Great tv

Great tv very happy with this purchase!



Was kinda sceptical about ordering this tv but I'm so glad I did the picture is really good and the sound is amazing and it really makes my living room feel comfortable. I hung it up on the wall with a corner mount close to the ceiling and built corner shelves to hold my sound system and it really opened up the room..thanks for the wonderful shopping experience once again


Great buy!

I bought this for my mom and she loves it! It has a nice, crisp picture with good color and sound. The size is perfect for her, she used to have a 24" so this is muuuuch better! The price is right and a great buy!


Very Good Value

I was very pleased with the picture and quality of this TV, especially for the price


I purchased this TV for my office and for my patients. The resolution is good it has multiple connection sites and I am extremely happy with not only the price but the quality and what I got for it. what I liked about the product is that this is not a clone or a fake copywhich most of the time is happening in other websites like Amazon.


I received the tv a day early. YEA! And I'm so loving my Sceptre 40"! I can't wait to see what a NASCAR race really looks like now that I'm out of the dark ages(small 20+ year old tv). The picture is awesome!


Great price / quality

Good quality TV for an inexpensive price. Clear crisp picture and an easy to use menu. Easy hook up . Not much else to say expect you get a quality TV for a good price.


Sceptre 40" TV

Lighter weight than other one I replaced, easy to attach legs, even though I prefer center stands. Picture is clear, and it takes awhile to learn how to adjust contrast, brightness settings. Otherwise I was surprised at quality.


Great tv at a superb price

Folks, don't waste your money on big name TVs. I tried 2 other brands for a lot more $s than Sceptre. Returned them--were nowhere near the quality of this. Tip: make sure you go to user settings of the picture and adjust the color to your hearts content. Love this 40" tv (in my BR) so much that I ordered a Sceptre 50" for my LR which I also love. I've done my research and trust me. You won't find this quality for the price. You get more value for the price. Again, forget the other brands. Great tech support too who answered all my questions. Thank you, Sceptre!!!!!


Excellent TV for the price!!! LOVE IT!!!

Really great TV for the price... extremely lightweight, easy set-up, and excellent picture quality that has two options: the super vivid one they would use if it were a store display, and the normal one I use as the other was simply color overload. Sound quality is excellent, and goes quite high in volume.
However... if you do have to call customer service... the guy I got was really rude. Maybe it was just a bad day. I’m pretty tech savvy, and had a valid set-up question re the new TV service my apartment had installed, but he acted like I had interrupted him in the middle of goodness knows what, and that I was an idiot. *shrugs* He finally grumbled and answered my question, and hung up as I was saying “Thank you.”
Ah, well... the most important thing is this 1080p TV rocks!


Great for the price

The TV is great for the price and it has a nice picture and sound quality.


Minimal assembly required and it comes with the screws and screwdriver

I love the picture on it. It is vivid and clear the sound is perfect so I am all around happy with tv only took a couple minutes to put the legs on


great price and picture

I'm not a tv expert on picture but compared to my last tv and being my first flat screen purchase it looks great. Price was one of the reasons for purchase. But after comparing to other tv's with other features and not looking to spend a tons for now, one thing that I found out it really isn't a blue tooth like it says in the description. Unless I missed something which I don't think I did I even went to the brand website and it has no info that its a blue tooth there. Was disappointed because I wanted to buy a same brand name blue tooth sound bar to connect to it. Other than that I do recommend this tv for your budget and with great picture time will tell on the durability and duration. On another note packaging was below par in my opinion. Instead of having the protective covering on the screen it was on the outer side of the tv and the clear tape that held the second sheet was sticking to the screen which I hated pulling off because you can see the plasma or what ever you call it effected. I was concern it would damage it or leave that sticking residue on it. You know when you push on the calculator screen with your finger you can see what happens to the screen. That's a manufacturer package job. Other then that so far picture not effected and all is good. Hope this helps you guys.


Great computer monitor substitute

Instead of spending a fortune for a big pc monitor just get this! Has vga input which works great.



awesome product dude and for incredibly cheap comparatively speaking - definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great flat screen


Nice picture, sound and great price.

Love my new television. Great for the price. Nice picture. I haven't noticed sound issues that others mentioned.


Picture and sound quality very good

Everything above is very good


What A Great TV I Bought For Christmas for $145

I fell in love with this television I have a TCL 32" Roku Smart Television I have Xfinity High Speed Internet service as well and I wanted a new TV in my living room but I didn't have a cable outlet in there what should I do what should I do? Then it hit me! Idiot you already have high speed Internet buy a Roku Streaming Device so i researched which Roku device was best for me I ended up buying the Roku Premiere and I used it to stream my Xfinity account and now my Scepter television is now a smart TV


Excellent viewing at excellent price.

I've now had this 40" TV for three months. It was very easy to set up. Cable worked fine. Sound was not great. I use a sound bar, which was easy to connect. For a little more than half the price of my previous one, it was an excellent purchase.


Sceptre tv

Visual and Sound met my expectations. Will recommend that others purchase one.