After getting the first one that was broken this one seams to be exactly what I wanted



Great picture, great sound, I love it!


Bought it for my nephew. He loves it works great for his new PS4 PRO


Nice tv for the price and brand

Great price, Great picture


Love it! Great TV at a awesome price!


Great 4K Dumb TV

Great 4K TV for price. You will have to adjust a lot of picture settings down to get picture the way you like it and increase sharpness. Standard settings were too bright. Just keep in mind it is not a smart TV but didn't need that because I have a ROKU


very nice picture - easy to hook up


Nice TV for the $$$ good picture


good tv

bought it to play my ps4 pro. the 4k enhanced games look amazing and there's no noticeable lag. no complaints, it's great!


4k + great price = good deal!

Excellent picture in 4K. I'm using as a computer monitor via HDMI connection. Sound is passable for a monitor. Don't drop it, it is lightweight and feels cheap. I haven't figured out how to wake it from sleep via the computer, so I keep the remote nearby. I've had Sceptre monitors for years and had good luck, so no different on this one, only it feels cheaper than previous ones.


Sceptre TV

Very Nice TV I like it


A Great Quality 4K TV

I bought this while looking online for a affordable 4K TV to go along with my new Xbox One X , this TV works great it has 4 HDMI ports which is a plus so you can hook up numerous things such as gaming consoles , roku , etc . The picture Quality is excellent and assembly is very easy it took only a couple minutes to install the legs on the TV Sceptre even included a screwdriver with the instructions which is another plus . The only weakness and a minor one to me is if your a hard core gamer and want real loud sound a soundbar would enhance the volume for gaming . I used Walmart pick up for this purchase since I am only 1 mile from our local store, the box the set came in was perfect no dents or dings and the set was perfect . I have no complaints about this TV even the remote control is nice and easy to use . For the price the quality of this TV is excellent I would recommend this set to anyone who is looking for a good 4K TV at affordable price.

KateM 2017-10-09

Nice Little TV for the money

We bought this for my MIL whose favorite pastime is watching tv. So far I have heard no complaint, no issues. Easily mounted on the wall mount we had. No complicated wiring. Any thing that keeps the mother-in-law happy keeps me happy!
buliths 2017-09-24

So far.. nice

So far it‘s a running well.. still haven‘t had the chance to see in 4k.. but will soon.

Fantastic computer monitor for CAD

I have no idea if this is a good TV or not, but it's the best computer monitor I've ever had, and the best I've ever seen for even twice what it costs here. Wow. Bought a second one!

sinseviltwin 2017-09-12

Great TV, TONS of inputs

I have 3 Sceptre TVs; this is my newest addition to the house. All 3 have sound and picture as good as other brands for a much better price. That being said: I originally chose (and will continue to choose) Sceptre TVs for the inputs. There are PLENTY for all your game systems at once and they still include component/composite AND separate l/r audio for your sound system, which in my research, a lot of the others at this price point do not have. Great TVs though. If you‘ve never bought one, you‘ll be pleasantly surprised.

Five Stars



Really great T. V

Really great T.V. for an excellent price. I have been using Sceptre T.V.s for a few years, and have never been disappointed. Crystal clear picture, and I have never experienced any dead pixels with them.


Outstanding TV

There is no downside to purchasing this tv it has a great price and a beautiful picture.


Five Stars

Five stars excellent picture quality