Five Stars

very thin and light and easy to use.


Great Little TV

What a nice little TV ! This model has a fantastic picture, even when it's connected to a non HD Comcast set top box. The colors are brilliant, the image is sharp, and the sound isn't bad either. Another nice feature is the USB port that allows you to play movies, or view photos from an external hard drive. For the price, this is a very good deal. I would recommend this to anyone...


Sceptre TV

The tv looks and works great.Perfect for my needs. I use this up close when i play with my ps3 and watch some tv. I do recommend this tv.


Hard to Find Size

I needed a small tv for my kitchen, went to all kind of stores and appliance places, no one carries anything small anymore. Found this one on Amazon, of course, and it is perfect for me.


Kitchen TV

This turned out to be just the right size for the little shelf the old TV was on.. There's a nice clear picture and sound to enjoy while I'm cooking or eating.


Great TV.

I also use it as a monitor for my portable CD/DVD player, I can use it at camp it's 12 volt for portable use.


Got the 42 now the 16 on Raspberry PI

Excellent picture. Bought the 42" over 2 years ago for my son who wanted big screen gaming and a TV for the bedroom. It has been on every day for 2+ years. So I bought this one on sale-free shipping because I have been playing with a RASPBERRY PI and the 42 inch was just too much. I wanted something for my office/ lab/ ham radio/ computer room..
1 year parts and labor warranty.
Biggest pro is the power supply is a "wall wart" 12V @2A. That means I can go down to Radio shack and buy a cigar lighter cord and use this mobile in the car/RV or during emergencies as my ham station is solar powered and all 12 volts. The remote that came with this set works with my Sceptre 42"

Estimated energy cost is $4 per year. The sale price was far less than an HDMI monitor for the computer. Granted the Raspberry pi was 1/2 the cost of the monitor but composite video displays were at least $35, and with the Raspberry PI you have only the choice of composite video or HDMI. Of course since Rpi is capable of HDTV.. this was the low cost solution.


Perfect for My Office

Small and compact. I wanted a TV for my small office that wouldn't stick out or overwhelm the room and this does just that. Super light and very low energy consumption. The picture quality is acceptable and setup was a breeze.


Sceptre 16" 720p 60Hz LED HDTV E165BV-HD

Easy Setup. Great Picture and Sound for the size of the TV. 2 HDMI inputs!  I bought this TV to hang in my bathroom to watch the news while getting ready in the morning. It's lightweight and hangs on the wall nicely. Took only 10 minutes to set it up and I was off and running.


Lightweight and awesome, bright picture!

The unit is unbelievably light! The unit only uses 12 volts of power, so we were able to put in on a building-wide surveillance system using the same power lines for the cameras! Great product.