WOW !!!!

late 2009 27" imac. hdmi 2.0 cable is streaming 1080p with audio to my new 49" 4k display at 60hz ! These older imacs can only stream 30hz at 1080p but this tv has a built in upscaler. I must say for a 49" display the picture stunning. Text is very crisp and you tube videos are just as good. I has to adjust some color,brightness and sharpness. I scaled to 100% mode and its flawless. No lag with the mouse whatsoever. I use this display as a "seperate display" to my imac for music production. i also stream videos from comcast and youtube to it with stunning pictures. My mac has a ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB graphics card which is kinda small but the tv has a chip in it that upscales to 4k. Read about it on the scepture website. That means my 1080p stream gets converted into 4k even when bandwidths are not 4k. The screen is IPS also. You have no distortion at hard angles. See the pictures. Great Tv !!!


good tv for the price

payed 300 dollars and got a 50 inch tv worth every penny


Good product

Was very easy to install


Great TV at a fantastic price

This TV is an amazing value at this price. I was looking for an extra TV to put in my bonus room and came across this TV. I saw the name of the company and the price and was like "This has to be a terrible TV." I read the reviews and saw that Sceptre has been manufacturing Computer monitors for awhile and decided to start making TVs. After reading that I felt more comfortable with the company behind the TV. Next concern was, how good can a 4K TV be for $299(Was on sale). When I typically buy a TV I like to see it in person and compare it to the other TV's on display, but there were no Wal-Marts around me that had it in stock, so i decided to take a chance and buy it online. Even without the 4k, $299 for a 49 inch TV is a steal...


Fast Delivery and a very nice TV.

Very nice TV


Great tv

I noticed the television type 4K-Ultra and liked the picture quality. I bought this television because of the price. It's worth every penny I spent.


well worth I paid for it

great picture! sound not so great, though, sound bar or surround sound system almost a must.


Buy buy buy!!!

Love the TV!! Best deal I have came accross by far.. Was a little worried at first being an off brand but the picture quality is amazing and the sound reviews I read were not accurate at all. Sound is just fine.. Mounting bolts were not an easy find and were not included with the to or the kit I had purchased from Walmart bought found some that worked. Other than that awesome buy for the money..


49" Sceptre

Satisfied with purchase and shipping. Negative is remote is cluttered with too many buttons


The Best UHD TV out there south of 500$

I had to come here to review this TV. Brought at a different site. Excellent picture quality , brightness, blacks are quite good ! - overall picture quality rivals atleast a 500-600$ monitor.

Some features such as MHL ( connect directly to your phone) , ARC ( high definition audio connecting directly to soundbar via HDMI) , MEMC 120 and automatic UHD upscaling are fantastic features for a TV this size.. Go CALIFORNIA!!! innovation at its finest.

One minor drawback is that while the volume is fine its not the best speaker quality out there, I merely installed a second hand soundbar and now have atleast a 1000$ system for 300$. Total no brainer.


Love the picture

Great picture sounds ok, I attached a sound bar with blue tooth, listen to music with TV showing pictures.


so far pretty good

I have only used it for less than a week, but it works perfect. It even survived a bumpy 2 day ride in a uhaul trailer! The remote (comes with batteries) and tv have lots of useful features (roku controls, sound bar controls, program guide, favorite channel, etc) the picture is excellent and the sound is good for my purposes. I will soon connect an android box to make it the ultimate smart tv. At $279 for a 4k tv, i'is s a great deal.


Works great sound nor the best

Tv is clear and hasn't failed me yet. Can't believe the price for what I got. The only thing is the sound which is like the speakers are sealed inside a box and I havnt found a perfect way to adjust them to improve it. I'd just by a sound bar or surround sound anyway to really complete the set.


Good tv.

Good picture, price, size, delivered on time. Only problem is sometimes when I adjust the volume on my sound bar and I'm watching Netflix it somehow changes the input on the tv and I have to switch back to the proper input for Netflix.


Sceptre 49" 4K Ultra

I just brought my Tv a couple days ago. Shipping time was normal it took about a week from the time I placed the order. Tv is very light which I love. Great picture quality and the sound is ok.


My New TV

I love my new TV. The price was amazing. The 4K picture is great too. I def will recommend it to my friends!


great for pc monitor

Using it as a 4 k monitor. Love it.


Great for a donation

We purchased this for a crisis pregnancy organization so they could use it as a monitor to project the ultrasound. Great price!


I have had this TV mounted side by side next...

I have had this TV mounted side by side next to a 50" Vizio for a month. Quite frankly, I believe the picture of the Sceptre is light years ahead of the Vizio. Gaming and streaming in 4K is outstanding. If I had room for another one, I'd purchase again.


Great value; excellent picture and features

This tv is an excellent value with a clear, vibrant picture and four hdmi connections. Clean looking with a minimal bezel and very light (22lbs). Sound is fine unless you plan on featuring this tv in your living room and need hi fidelity, in which case you could easily connect sound equipment. I set the sound on surround option which makes it more full. We use it in our rec room for kids to view and play console games on. Highly recommend unless you are looking for super hi-end with beautiful bezel and smart features.