david45 2016-12-28

Easy Set-up !!

Great TV for the price !! No bells and whistles like some of the other 4K TV‘s out there but this TV has an amazing picture right out of the box !! I do not believe the sound is as bad as some say , but that‘s just my opinion. I hooked up a surround sound system , so no big deal. For the price, this TV can‘t be beat as far as I‘m concerned. Would buy another one and not hesitate 1 minute about it.

Great product at a great price

I am very happy with my purchase of this 4k hdtv.


Excellent tv

No frills 4K tv with excellent resolution . Didn't want a smart tv with addons I might not want already have a Amazon tv and roku 4 tht let me choose what apps I want and don't want ... both offer 4K programming tht looks awesome on the tv. Sound is fair but i have a nose system tht when connect to tv s awesome ... like all flat screen Tvs of this size ... sound is compromise due to the tvs getting thinner ....



Sceptre U650CV-U 65" 4K Ultra HD 2160p 60Hz LED HDTV (4K x 2K) Works great very nice Pictures and set up.


Great TV

Great non smart tv. Thin and only weighs 70lbs. Arrived on time and intact. I think it has great color and is a good tv so far. I have had it for 1 week. I plan on installing a 38" vizio soundbar when I get the brackets . I purchased all these things at Walmart.com and it was delivered at my local Walmart store.






All killer with no filler. For the price its awesome. It may not have apps or an OS on the tv, but that's not a problem. There are other solutions such as Roku, attaching your computer, or a blue-ray player. We personally use a version of Roku that supports 4k.


Great TV

So far, a week or so, TV is performing well. Well worth the price so far


Great Value for the Price

Overall I like this television very much and am extremely happy with the purchase. My only real qualm so far have a few weeks of usage is that the refresh rate seems to possibly lag a little bit during fast moving scenes. However, I am still uncertain as to whether this is being caused by the television, or by the Time Warner Cable box which for whatever reason is still only able to broadcast at the 1080i level. Blu-ray, Xbox 1, and 4K content looks incredible though so I would definitely recommend.


AspearsKY 2016-11-26

Big TV Great Price

Just received my 65" Sceptre TV. Great TV for a very reasonable price. This is my second Sceptre and I just ordered a third!


I was concerned that some reviews on similar models from other brands would carry over into this product at this price point. And I can say that it does not! This 65 in LCD with 4k resolution is great! Once the sound and picture was adjusted the TV was ready to use. If I could rate this six stars I would.