poohbear 2015-02-20

Great TV for the bedroom!!!

This tv is so simple to set up. Love the features for sound bar or hooking up to the pc. Clear, crisp picture. Will get another one for my other bedroom.
Flash 2015-02-20

Great picture!

Still very happy with the performance.
Prayer 2015-02-13

Superlative!!! Both television

Purchased one the end of December another one the end of January and I plan to purchase another the end of March for my Moms 85th birthday. Love SCEPTRE
Sues 2015-02-12

Great value

This is my second Sceptre TV and the picture on both is great. The sound on both is not great but I connected mt IPod speaker to it and now they sound fantastic.
Jazzblueslover49 2015-02-11

Excellent Value TV

This TV was an excellent value purchase! It was purchased just before Christmas and have enjoyed it since! Excellent picutre with easy setup to Roku stick! Would definitely purchase another one at that price!
Debra 2015-02-10

product reveiw

I got this TV. Abt 8 months or so ago. The TV works great but within the first 2 months the remote control started to mess up. And as I don‘t want to be with out a remote for the TV for months at a time I haven‘t complained to the company or used the service plan. But its a pretty good TV.
dadand3 2015-02-06

Great Features

Love this TV and all of the features with the screen quality I require.
richie dee 2015-01-29

very clear good picture

has a good picture and a lot of features on the remote,and the volume is load i have to keep between 5-6 youll never hit 10 blows your ears out, you can also add a sound bar and use the same remote,
Moosi 2015-01-28

Great featues

This was a gift from my parents and I could not be more pleased.
jawks 2015-01-22

Very satisfied.

I haven‘t had the TV very long but I am satisfied so far. If I had to pick something that could be improved it would be the sound system.
ladygolfer 2015-01-21

Great TV

I am very pleased with this TV. It has great color and sound for the price. Would definitely buy again.
RayS 2015-01-21

Nice TV!

Have used this TV for a couple of weeks now. I like the fact that it has a good number of inputs for a TV of it‘s size. Good picture
Tannus 2015-01-20

Good product

Just received my TV today. Hook it up with no problem. Beautiful sharp screen. Right size for my bedroom. Only disappointment is the tinny sound like other reviews. I was just hoping it had been improved. Excellent price.
Ulmiller 2015-01-20

Excellent picture.

I bought this TV from Walmart.com and picked it up at my local store. When I opened the box there was no user guide and the OTA tuner was missing. I contacted Sceptre and received these items in three days. I was impressed with that. I really like the features especially the OTA tuner, It receives ATSC as well as NTSC signals. Great buy so far.
DerekF 2015-01-17

Solid TV

This is a good to very good TV. It has two HDMI ports, which nowadays really is the minimum. Only issue is the sound which is just acceptable. Not great. Just OK.
johanan 2015-01-16

Best thing I ever bought!

I bought it for my Christmas present and was happy I did!
CMKK 2015-01-10

Very Happy

Display is great and the menu easy to use. Remote is lightweight and I love the colors. The company seems to really care about the product. It came with a screwdriver for the base and a cloth to wipe the screen. The volume graphic is alsw cool. My one complaint is the VGA port has a bar behind it and it‘s nearly impossible to get the plug in. Don‘t think the engineers did enough testing to consider the bulkiness of the cord.
GenP 2015-01-10

Love size and color

I just bought this to replace an older TV with a slightly larger screen, HD, 1080. It was very easy to hook up to my cable, and so far, it is performing great!
hockeytom05 2015-01-09

Awesome picture and features!

Easy to set up and use. Great picture and sound and versatility.
doug 2015-01-09

Excellent Price & Picture

The price for a 1080 HDTV is excellent and the picture using HDMI from a Roku 3 is excellent. You can‘t go wrong with this TV