I love this TV it is a good price for a 50" screen and has all the right features, including 3 slots for HDTV. It is lightweight so one person can pick it up. I was initially concerned that it was not a name brand that I knew, but the manufacture seems on par with Sony.


Five Stars

Great so far


Great TV

I haven't really seen such a TV stand in the market, great job Sceptre!



holding up great.
i bought a 37" sceptre tv years ago, and it's still going strong, that's why i didn't hesitate to go with sceptre again.
i'm very happy with this tv. the sound was different at first, but now i don't notice it, i can't even remember what was weird about it, just remember thinking, hm, sounds different.


Four Stars

The picture is really nice no problems so far


Five Stars

Beautiful picture and very affordable


Great Tv - especially for the price!!!

It's a very nice TV - especially for the price. The only thing that is a little bit of an annoyance is the location and angle of the cable connections. Other than that very happy with the purchase. Thumbs up.


Great TV

Good TV. However, it doesnt have all the connections that our other Sceptre has but it is still a great tv.


Five Stars

Love it just what my bedroom needed.

xSTEADFASTx 2016-02-01

Pleasantly Surprised

Purchased this TV last month and based on value for purchase it is a great buy. My one main concern was the sound quality. Like most LED TV‘s the sound was sub-par. As i use a surround system it is not an issue. Without it, the sound is very shallow, no depth what so ever.
bryant 2016-01-26

Great TV -manual missing

Looks great, picture great, but no manual in box.

Five Stars

Love it

rsbros 2016-01-20

Great TV

I am a current proud owner of the Sceptre Komodo, and had an old Sony projection TV in my game room. When the projection TV died I decided to replace it with the Komodo and looked for a new LED TV. I found the features, quality and size I wanted at a fantastic price at Amazon. I had no questions as to the dependability of Sceptre‘s TV as my Komodo is over 10yrs old and still as vibrant in colors as the day I bought it. I am looking forward to a long wonderful viewing experience with the new E505BV-FMQK.

This tv is better than I expected

This tv is better than I expected. I have never been happier with a TV for under $400 before. 50" is so big!!


Amazing deal, great TV

Wow! For such a large TV, we got an amazing deal. It is our first mounted flat screen, and we have enjoyed it so much.


So far so good

This is an incredible TV at the price point - it's hard to tell the difference in picture quality from big name brands anyway.

Hard to really knock the picture quality - it's great. No backlight bleed like my terrible 70" aquos - it's crystal clear, crisp. I changed some settings like turn on memc, dynamic contrast. I reduced contrast slightly (by like 5, not sure if it matters with the dynamic contrast), increased color and sharpness settings by about 5. I may still mess with it, but it seems pretty nice with those settings ( not that default was bad)

I already had a sound bar I use with it, so can't judge the sound - but frankly none of these slim LED backlit TVs have good sound - you can get a basic sound bar for $50-100, mines a bit fancier with a subwoofer and such but no problem. No idea why anybody would knock it for bad speakers.

The stand is nice and sturdy, but I only used it for a day before I put it on the wall.

Remote is basic and lackluster, but I don't use it.

No smart TV, but I don't like smart TVs. I have an Xbox one hooked to it (which I also have a remote for, and run the cable through) which is the reason I never use the remote. Xbox one totally replaces a smart TV and more without the awful, slow interface. More practically on a budget I'd be fine with a roku stick or a Chromecast.

Overall it's great, can't get s better deal. I hope it lasts awhile but I don't foresee any issues.


I am very pleased with this 50 inch 1080 LED set

I am very pleased with this 50 inch 1080 led set. It took about a week for it to burn in though so give it some time, because at first I was not too impressed. The memc really improves the image from 60 hz to 120 hz and it's an upgrade over another sceptre lcd that I had. It performs really well with video games that I have played on it like Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, The Crew and Star Wars Battlefront. Movies are also really good looking on it as well as sports.

When I compare this set to the other ones in my house that include a Vizio , LG , Sony and Hisense this one ranks number one. It is absolutely worth the price and it can compete with any brand out there and probably come out on top.


Very Clear Picture nice size

Very Clear Picture nice size


Excellent 50in TV

I received the tv in a timely fashion. There was no damage to the product through the shipping process. It was rather easy to set-up. This is a really good tv. It has great picture and focus. You may need to change picture settings to suit your preference. The sound is decent, not great. This is no problem for me as I use speakers for my sound set-up. I also purchased a sceptre sound bar. With this new tv, I really want a sound system to handle both my computer and tv. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Looking forward to enjoying it for a few years.

Cbm07 2015-12-12

Loooove it

I love this t.v., have had it for a month and couldn‘t ask for a better one and the price was unbeatable, truly happy...