Mikey1951 2015-04-06

Great picture, honest warranty

We actually had the first unit replaced (no charge) after a complete failure of the "picture tube"; it worked perfectly up till the moment it displayed noting at all! The warranty process went smoothly, the replacement is working perfectly. Only time will tell if this one lasts, but I believe it will. We could have paid more and not gotten better picture quality or service (warranties on most brands are much shorter), so I still think we got a good deal.
alucard01 2015-04-05

Great TV

I‘ve had this TV for a couple of months and its working perfectly. Cant argue with the price one of the best TV on the market.
GunOil 2015-04-05

LED TV Very Clear!

I bought this tv about 2 years ago and it runs way cooler than a lcd tv, plus its just as clear.
drewwine 2015-04-04

Great Picture

I‘ve had this for a year now, and my only issue is the same that all flat panel TV‘s have, not enough volume. Easily remedied with a stereo sound system.
Pam62 2015-03-18

Great TV at a great price!

I needed a larger TV for my den but on a tight budget. This TV is all I wanted and more. Crisp clear picture with several inputs for my DVD and WII. I love it and buy another one if needed.

Great TV for the money

You can't go wrong getting this tv. All I did was set it up and adjusted the sound. The picture quality is great. The sound is not the best. If you are just watching tv on it the sound is fine. When you go to watch an action movie the sound is not the best. The remote for it, you have to be directly inline with the tv. It does not work well from the side. Over all this tv is great. I would buy another one.


Great value for the price!

Screen is very clear and sharp. Sound seems fine though a little on the quiet side. The user interface for changing inputs is a little counter intuitive. On most TVs pressing input multiple times changes the selection, this requires hitting up and down arrows after selecting input and then hitting enter. Had one issue with shipping, but was handled very well once customer service was informed, though the on-line chat was not so helpful. Overall, very happy with our purchase.

JB1103 2015-02-23

Great TV, low price is a bonus

This TV has a very clear picture and the colors are great. Very happy with the product and the reasonable price is a bonus. The only thing I see could use an improvement is the speaker output, but i run a sound bar so that isnt that much of problem to me.
hyatt7175 2015-02-21

Has been a great TV!

We bought this TV last summer and we are loving it! The features are great and the picture too! Very easy set up and easy to use! :)
Big Jack 2015-02-15

Great picture, poor sound.

I purchased my sceptre TV about 3 weeks ago. The picture was fine, but I was not happy with the sound quality. I have since purchased a sceptre sound bar. The combination now produces spectacular audio!
Larry 2015-02-12

Great Price

I bought this TV about 4 months ago. It exceeds my expectations. The price was right and the picture is great.
Bowzer 2015-02-10

i love this 50 in led tv

i use this tv with my xbox one and the graphics are so clear it is amazing

GREAT TV For The Price

I am satisfied with this tv, and as mentioned by others, the only thing i don't like about the tv is the volume. If you buy this TV you will definitely need some other audio output to fully enjoy the picture.


Clear picture

This TV has a very clear picture and the colors are great. Very happy with the product and the price was very reasonable.


Great TV for the price

Ordered it late Monday night, TV was at my door by noon on Wednesday. The picture quality is great, as mentioned in other reviews, the sound is not the best. But I planned on hooking up to an external sound system anyway so it's not really an issue for me. I'm very pleased with it so far, but it's only been 2 weeks with it hooked up.


good Picture but not enough sound

This is a easy tv to set up and easy to find items on the menu. But the only bad comment that I can see is that the sound volume is not loud enough.

LongballLeb 2015-01-17

Great Value

I‘ve had this TV for about 6 weeks and I‘m very happy with it. It‘s a great buy for the price. The picture is really good for 60hz. Agreeing with what I read in other reviews before buying, the sound quality is not very good but a sound bar, which I bought, fixes that right up.
Sandy A 2015-01-06

Big beautiful picture

Slim and sleek screen fits perfectly into our living room. Picture is bright and sharp and the remote control makes adjustments so easy.

Five Stars

For the price this tv more than met my family and my expectations.

deb01 2015-01-02

Love it!

We bought this TV on black Friday to put in our basement. For the price, we couldn‘t ask for anything better! Perfect size (50"), clear picture, we love it.