Sancnet 2018-03-08

Great Value & Picture

I purchased this TV for my son, and than ordered one for myself. The picture quality is exceptional, and with the clearance price the value was outstanding!
Idrive 2018-03-08

so far so good.

I bought this from walmart and have been pleased with it so far. I am using it with a antenna mounted in my attic and it works great.
Nadroj3364 2018-02-26

Exceptional Features!!

I purposely bought this television to be used as a computer monitor, however, for it only being a 24" screen, I am quite impress with the features it has when using it to watch TV shows as well. Picture and sound quality is very good for this size and the remote works great and well built.
hi there 2018-02-15


good tv for the money or not
DreamMan74 2018-02-09

Not too big screen, but good!

I have only had it a few weeks, but have been more than impressed with it‘s features, even for the smaller size screen! It‘s quite a deal! Adding a sound bar does help with the speakers, but I‘d still recommend it!
Travis 2018-02-07

Lots of special features

I purchased this for 2nd TV for close view for my wife with bad eyes , because of the quality of the picture and sharpness. I am going to buy a second one for the Computer and use it as a monitor the picture quality is better than the 19inch pc monitor I now have. Travis K.
Albatross 2018-01-06

lovely gift

Present from family to replace the old CRT television. It‘s really nice.
Mlindy 2017-12-30

Great size

I got this as a Christmas gift for my dorm room and the size couldn‘t be anymore perfect, however the sound is very scratchy and a little below average quality. I tried to connect it to a nice sound bar, but it still produced a scratchy sound. For a college student it‘ll suffice!
crazyman 2017-12-28

Great features

I just purchased this TV and I am not disappointed. It was very easy and fast to setup and I was watching TV in less than 5 minutes. Did I mention that the picture is incredible?
LoRiM 2017-12-22

Good buy

Bought this to use as my security monitor... Seems great so far
Val Q 2017-12-19

Good little TV.

I bought another TV from montgomery wards, it was a proscan 24" hdtv, but it performed more like a TV that a 5 year old built, the worse TV I ever bought!!. I returned it an bought this Sceptre TV, I am so glad that I did, the picture is great! The sound could be better, but I managed to get the audio to a place that I am satisfied with, so I won‘t have to buy a sound bar, or speaker for this TV. I am so glad I bought this one and sent the other one back!!. Not to mention, the other Proscan TV was $250 more than the Sceptre is. All I have to say is NEVER buy a Proscan TV!!!
JaymzRG 2017-09-22

Great bedroom TV!

I just bought this TV and am so happy with it! Picture is great and clear. I‘ve seen people talk about low volume and I have NO idea what they are talking about. This TV goes from 0 - 100 on the volume scale and at 20, it‘s already too loud. Maybe they are deaf, I don‘t know. Anyway, Sceptre is a great underrated brand and I look forward to them being up there with other big name brands.
Wv man 2017-09-19

Great picture

Using as on air TV and as computer monitor. I have not figured out how to add a weak channel so that I can tweak the antenna.
gawjus 2017-09-13

Right size for small areas

Just purchased this TV a few days ago and I love it. The picture is beautiful, however the sound could be better. Very easily to unpack and assemble/setup! Very light! At this point, I am extremely happy with my TV.
Nisky 2017-08-22

Great picture and sound!

I purchased this tv online from Walmart and am very impressed with the clarity of picture and sound. Very easy to assemble (even comes with screwdriver to install 5 screws in base). Three step set-up to receive channels also very simple, prompts are displayed on screen. Great value!
Whit656 2017-08-06

Great picture

Using as on air TV and as computer monitor. I have not figured out how to add a weak channel so that I can tweak the antenna.
JuanC1234 2017-06-26

Very good bought.

This is a very good Tv. I really enjoy the image. Is clear and bright. The tv is light so you can move it from one place to another. I could by another one.
ronald 2017-04-01


Right size for myself in bedroom
RvingLivingTheDream 2017-03-23

Picked the right one! Great!

Just the right size, great color, picks up soooo many channels. Full time RVing and it is perfect! Couldn‘t be more pleased with our choice.
billtower 2017-03-22

Easy put-together!

I put this device together, and was running in 20 minutes. It is a terrific device, for the money, or for whatever the cost. I am very satisfied, at this moment.