Sceptre 43"

I was thoroughly amazed at the picture quality. You can't beat this deal!!!


no complaints

Used as a computer monitor for my elderly parents, works fine thus far, nice and bright



Sceptre U435CV-UMC 43" 4K Ultra HD

Great bargain works just fine dont pass this up because you dont know the brand it is well worth the money. No problems here and great picture.


Sceptre 43" Best 4K TV for the 500.00 market

My Sceptre 43 in 4K TV was very carefully packaged and extremely easy to set up. I hooked up a HD COX cable box, Amazon Fire TV; and a Sony 1000 WATT theatre system with no sweat. Picture is perfect for 8 - 12 feet in my small living room. Customizing the picture using your remote and semi-transparent screen guide is easy and highly recommended. Nothing better out there can be had for under 500.00. I bought mine for under 300.00!

Jean 2016-11-23

Beautiful Picture !

I just bought this 4k tv this week ,I have used Sceptre for some time,the price is amazing!The picture makes me drool it is so good.Thank you for an amazing prices and quality,don‘t ever stop! Thank you

Really Great Deal

It does 4k Ultra HD Netflix through a Xiaomi Mi Box. Problem solved.


Great TV! Great Price!

If you are looking for a TV without all the "SMART"... This is the TV to get. I have it connected to an Xbox One S and that gives me way more options than any "SMART" TV will offer. Which is nice since it keeps the price of the low. The picture looks awesome. I set mine to GAME mode to get the best performance and turn off all the enhancements. The only thing I wish the it had is HDR. If they start selling sets with it I will definitely upgrade.


Good buy

Nice tv for the money. Very light too. Good picture and adequate sound. Hooked my fire tv up and it looks great.


Better Than Expected

TV is equipped with HDMI 2.0 @ 60 hertz, that means the TV can effectively handle 4K computer or console gaming. Great picture, and I will say it performs better than more expensive name brands. I ended up buying a second TV.



This 4K tv is good enoug for the prices good sound and image make everything easier


4k high defination

Bigger, better look, smooth, use HDMI cord to cable hookup.


Good sharp video

Picture is fantastic at 4K. At first I was getting horizontal lines across the picture, and I replaced the HDMI cord with a better quality one and the picture is perfect now


A Great 4K Tv

This a great tv has great color read all the reviews glad i went ahead and purchase A+A+


sceptre LED HDTV (4K x 2K)

This a great tv has great color read all the reviews glad i went ahead and purchase A+A+

Chucky Redneck 2016-11-11

Great Tv

only had aweek is the best tv ive have own has a awesome color great job making this tv

Great TV for price

This tv was an awesome buy so far. $280 between shipping, taxes, and warranty. Thats bargain. It showed up a day early which was awesome since it was a birthday gift. So far so good. I recommend giving it a shot if you do not need the top brands for hundreds more


Great for a my Macbook Pro!

My 13" Macbook Pro runs this display with no issues. My viewing distance is just over 2'. The only drawback is the menu. Could be a bit easier to navigate. I can't comment on color accuracy or what movies look like on it. For my purpose, this display performs wonderfully.


Great Picture

A bit of twicking and all ended up great. 43 inch at $250. Hard to beat.


good for the price

This TV has a nice picture and is worth the price.


Great picture.

Great picture, average sound. Seems like a good value. Lightweight. Easy setup