Very good for the cost.

Picture quality is great. I read several reviews about screws not fitting but I believe 2 holes in the neck not sized the same are the issue. The screws will self tap into plastic so I just used more force and they threaded into the holes fine. Many others complained of poor sound quality and I agree. However, I will use in a small Travel Trailer and view less than 8 feet and intend to wall mount so will not use the stand. I have tested it and it seems tolerable at lower volume in the trailer. I may sometimes use headphones. Will add to this review after some experience.


the volume is weak

good tv but volume is weak





beautiful picture

sound can be very "tinny" at times


Great TV for the price.

Haven't had it for long but I've had no problems with it. 5 stars considering the price. Picture quality is great. Remote control works fine. Nice TV for a Bedroom.


Unknown brand but works well

We saw this brand in a motel and then decided to try it when we needed a small HDTV. So far, it's been great.



Good quality for the price


Great guest room TV

Clear picture, many channels even when using indoor antenna. Only wish it had a second HDMI port and coax jack, but whaddaya want for $65???



nice picture and sound for te money


Five Stars

The TV worked perfectly.


Nice, inexpensive T.V.

Nice, inexpensive T.V. for extra bedroom. So, for the price, it is fine.
Good and cheap, cheap and good.


Great price and quality

Great picture and excellent price.


Excellent picture

I was surprised on how good the picture quality was


Easy going

Nice TV with simple technical characteristics but easy and excellent to share with friend whatever you want


Great TV!

Great tv Thanks!


Four Stars

Picture is good and has good connections. Price is good.for what you get.


Five Stars

The volume is a little low, other than that, it's great


Be Thankful for the Television you received by people who worked hard to create it!

Yes! It did meet my expectations. I’m thankful of the people who invented this entertainment because it pleases me. I got it for a fairly low price and I am happy for what I was able to get. This tv can do so much things! I’m glad that I was able to get a Televison for my room that is plain and simple. Thank You, Sceptre, for creating a form of entertainment through a screen so small. Your hard work has payed off. Be happy for your creations!

Jack345 2018-03-28

'downsized' to this tv

Got a GREAT ‘deal‘ on amazon for this tv! It‘s the FIRST "Sceptre" that I‘ve owned. I had (for MANY years), the very same size - 24" tv, that was GIGANTIC/& quite HEAVY!! This one: appears MUCH SMALLER--because, of the thinness of it/MUCH BETTER TV screen/although the sound..., is a bit "muffled" coming out from behind it. So far . . ., works well, & HAPPY with it! HOPEFULLY it lasts--for MANY years to come.
Hayes 2018-01-19

Happy First Time Sceptre Owner

I just purchased a 24" tv from Spectre. I bought this tv because of the low cost. I was happily suprised with the visual quality of the screen. The picture has different color pallets to customize to your liking. The volume goes loud enough to have a entertaining experience for movies. The look of the tv is good with the thin profile of the tv. The remote also works from a long distance with enough buttons to control all the features. So overall im happy with this tv.