Perfect for the price!

This is perfect for the price! I built a gaming case within a Pelican case and wanted the moniter to fit, have speakers, and have hdmi.

The neck for the mount does come out with alittle work, don’t listen to those other reviews where they say you can’t take it out.

The speakers are not the best quality.



Good size of monitor and sound good enough for me


Price is less than some of the the monitors, but is excellent quality.

The physical monitor takes up little space but gives a much wider picture.


which is nice.

Affordable and works really well. I don't need to buy speakers, which is nice.


Just as good as Gateway!

My husband's monitor failed suddenly and we needed to replace it fast. We were told that it would be about a week to get it, had it the next day! Was easy to install and considering my husband uses 3 different laptops for work and gaming, this was the only monitor that was priced nicely for the connections needed!


Excellent Purchase

Sharp, clear picture. My son wanted this to play games on, it is PERFECT


Good Basic HDMI Monitor

Light wear; clear display; easy to hook up with an HDMI cable (not provided).


First off, It arrive in one day instead of two. There wasn't any indication of mishandling of the outer package. I opened the inner box and removed the monitor. I hooked it up and it worked perfectly. I am very pleased. I highly recommend this product.


Perfect for home office

Easy to hook up. Great resolution. Perfect for my home office.


Good clarity and easy set up. For the low price you can't go wrong


If you want the monitor speakers to operate and you already have speakers plugged in you have to use a splitter, one wire for your speakers and one for the monitor


Good value with acceptable compromises

well packaged. I was surprised to find a DVI to HDMI adapter included and a built-in speaker. Buttons are on the back of the monitor, and my aunt finds that annoying, so I set it to never sleep. Build is kind of flimsy, but given the price, built-in speakers, display quality and resolution, this is still a great deal, assuming that it lasts.


It serves my need for dual monitor view. It connects to my laptop with ease.


Sceptre monitor

Nice clear screen! Includes two cables. Easy set up and a great value. I have another one same model for over a couple of years with no proble,s and runs 24 hrs /day.


Simple, just what I needed as a 2nd monitor to my laptop


Great value.definitely recommend.


love it clean crisp picture


Very nice and I didn’t know about built in speakers. Good choice


Amazing for gaming,computer work and watching tv

cannot believe the quality its great for gaming computer work and watching tv BUY THIS NOW you could buy the same exact monitor somewhere else for $400 ! I love it


V.good price/value deal . . . . so far

Really too early to rate, as no account for longevity. BUT, super price value deal so far. WORKS ON MAC's. Just needed a bigger useful monitor, and this fills the bill nicely. Color can't compare to my Mac monitors, but different price league altogether.