Great product, works to perfection, speakers are just at par though.

Nice 4k display, speakers are not the greatest, but it is perfect if you are a gamer looking for a high end TV and do not want to spend too much money. My play station 4 has trouble keeping up with is high definition.


Ig font

xtra fine pixels, helps when you need a 14+ font to see what your reading.


Great picture quality

Great picture quality, video games are clearer than before. Perfect for movies, xbox, football, whatever we want to watch as a family, it's fantastic

Borgatti 2016-12-01

Awesome tv

I had a sceptre tv a 32 inch so I went and bought a 50 inch 4K ultra sceptre and wasn‘t quite sure but hooked it up yesterday and love it it‘s one of the best purchases I‘ve every bought picture is great speaker is loud and clear love the tv thank you

Four Stars

Glitches om hdmi like streaks once in a while. but good for the price i got it at!


Four Stars

Glitches om hdmi like streaks once in a while. but good for the price i got it at!


Five Stars

I love it.


Five Stars

I love it.


For the price, you can't beat it

I'm a bargain shopper no doubt. So when I saw this TV go on sale during Black Friday, I had to pick it up. A 49" 4K tv for under $400? No doubt! So I brought it home, assembled it, powered it up, and had a few first impressions. First, the picture is fantastic, WHEN you adjust the colors. Not sure what they did but boy are the colors messed up when you first turn it on. Fiddle with the settings for a while and you'll get it just right. The tv is very thin and lightweight which is great for easy wall mounting. Speaking of which, I would suggest as the base mount for it is...stupid, to say the least. Cheap and flimsy, not to mention ugly and bulky. Tv has a nice thin bezel to it which I like. My other big complaint is the speakers. UGH! Thank god I have a Polk N1 sound bar! My iPhone 6 has better speakers than this tv. Absolutely horrendous. But, on the plus side, it does have an optical out port which some cheaper tvs do not have, which is a big thumbs up for me. Also good is the addition of three HDMI ports, two of which do 4K, one at 30hz and one at 60hz. No, this is not a 120hz tv. No, this is not Samsung quality. But yes, it is a great value, and to be honest has a good picture for what it is. So, would I suggest it? Depends on the budget. The size is good and the 4K is excellent (if you can find 4K content!). If you have a larger budget and can afford a nice Samsung or maybe even an LG OLED, go down thank route. For most average people though, I think this is a great product.

Btw owned for 8 months now and haven't had a single technical issue. Knock on wood!


I got a great deal

I was comparing the TV I got with similar models in department stores. I found even Walmart was trying to sell the identical TV for $699. This is $200+ more than I paid for mine. I have been looking at multiple 4k TV and was wanting a 40"-55" so I could put it in living room for now but later move it into bedroom. This TV fits my needs and future perfect. Now I got a new great picture TV and will not need to upgrade again for years to come. The only negative I saw in reviews was to do with sound. I spent money on great speakers and amplifier years ago for DJ and karaoke in a bar. Therefore sound quality on TV is something I rarely if ever use. The picture is great and the sound complaints of others it will be a couple of years before I can confirm or deny the issues they experienced.


... star because the sound isn't as loud as I like everything else is fine

I give it a 4 star because the sound isn't as loud as I like everything else is fine


Good for price

Great picture. kinda crappy sound. great with sound bar though


Great value

Great picture, easy to set up w/ Wii, Sony Blueray/media center, Nvidia Shield and CATV.

Princewince 2016-02-27

Sweet TV!!!

I‘ve had this TV for a couple of months now and I got a terrific deal on it over the Black Friday weekend. It‘s a fantastic TV with exceptional clarity, color and style. I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a 4K TV. It works well with my Apple TV, Blu-Ray Player and Cable Box and I‘ve had no issues mirroring my Mac/PC content onto it either. Fantastic! All in all, I‘d buy this TV again in a heartbeat. It‘s THAT good! Five stars.
Chadr69 2016-02-18

Awesome quality.

Just received it today. Hi would highly recommend it
rfb1971 2015-12-12

Throughly Impressed

I bought this a few days ago and couldn‘t be happier. Just a head up, this is not a smart TV. If you want all in one access to streaming, go somewhere else. I have been using my Playstation to stream netflix, hulu, amazon and I heart radio for a couple years no so that‘s not even an issue for me. My only issue, other than the fact that my little girl cant operate a new remote, is that the sound is a little tinny. I have a sound bar so I can easily overcome that. But just keep it in mind if you are planning to buy.

this tv is great...

this tv is great got a bose solo system with it a new fire tv box it's a theater picture is great best I've ever seen and the fire tv box are better than bluray you do not know what your missing you will need a gold 4k ultra hdmi cord very satisfied love it


Why spend twice as much for a bloated TV with features you won't use?

The Good: It arrived in perfect condition, turned it on and it works. I'm only using 2 HDMI ports, 1 for our Roku 3 (soon to be replaced by preordered Roku 4) and 1 for our security cameras. Optical out works perfectly. We replaced a 3 1/2 year old 3D LED LG 48" with this tv. The picture on this Sceptre is better, there are no horizontal lines like we had with the LG, and because it's not a smart TV we're able to change inputs very quickly. The LG would take a while to bring up the list of available inputs, etc., no such issues with this TV - press the button and it works.

The Bad: Received the U508CV-UMK which measures 49" diagonally, being generous by 1/4", which is not 50". Maybe if you include the bezel it's 50" but it's definitely not a 50" screen. No frills, no 3D, no software updates. The metal stand is not refined, it scratched our wood dresser while putting it on top - wait til my wife notices that..

The Ugly: Not a smart TV, no ethernet, no wifi, no apps - but no problem, because I use Roku boxes. The bezel is also half an inch or so all the way around, which is ugly compared to the zero bezel LG it replaced.

All in all though, including a 5yr warranty we paid less than HALF of what the LG cost us. Definitely worth it, can't wait to get the 4K Roku 4 and see how it looks. Also, I did turn MEMC on under advanced picture settings so I'm hoping it'll be 4k 120hz.



As a computer monitor I'm loving this.

I purchased this to use as a computer monitor for my laptop, and I love it! I can't speak to using this as a "television", or for video media.

With that said there are several configuration "tweaks" that I had to make, so I wanted to share those with others that want to use this as a computer monitor.

Menu --> Picture --> Color Temperature: Warm
Menu --> Picture --> Advanced --> Dynamic Contrast: On
Menu --> Picture --> Advanced --> File Mode: On
Menu --> Picture --> Advanced --> Noise Reduction: High
Menu --> Picture --> Advanced --> MPEG Noise Reduction: High

Computer settings:
My laptop supports DisplayPort 1.2, but there are currently no DP1.2 to HDML 2.0 adapters on the market yet, so *I am not* running at:
3840 x 2160 at 60hz

The current: DP1.2 to HDML 1.4 allows a maximum of 3840 / 2160 at 30hz, *but* configured at 30hz I was having problems with the monitor actually locking on to a stable video signal. It would flicker, and I would see noise on the screen, etc. When I lowered my laptop's Monitor setting to 29hz, the two seem to lock together perfectly. I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad W540 laptop, which uses a nVidia graphics for UHD. So I don't if nVidia is providing a "loose/sloppy" signal while this monitor requires a specific signal range, or the other way around. Regardless, 29hz worked for me.


Very nice picture quality

Very nice picture quality! I didn't expect so much at that price point, but the features are well worth it!