This tv rocks for a brand that I have not heard of. The picture quality is so awesome! The volume is okay but better with a sound bar. The price was right! Love It.


Not a smart tv.

First off, reviews said had Netflix and others and this is not true. You must buy ROKU to have Netflix or others. This is not a SMART tv, it is very basic but does have a great pic and great sound. Worth the 879.00. Do not buy VIZIO!!!!


Big TV as Expected

As expected. Heavier than I thought, but it is really big. So a two person job to set up if you want to make your life easier. Unfortunately quite a bit of Styrofoam in the packaging though.


An excellent 75 inch TV at an amazing price!

Wow, this TV is great...especially for the price. My first recommendation when you get this TV: go into the picture settings (e.g. brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, etc.) and adjust them manually. In my opinion, the "pre-programmed" picture settings do not do the TV justice. The only reason that I gave this 4-stars is that I did notice that we lost about 2-3 pixels after a few months - however, on a TV this large, you literally have to have your face directly in front of the screen to notice the missing pixels - and you have to know exactly where to look. (Personally, I do not consider the missing pixels a big deal.) I've owned this TV now for about 4 months - and overall, I am extremely pleased and would recommend it for anybody who wants a low-cost option for a nice 75 inch TV!

Ron john 2018-07-19

Great picture and sound.

Shipment came early, local carrier helped get it upstairs, house is on pilings. Installation was easy with instructions provided. Enjoying the movie like picture and sound. Purchased the BR60 sound bar which adds to the very vivid picture.

Ever bit as fantastically good as desired.

Outstanding value and a picture quality equal to sets costing twice as much. Sound quality is better than many sets. Has an excellent tuner for over the air TV that is also better than most others. Set listed as refresh rate of 60, unit received had a refresh rate of 120. The shipping packaging was also superior to others as experienced with this size of set.


I'm no expert on televisions. That being said I think is is a great television more the money. Great picture. Saw other folks that were disappointed in the sound quality. It works good for me. I can always run sound through a separate sound system if I wish. I'm overall very pleased.

HappyFamily 2018-05-04

Wonderful TV

We wanted a tv an came across this one and couldn‘t decide but went with this 75in and we love it, its the best tv for us and love the quality for the ultimate low price we got it for, absolutely great tv. Will be buying another soon. Dont under estimate this brand.
Tammy72 2018-05-04

Great for the money

I bought this tv a couple of weeks ago and I love love love it. Great picture great features just all together great.
WhiteWizard 2018-04-22

Perfection in TV

Besides the clearest, brightest, sharpest, prettiest, out-of-the-box picture we have ever seen, this TV has every feature you could want and none of the forced-upon-you features that you don‘t want or need, yet pay for. It has features that enhance viewing pleasure that we didn‘t know existed, such as MEMC, which makes fast motion blur almost disappear. Another goodie is the automatic contrast option, which helps greatly in dark movies (seems to be all that Hollywood does currently. And more... U.S. made quality!

The best buy ever

This TV is perfect just what we were looking for to go in our home theater after the projector fail. The picture is beautiful and the sound is not bad but we do have a sound bar.


It is a nice TV.. ALTHOUGH, you have to put in a lot of effort not to damage the screen. The screen is more like a computer screen. One wrong touch and, it will BROKEN...


Sweet deal great quality

I hooked up streaming 4K video from my Roku ultimate and OMG what a SUPER picture. The picture quality is great on all forms of input. The price was really a special buy for only 999.99 . The 4K viewing is really great. This is a grand 75-inch TV. I couldn't be happier.


Love it just what we needed


No-Frills Massive Beast! I love it.

What a massive beast of a TV! When I went to pick it up from the store they had 65-inch and 70-inch TVs in the middle of the floor ranging from $850 - almost $1000. When I was walking the TV to the front I must have got stopped 3 times "wow that TV is huge, how much". When I told them $1000 everyone was in shock. This TV is a no-frills 4K 75-inch TV. No fancy smart TV features and weak speakers. I don't think anyone buying a flat screen these days expects good speakers. That's what sound bars or for, you can't have it both ways, slim TV and big sound. The attached photos do this thing no justice. Just be prepared to purchase a new TV stand. Legs are 65 inch distance

Marcie 2018-03-02

Great Features

We just purchased this tv. It has an amazing picture.

Great TV for the price ...

Great TV for the price ... It's even better now for you (if you are reading this review because I paid $1200). Easy hookup. I had no problem sync'ing my DirecTV remote - so I use only 1 remote [no idea why another reviewer had problems; model wasn't listed by DirecTV but you can still setup the remote - just follw the instructions!]. Great picture and sound is good. I have this mounted in a large room [22' x 40'] on the wall and have no problems seeing or hearing my TV. Love it for the price. I don't need or use Smart-TV functions because we don't have fast Internet due to where we live - metered HughesNet ... so I can't comment on using it with Roku, NetFlicks, etc .... My home theater is a 3D projection setup with 175" diag. - I use 10 speakers+Yamaha receiver for 7.2 surround sound on that gig !!!


Very happy

looks great. Netflix 4K is awesome. Surround sound optical output works great. Huge TV for lowest possible price. Doesn't have HDR but I can live with that. 60 mhz refresh rate is fine, too. Content is the limiting factor, so no reason to get a fancier TV. I don't know of any content at greater than 60 mhz. And 4K content is hard to find. HDR content is even harder to find. Verizon and Optimum TV are only 1080i or 720p.


it came broken and walmart had another and exchanged it with no problem and i really enjoy, of course the picture is not as clear as they advertise but for the money it is good.


WOW ! Best 75" TV Value

Best 75" TV value $999 (I shopped a bunch). Great Brand, Picture & Sound. Remember, your picture quality is only as good as the source or channel. Blu Ray DVD was much better than a regular DVD on my older DVD player. I'll be trying a new Upscaling Sony DVD player soon. No issues with delivery or with any damage. WalMart.com was the place to buy stuff this year, it beat Amazon easily.