Size fits in Master Bedroom perfectly....Great picture, really easy setup. Sleep feature is most important for evening bedroom watching.


Great size for my bedroom, beautiful color, nice sound. Only problem is the DVD player is very loud. The whirring noise is a bit annoying during quiet times in the movie.


Very nice TV

Very good tv and a nice size it has a nice picture and for the price it's an awesome deal


Great buy

For this price could not believe the great quality of picture.


It's worth the price!

It's the perfect TV for the bedroom or the guest bedroom! Upon opening the box, it was well protected. The stands are easy to install, and the Scepter screwdriver is a nice touch especially if you don't have one. Its speakers are small, so don't expect them to be booming. You'll have to adjust the bass and treble in the sound settings to get a fuller sound because it's flat when you turn it on the first time out of the box. The DVD player's mechanisms are loud, but they quiet down as the movie plays. The minutes don't display on the screen when you pause, rewind or fast forward, either; but that's ok. The player does play music CD's; so that's a plus! The display is very clear and bright but it's a little washed out, so you'll need to adjust the brightness and contrast in the picture settings. The TV starts to grow on you after you've finished setting it up. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the small speakers. I've had it for two weeks and I realize that it was really worth the price for what I got!



Fast shipping, less than 2 days. Excellent picture. DVD works great and is user friendly, so is the TV. I am very glad I bought it. I would definitely buy again.


Great picture ,dvd shows a great picture to . Love it .


Great picture and sound!

I ordered this for my bedroom to replace a 24" tv and my DVD went bonkers...I absolutely love this! The picture is top notch and the DVD player plays wonderfully. I am impressed also with the sound. I bought a tv previously for my little sister and we were disappointed in its sound so I was worried about this one but it will blast you right out of your seat! I would highly recommend this! The price was awesome, too! Thank you


Great bargain

Great picture and easy setup. Price couldn't be beat.


For the price you got what was described. Nice tha

Easy to use. Decent picture quality. DVD works well but slow operating.


"Love it, love it love it". I think that takes all!


Very pleased with my purchase....

I am very happy with the purchase of this Sceptre TV. I have not ever owned one by this name before but for the price of the TV with a built in DVD player and pretty good ratings, I knew I had to try it out. I think the sound is great for me, good picture, not complicated to work with the remote... (my elderly mother struggles with technology today she is very old schooled) but she caught on very easy. I purchased this on-line and my son picked it up for me 2 days later. He said pick up was easy and he had great Customer Service. I am super happy.

Becky 2018-07-22

Nice TV

I bought this as a replacement . I purchased another scepter tv and was so happy, I chose to purchase another one.
dale57strat 2018-06-22

Great TV

Great TV, for the money. Nice picture and sound. DVD is an added bonus.
Whit 2018-05-16

Awesome TV

Amazing awesome affordable TV !!!

Easy set up, great picture. Only had few weeks have not tried DVD yet.


Got this for my sons room. Great picture quality and having the dvd built in was a major plus!! Very happy with my purchase


Great value TV

Nice TV with great picture. The sound is good. DVD works well, not a problem with the start up noise.

whwiv 2018-03-17

Quick and easy

This was by far the easiest installation I ever did. It was almost playing before I plugged it in. Great picture, sound, and my wife is happy. Can it get any better.
Lyd7 2018-03-11

Awesome Gift

I love the Repeat feature while a DVD is playing. I am really enjoying my Sceptre TV that i received on Christmas day......What a surprise. Picture is nice and clear, volume is good and the remote is pretty easy to use.