Cheap Price and Amazing Feel

It is so cheap for what it's worth. The quality of my video games are amazing and I do not get any fps lag. Also watching videos on here is amazing.


Better than the Samsung and LG 32"

I purchased this for $180 on prime day, whereas I was viewing an LG and Samsung for the same spec for $250+. This monitor has had no flaws, the picture quality is great for it's size and the color settings are superb. Even at $250 I'd take this over the LG, it's neck and neck with the Samsung. Keep in mind for such a big monitor at 1080P and no G/Vsync it's not going to be crystal clear like you would get on a 24"/27" but if you're on a budget and not a complete graphic snob it is a great gaming monitor. (Primarily playing first person shooter's with no complaints of monitor latency)


Excellent imaging

This item has a very image and integrated sound


First one not good, second one is perfect.

This is my second monitor, which the first was returned after a few days when I noticed the dreaded dead pixels. At first I thought I saw only two, but then I spotted two more while I was deciding if I should return it. Thankfully with free returns it was no hassle at all. I threw out the old box but when the replacement monitor came in I just used that box and sent it out free of charge. I probably wouldn't have given this monitor five stars if I had to pay for any return shipping or dealt with a hassle.

Besides that, let me say the price for this monitor is honestly ridiculously low. If you look for a monitor of this size from another more "respected" brand, it is pretty much triple the price. Sceptre is a brand I know very well due to the fact that all of our TVs in our home are Sceptre, so I can definitely vouch for the quality:price ratio and say that what you get for the price is a true good value...



I switched to this from a 42” tv and I was amazed by the difference. Not so much picture quality as it was the same resolution and what not but the screen delay was virtually nonexistent. Great quality would buy again.


Believe the hype!

I've had my monitor for about a month now, and for what i use it for its perfect. I also have the 27" curved and I love this brand and their curved monitors I'll never go back.


It was easy to set up.  The colors are great and I am loving the curved effect.


Light bleeding through edges, but easily fixed.

Great display, not much else to say. There is no glare at all, no dead pixels. There is however some light bleeding through around the edges. I fixed it (mostly) by fiddling with the on screen menus. Now i cant really tell its there unless i look hard.


Good for the price

I've been using this monitor for about a week now. Upon first hooking it up to my PC, I immediately noticed why there are many negative reviews about this monitor claiming blurriness and washed out colors. Depending on what your graphics settings are, obviously the initial picture is going to look displeasing. It took me some time over the course of 3 days before I finally got a good picture dialed in, but now that I have, I'm very satisfied with this monitor. The key for me outside of changing my resolution in my graphics card settings and tinkering with the brightness and contrast via my graphics card and the menu button on the monitor itself was turning down the saturation of every color via the monitor's menu. After initially switching to a higher resolution, slightly turning down the brightness, and slightly turning up the contrast, the colors still seemed too saturated and were bleeding into each other. Turning the saturation down from 50 to 45 for every color did the trick for me. If you're patient enough to keep adjusting your settings until finding a picture detail that suits you, this monitor is well worth the $180 price tag. Combine this monitor with a nice set of external speakers (because yes, the one built into the monitor does kinda suck), and you'll have yourself quite a nice setup for not a whole lot of money


Great monitor

Excellent monitor for the paid money


Fine Monitor

Happy with purchase!


Five Stars

very happy


Wow looks great!

Great curved monitor! Picture looks great. Son uses with his PlayStation on his gaming desk and loves it.


Great Monitor

Works exactly as advertised and a great price. All of my co-workers comment about how impressive this monitor. I wish this thing had a security lock slot. I'm sure one of these suckers will try to swipe it. Haha.


Gorgeous Display, Terrible Speaker

I bought this for my husband for his birthday. It is beautiful and functional and the quality of the picture is excellent. The speakers, however, are terrible. You definitely need to buy a better set of speakers to hook up to this if you want to use it for sound.


Awesome screens

I purchased two of these screens and they are simply amazing. They have a wonderful crisp look for the picture quality and there were no issues attaching them to my computer. I love that they are bigger screens so that when I am watching tv, playing games, or doing homework, I can see what I'm doing. Not to mention the curve on the screen is appealing to the eyes and create a well rounded picture. No pun intended. I recommend this buyer and this screen, especially if you are on a budget.


I absolutely love the curved screen, the picture quality is nothing less than stunning, set up was just plug and play. I'm keeping my eye out for another deal so i can upgrade my other monitor.


Good quality for the price

Great value. I've been using it for a week and so far so good


very easy to set up, plug and play.  Looks and works great so far.


Decent 2nd curved monitor

So I just received the monitor yesterday on 7/20/18. Out of the box the monitor is decent. It is nothing to go crazy over as it is a $ 189 curved screen 32" monitor. It is not Full HD and Sceptre has a model that is $100 more expensive but has full HD and is curved as well. This was purchased as a cheap second 32" monitor as it was curved and black. I have another 32" screen by Samsung that I use as well. It is not as sharp because it isn't full HD; however, it took 5 minutes to set-up and it is pretty nice. I would definitely probably purchase the full HD one and give this one to my hubby. The writing is not as bad as another viewer complained about. It is not as sharp but it is still pretty decent. All in all, I have no complaints. It is what is expected from a cheap decent quality monitor.