airgomez 2015-02-13

Excellent TV

I‘m very happy with my purchase of this flat-screen. It has a very stylish and attractive metal-brushed frame. The picture quality is very good with multiple picture presets for different types of programming. I‘m very satisfied with the purchase.
Sylvia 2015-02-13

Scepter 32 LED

I bought this TV for my 97 year old Mother who is in a nursing home. There is no cable there. With a cheap $ 10.00 antenna she gets many stations and the picture quality is excellent. I am so pleased with this TV. She gets such a great picture and it is so easy for her to operate. This was the best buy.
WCCIRDS 2015-02-11

Clear picture, good sound

I have had this TV for over two months have found it to have a very clear picture and great sound
patti 2015-02-11

Terrific TV for the price.

Did a long time search for affordable, not too big TV, and this is it. Glad I found it.
Krazykat 2015-02-11

great picture

Bought this tv for my bedroom which replaced a 19 inch. I love the picture and quality. My only issue is the sound. It comes out of the back and not so sharp.
cnorwood3 2015-02-11

great to use for a monitor

I bought this tv a few months ago and its doing the job nicely
Chosenone71 2015-02-10

Good Features

I have had this TV for a while. The picture is great but the sound is not so good. If my furnace comes on, I can‘t hear it.
melanieddm 2015-02-10

Very Happy

Great Value and buy for my elderly Dad.
Donna 2015-02-10

Very Happy

Great Value and buy for my elderly Dad.
GG of 5 2015-02-10

Color and sound very good

Very happy I purchased this set. It replaced a set with a smaller screen and a larger footprint. It sits on a dresser in my bedroom. The sound and color are very good and I am enjoying it very much.
LeeW 2015-02-10

Great Price, Easy to Set Up

I bought this TV approx 3 months ago. It has performed great. It is a 32" gives a fantastic picture. I would recommend it to anyone.
Obie 2015-02-10

Great features !

I am very pleased with this TV. For the money, it has good sound and nice piture.
tazz2007man 2015-02-10

great picture

picked this about 1year ago had some problems with the 1st 1 great customer sevice was great sent me a box payed for shipping sent me a new 1 in about 2 weeks amazing working great
Gil67 2015-02-10

Sceptre - X328BV-HDR

Great product for the price. My son is enjoying playing his Xbox games.
Eagleye 2015-02-10

Great futures

I bought this 2013 and give it to my grandson as a gift he use it as TV and PC Monitor love it great product for great price.
Sally 2015-02-10

Exceedingly good value . .

I‘ve had this TV for 4 months and find it has a great picture. Two complaints of small importance: the font on the menus for settings could be larger and the sound could be a bit better . .even with adjustments it is somewhat tinny. I found that putting a small carpet square below softened the tinny output
matthewca 2015-02-10

great TV!

this TV was actually purchased for me by some people who wanted to make sure that I have entertainment for my new place! The TV turned out to be such an unexpected surprise, that when it was time for me to buy a bigger TV, I chose Sceptre, this time there are 49 in ultra HD! I‘ve got it almost a year now, I haven‘t had one problem with it either.
Nanc 2015-02-10

32 inch led tv

Great picture. Swivel is a big plus when at my computer desk. Love the tv! I have 3 of them.
Heather 2015-02-10

Great tv for a great price

We bought two of these for Christmas presents. Easy to open and set up. Picture and sound great. Kids love them.
BobL 2015-02-07

New purchase

Very Happy with new set...install very simple...picture beautiful...chance to use attachments simple