willie 2017-03-05


like other reviews the sound leaves a little to be desired! also having a problem hooking up external speakers with jacks provided. only way so far is to use the headphone jack. the picture is great right off an antenna. the user‘s pamphlet that came with it is very vague and needs to be more explanatory.
RichardG 2017-01-09


Recently purchased and returned to Walmart due to poor sound and DVD would not load. After investigating all other brands, I‘ve come to find out they all have sound issues. Guess the speakers are just too tiny? Anyhoots, I purchased another one, the very same thing because it fits my needs perfectly for a travel trailer. In contact via chat with Sceptre, it was recommended computer speakers for space rather than sound bar. I am going with that for a solution. One other thing, I didn‘t read manual! Manual says you have to power on the DVD player before it will load the DVD. Maybe that is why my 1st purchase didn‘t load the disc as for it was the primary reason I returned it :O I left a less desirable (for product) review on Walmart‘s review thingie as subway PA system sounding. I am sorry about that. This is a great TV! Just hate to spend a few extra bucks for speakers. Good ol‘ days are gone but not forgotten when everything works as it should. I wanted this because of the DVD player built in to conserve space. lol. Now I got to use separate speakers to use up what space I have left :O
Kzndkdndjxmdndn 2017-01-08

Great TV but one problem...

This TV works great! The DVD feature is nice and the remote is not hard to understand. The one issue is the sound. In a small room the sound is good because it will not exceed 15. If you go any higher on the sound the TV makes an annoying hummingbird sound that doesn‘t stop till you turn the volume down. Other than the sound this TV is great and best for most bedrooms.
RB12 2016-12-29

Very good picture not so sound

Picture is great. Set-up is easy. Remote could use a previous channel button. A little inconvenient switching between TV and DVD. An external speaker is essential.
Momma Nel 2016-12-18

Solid tv with tinny sound

I got this TV for our guest room. I needed a tv/dvd player that could get analog/digital stations as no satellite or cable connections would be available. This tv is easy to set up, connected quickly to a digital antennae I already had. The controlsare clear and simple. The screen delivers a good picture. The biggest two drawbacks are the 1) wobbly, plastic table mount and 2) the very tinny sound. The sound gets loud enough, but is very tinny and high pitched. Probably not a good tv to watch movies with big explosions or deep bass music. A sound bar or external speaker would be needed. While this a fairly inexpensive tv/dvd player, I think the company could provide better sound quality.