Great deal for this size television

Great deal 

Nick1 2017-06-05

Terific picture

I just got my tv yesterday. I am impressed. Tv was so affordable and to have such a good picture. Very crisp. You can adjust sound with equalizer( sound options in menu). Also very light. 43 inch weighs only 23 lbs. I am adding a sound bar because i do like bass. Overall this is well worth it. The money i saved on tv makes all my accessories affordable as well. I could have spent hundreds more. Glad I didn‘t.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.........

This is a fantastic deal. I am able to watch 4k on Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube. The picture is stunning. I love it.


Great TV-perfect for gaming

I use this as a 4K gaming tv for my xbox one and have found it to be very good. The price is super competitive--no other 4k monitor goes for this cheap. Keep in mind that it is NOT a smart TV, but if you know that and just want to game on your console/pc, this is a great pick.


Great for college

perfect for my son


Affordable 4k

At this resolution and size, this TV works great as a PC monitor. It's a great option if you have no need for a smart tv. The sound quality from the speakers is pretty bad, noticeably jumping up and down in volume, but having a soundbar or other separate speakers rectifies this issue. For the price, I am wholly satisfied, given how expensive 4k can be.


Great TV for the price

This TV does everything I expected it to do and at a price that made it the perfect choice to hang on the wall in my court yard. Although the TV is covered from above, the open space court yard is an outdoor environment. The TV will be subject to Florida humidity. So the price was important. I didn't want to pay a high price for a TV that would be subjected to somewhat harsh conditions.

Steve S 2017-01-16

Large 4K TV for a great price

Great TV to replace my old 720 hi res TV.

No problems.

Great tv for price. Picture is great. No problem with sound.


Great for games!

Bought this TV to use with our Playstation 4 Pro, easy set up let us play in minutes! However, if you're looking to use it for watching TV it doesn't come with a 4K HDMI cable. One will run you about $20 so it's not a big deal.


not bad for the price...

the product looks very eye catching..does have a nice picture but is a little dim...nice for watching in a dark room..sound is a 2/5..get some surround..but a 4k tv for my xbox one s pairs nicely...my hisense is only slightly better and paid twice as much...


Beautiful Tv

It's so great for playing game on PS4 .. I only use this tv for games and movies that's all .. Awesome TV


Sceptre U435CV: Tweak the settings.

I have had the tv a couple of weeks and still tweaking it. Viewing from the side is good. I tried changing the settings on my own and wasn't having much luck until I found another's review that posted settings that was working for him. That helped a great deal. So I'm used those settings as a starting point and have been making small changes at a time. Blues need to be toned down in highlights and in darks. In movies beard stubble and eye shadows were more blue that black. If you are new at this, push Menu on remote. Choose Picture by pushing the Enter button. Push Enter again for Picture Settings. Picture Mode will be at the top and highlighted with a band. Push the right or left arrow on remote to see the differences in the built in settings. The changes you make will be saved in "User." While in User arrow down to brightness and push enter. The Brightness setting shows bottom center of the screen. Arrow left/right to change then push Menu. Arrow down to Contrast and repeat. I have my Screen Size set at Full 100%. For some older movie at 480i you may prefer a different choice. Color Temperature choices are User, Normal, Warm Cool. My Picture SETTINGS at this time. Brightness 55: Contrast 37: Back Light 55: Color 75: Tint -10: Sharpness 60: ADVANCED PICTURE SETTINGS. DC Contrast- ON: Film Mode- ON: VN Reduction- HIGH: DTN Reduction- High: MENC- ON: White Balance. R 124: G 120: B 105. Offsets- R 1024: G 1024: B 1010.


Great TV for the price!

Nice remote, good IR range, and onscreen dialogs. I wanted to upgrade my system, so I got a Mediasonic STB180, and it can record programs via usb, though it requires an external hard drive (not flash drive, it causes glitches)...it records without a flaw. When the screen is idle, like when loading a DVD (separate player)...there's slight horizontal foggy patches, about 4" wide...maybe I'm picky, but it's very minor. I believe the 4K tv's have a scaler built in....I run my DVD player with 1080p hdmi, but it's not "mind blowing" crisp like in stores...,I've heard that a Sony bluray can upscale to 4K output, but I don't have one to test. The Mediasonic tv signal is a bit richer in color, though I think all broadcast are hd 1080, and not 4K ...yet...so again, picture is not like in stores....you might note that the store MUST be feeding the 4K tv's a special 4K video loop, that draws you in...so, the tv will give a great picture, it's just our old tech is not there yet to feed it 4K. I tried all kinds of claimed "4K upscalers", in between my DVD player and tuner, that had no affect. I use the tv as a switcher, and run audio out to my stereo system...nice! The tv feet are nice....cast aluminum, very sturdy, and the Mediasonic fits under it.


Picture is incredible

Best picture I have ever seen

Dalebailey 2016-12-04

Nice tv

Got this 43uhd 4k tv for a present and I absolutely love it
ALEXS 2016-12-03


I just bought this 4k tv this week ,AND WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!!!




So clear

I love it the picture is so clear.



Works great right out of the box, saw other reviews but went with it glad I did, maybe their source inputs were wrong, have to fiddle with picture mode but that's it, love that it has 4 HDMI ports I know not much 4K out there right now but I'm ready when it does launch