Great price on 32 inch TV's


Great Deal

Easy to set up and tune to channels. Great picture and sound! Can't bet the price!


Teen Approved

Great price, great picture quality and arrived quickly. Bought this for my teenage son who is picky about his electronics and he is very happy with it. Speakers are the only negative..but he will be getting surround sound for his room.


Love the price and it has a great picture!!!!


Sceptre - very good TV brand

3 HDMI ports was what I needed. Very good quality brand. Have another Sceptre tv. Excellent quality picture, even with non HD broadcasts. Nice thin cabinet, clean lines.


Beautiful picture and color.


Love it!

Great picture, easy to setup after I found out I needed a special cord which would have been nice if it came with it. But, otherwise,,,I'm thrilled with it. The sound is just okay and since this one is in my living room, I did order a bar speaker for it. If I had the t.v. or in the kitchen, I don't think I would have needed a speaker bar. Hi highly recommend this t.v. (the size I needed for my small, farmhouse living room), but I'm also impressed by the brand if you''d want a larger t.v. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone. The biggest complaint is when I called Sceptre for help, I got a very rude man that eventually hung up on me. He was very impatient and if I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't have called for help. He obviously wasn't meant to help people.


Good color n picture. Pulls in digital channels. But sound kinda lacking.(bass) But it's clear. Speakers are really small in it(why not much bass) great TV if it's for a bed room, that's what I bought it for.


Great TV for the money.

Very nice picture quality for the price. Just what I wanted.. thanks.

MSRussell 2017-12-05

Great 'Computer Monitor'

After getting advice from friends, I decided to purchase this. One said that I should get 1080p, but the prices were outrageous. At 69 years old, I‘m not handy with assembling things, so I haven‘t put the stand on yet. The tv is wide enough on the bottom not to tip over. The only way I could hook it up was using my old monitor cable, VGA to VGA. To my surprise, the picture is PERFECT! I have no problems with the sounds, as it goes through my computer speakers.
JHARGS 2017-12-02

Great TV Great Price!!!

I bought this TV on Black Friday on sale and spent just over $100. It is EXACTLY what I wanted. I also bought a Roku so that it is now a smart tv. It is perfect for my bedroom and now I can watch TV at night in bed!!!
Lil Jake 2017-10-11

nice tv fo the money

Easy to set up light weight and nice picture
Mg89 2017-08-26

Great TV, great price

I got this tv a few days ago and I love it! Really easy to set up. Best tv I have purchase so far. Also the price really low for such a great procuct.
buzz 2017-07-28

ease of set-up/price

Just purchased, very easy to set up and picture quality very good right out of the box. Hopefully set will perform well. Price was fantastic, walmart.com. Less than $120.00.
Tristilpalmer 2017-05-29

Excellent choice!

My dad bought this tv for me when I went to college so I wouldn‘t have to bring my old huge tube tv. It has amazing features, like 3 hdmi ports, hookup for a computer, as well as USB hookups. The sound was a bit to get used to because it has a stereo sound to it, but after a bit of adjustment it worked fine. I tend to leave the surround sound mode on so that it sounds better. Definitely recommend this tv!
bpbiz 2017-05-07

Great Features

great features with 3 hdmi ports, and pc port. however, sound was terrible until i adjusted it via the equalizer. the presets for the sound were terrible - thus losing one star.
bnnttderrick2 2017-05-07

user Friendly

Good for the price! This is my 3rd tv. 1st one I bought in 2013, backlight went out 2 weeks ago. Saw some reviews online that this is a problem that happens often with these tvs‘. Hope my other 2 lasts longer.
Cotton 2017-04-28

Great deal

Just bought my tv, it‘s a great little tv, great price, great picture, and just what I needed.
Betsy H 2017-04-04

Great TV for the price

I bought this TV 3 weeks ago and so far have had no problems. Set up was a breeze. Good picture. Nice menu features for adjusting picture and sound. Extremely easy to use with my Firestick, just click one button and it‘s on!
Bob S 2017-04-03

Great TV

My wife bought this for me to replace the old one in my hobby room. At first I said I didn‘t need it but after I turned it on the first time I‘m glad she got it! Great picture, clear & vivid colors. I was also surprised by all the features. As with most, the sound leaves much to be desired, but I always run mine through a sound system anyway so I still gave it 5 stars.