16

Better then expected!

Great price and better quality!
Jazzy 2015-02-15

Very Pleased!

This was gift. Easy to assemble and set up. Good picture.
srought 2015-02-11

Good buy

I bought this as an extra TV. The picture is great but the speakers not so great. Can‘t beat the price I paid.
delraymarv 2015-02-11

outstanding picture

got this for Christmas and TV viewing has not been the same since. Colors and sound like never experienced except at movies
Robert15 2015-02-10

Excellent picture and features

I like this tv for mostly all of it‘s features and functions. The only thing i‘m not completely happy with is the sound. The tv can be difficult to hear effectively with any other outside noise, such as a fan. The speakers must not be a high enough grade to have more amplification behind them. I usually have to turn on the surround sound receiver to hear it effectively. One other small thing. The swivel set up that mounts the tv to it‘s stand is a little too wobbly. This tv has an excellent picture. I sit only 4 feet away and it is sharp, crisp and has very good contrast and brilliant color. The details you see with 720p is very surprising. Sometimes there is more detail on facial closeups than i want to see. With the addition of my bluray player with wifi and Chromecast it has become a smart tv, when needed. I give it 5 stars because the faults are very small, and most flat screen tv‘s suffer from insufficient sound. This is something that all tv makers need to work on.