Such a beautiful tv. I thought the picture wasnt going to be as clear. But no its a very clear picture. Bigger then i expected. Most definitely worth the money


Awesome TV awesome picture awesome sound just completely just awesome TV for the price and I'm go back and get two more


Very good budget TV

I recently reviewed this TV from Sceptre beautiful color Vivid outstanding picture quality display was definitely built in good condition all the outputs with in the right place and you can't go wrong with a 4K Ultra high-def television like this one I recommend people to buy it.


It is a great value!

We are not very complex when it comes to our TV viewing habits. We just like to watch TV. Our new TV is awesome, we are able to receive our over the air antenna programs without having to subscribe to Cable. The Sceptre customer service is great also; I broke a part while installing the unit and they responded very quickly and did not make me feel like a dummy. In short we highly recommend shopping with Wal-Mart as well as this TV.


my tv

I really love this tv, the picture and sound is great for the price. Im a satisfied customer.



Great buy. We love it. Thank you Walmart. For the unbeleivable deal.


We like it!

We are very pleased!!!! I didn't want to spend more money on a smart tv because we would still just use the firestick anyways. This fit the bill, and we are very happy. Great picture. We did have to buy a sound bar though, this TV's sound was not the greatest, but I heard that happens with most larger TVs these days.


Great deal

We had it shipped to the house which was very convenient the set up was simple and we have been enjoying the HUGE picture


great for price

great TV , sound is good. had it for about a month now. no problems at all.


Best bang for your buck!

Very pleased! This is probably the best, cheapest tv that is available. After playing around with the sound and picture settings, the tv picture is great! 2 day shipping had me a little concerned since its a tv but it was a very smooth delivery with no problems. I will gladly purchase this same brand in the future.


Great buy

Great picture. Sound is very good. Live this tv and can't beat the price.


Great Value!!!!!

Great picture!!! My surround sound system doesn't work perfectly with it, but still a great value.


I've only had it about a week now, but it is beautiful! Love the picture! It is vibrant in color yet strong blacks as well. And I don't know what others are comparing to when the say the sound is poor. My old TV was a 65 inch RCA and the sound is every bit as good on the Sceptre. Definitely worth the price.


What a great deal.

This is a excellent value. Excellent picture. Good sound without extra equipment. Buy a Fire stick or some other streaming device and you have a smart TV.


Sceptre 65" U650CV-U model

i bought this for $399 on Jan 8, 2019. The price is unbeatable and it has a lot of high end features like 4 HDMI, one with MHL and three with CEC features, and 3 HDMI has 60HZ 4K stream input specification. Back light and motion turning feature. Many higher price low end model like LG,SONY or Samsung does not have those features. Take note many name brands have different models, high end and low end. And this Sceptre has features close to name brand high end. Make sure turn on all the nice feature and adjust your back light with reference to your watching light ambient, you will get a great picture. The picture is not as good as OLED but really good enough. You can barely notice the difference. Then it is reliability issue one may worry. I had 2 Sceptre before and they lasted forever though I only used them about 2 hours per day. Also the source is very important, with good 4K source, excellent picture, but with poor source like 420p video, it will not look good. For $399, I can buy without much consideration for it is enjoyable enough watching streaming video(1080p or higher) using fire stick. Until money is no issue, I will buy OLED though. The turn on time is slow unlike old TV, it is just something you need to get use to.


Chantell 2019-01-10

Awesome tv.

Bought two tv 65 n 50. Great pic n sound. Great price

so far so good

great experience so far. have been using it for a few months now and it works great. my xbox is the centerpiece to my entertainment center and it is connected to this TV. whether watching TV, movies, YouTube, or playing games, the picture quality is great. had to purchase a soundbar because I didn't like the audio coming from the TV but that is the only complaint I have about it.


Super Clear

Been a Sceptre fan for the last 4-5 years. This is my 3rd TV and the clarity is equal to any higher priced 4K TV out there. Would give 5 stars if the price wouldn't have dropped right after I purchased yet it only lasted long enough for Walmart to not honor their rollback price policy since it quickly went "out of stock". At $399, this is still a heck of a deal but it's all about principal. As others did @ 399, why not purchase the reasonably priced warranty? I doubt if I will ever need it as both my other Sceptre's are still good as new. I still haven't seen a 32" screen as clear as the Sceptre I purchased 5+ years ago. I too had a high priced Sammy go out after (3) years so no more high dollar electronics for me..

Aceon9 2018-12-22

Best TV For Price !

Just unboxed and mounted this in my Great Room. It replaced a 55" Panasonic Plasma. Unbelievable picture quality for the price point hands down! It is not a smart TV but in this day and age most who own a Firestick don‘t need a smart TV. Downside (not really) is the lack of RCA inputs so I had to purchase an after market HDMI converter for my Nintendo Wii system (15.00). You really can‘t go wrong with this model if you‘re looking to get a huge display that won‘t break the bank!

Great TV for the Price. Great TV in General.

I'm pretty picky about my TVs, but for the price I thought I would take a shot. Glad I did. Pair this with a 4k Firestick etc...and it's WELL worth the price. The picture is great. Viewing angles are good. I really can't say enough about the picture, especially when looking at the price. If there were any downside to the picture it would be that the color can become overly saturated at times. Also, the corners are slightly darker in some scenes, but overall the picture is still very acceptable. You don't notice it on the majority of scenes. Especially when looking at a green football field, but it really depends on the venue. The TV is plenty bright for all viewing situations. Yes, the speakers are tinny and not great, but that is to be expected on a budget TV. I purchased a Sceptre 1080p TV back in 2008 and it is still going strong to this day, so I'm hoping this lasts as well.