50" 4K UHD TV

  • 3840 x 2160 4K Resolution
  • HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 
  • MHL
  • MEMC 120
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By On August 13 00:00:00, 2019

Fantastic buy , excellent picture . Low Sound , and Claw Feet , are the only negatives , and they seem to be a standard today. Just be sure if you plan to wall mount to check to see if you have metal studs first !


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Fantastic Buy

Fantastic buy , excellent picture . Low Sound , and Claw Feet , are the only negatives , and they seem to be a standard today. Just be sure if you plan to wall mount to check to see if you have metal studs first !


50" TV

Works well with the TV mount--great picture and sound.



Affordable mother's day gift. First one was damaged in shipment but had a replacement in a few days. So far, working fine. Easy to hook up and worked fine with Wii.



Great deal. No complaints.  This is my 3rd TV from this brand. My first 4K and look perfect.


Awesome TV

Don't be afraid to buy, this is a great TV. Sound and picture are far superior compared to my LG. The remote is a little cheesy, but it was only used for setup so I don't care.


Awesome and Affordable T.V.

This tv is a great addition to your home. Clear picture, easy setup, easy fuctions at an amazing price. Super fast delivery, arrived in perfect shape.


Sceptre 50 in. 4k TV

This is a great TV! The picture quality is great. The sound is fine. That probably depends on the size of the room. After I purchased the TV, I had to move in with my parents due to a job layoff. We have the TV in the living room, and the picture has been great for the football games my dad enjoys. My stepmom and I enjoy some of them too. Dad even commented how much he likes the picture.


Don't be afraid for under $300

I bought this TV November 2016. This is simply a great TV. Added a soundbar, picture is sharp as any $1000 TV Warranty was only $20 for 3yrs haven't needed to use it. TV has performed great right out the box. Just added Amazon Fire Stick 4k awesome performance! Best TV I've purchased. Extremely happy. Don't be afraid to pay less for a great TV.


TV Sceptre

Great price for item. Great picture quality. Perfect


Great TV for the money!

I bought this TV for tailgate purposes. It has a great picture. The speakers are also loud.


Picture is great and TV is easy to set up!!! Great family gift!


New TV

Very happy so far with my new T.V. Picture is nice and bright and clear.


Happy customer.

I liked the fast delivery, it arrived 2 days early. The only assembly was the legs which were simple. The picture is more vivid and the clarity is superb. This is the second Scepter since we loved the first one and am using it in the bedroom.You can not go wrong with this item and we are a lifetime buyer. The larger screen is a true delight. Thank you for having this product available at such low prices.


Sceptre 50" TV

Haven't had very long. So far, so good. Works great.


Nice basic UHD TV

The TV arrived on time in good working order. It works well for us and has a clear picture.


Great value for the money

Fantastic value for the $250 I spent on this! Looks amazing. Have had it for one week. Very satisfied. The sound is LOUD, so try it before getting a sound bar, if that is your plan.


Great value for the money

Fantastic value for the $250 I spent on this! Looks amazing. Have had it for one week. Very satisfied. The sound is LOUD, so try it before getting a sound bar, if that is your plan.


good purchase

Good picture, sound is not that good but I hooked it up to my stereo and problem solved. great buy for a basement TV.


Very nice for price

I was very surprised with the picture quality. Sound not bad. Don't let some of the reviews stop you from buying this tv. I'm enjoying my new tv.


Excellent picture quality, slick design and great price

Leelee337 2018-10-10

I can't be happier

I made a high quality purchase at a very fair price. It exceeds my expectations in the scope of the image and motion time. It is well worth your time to give this a shot.

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Why Sceptre?Price

Know Sceptre?Online Stores

Quality of Product
Value of Product

A good buy

I've had a sceptre since 2013 a 32in so when I seen this great deal for a 50in I had to buy it! Perfect size for a big master bedroom, great color and sound!


Great Product 5 stars no doubt

Sceptre 50 " you can beat the Price and HD Picture is amazing almost as good as my Samsung 65"


Great picture! Sound isn't that great but it's bareable after some adjustment to the equalizer. I'd recommend buying it for sure! It's a great tv for the price!


works for me

I read a lot of reviews and had my doubts but this is great the picture and sound are good


Fo Sta's

The picture is amazing! Shipping was quick. Sound is why I gave it 4*'s. It's great for a $250 50'' UHD 2160p tho.


Don't hesitate

Very nice graphics, 4K, wonderful price, has all the ports needed for hdmi, etc. I have been putting off buying a new TV for a few years. Don't hesitate on this one!


Great deal!!

Super picture and great sound not to mention easy set up!!!


For a big screen tv that is not a well known name!! The picture quality just blew me away!!


Great - very please. Great sound, nice color and good picture


Nice Picture-Low price

Nice sharp picture. a 4K TV for about half the price of the big name brands. I hooked up a Yamaha 120 watt sound bar as the internal TV speakers are not great. Comes with a year warranty.


nice picture and sound. it is everything i hoped for a bedroom tv.


Great TV, if you can read and follow instructions

Ordered this tv after reading through the reviews and noticing most of the negative reviews had to do with shipping concerns and inability to set up TV (connections, pairing remotes) most who claim bad picture didn't have cable and were using over the air connections. I received the TV in perfect condition, shipping was not the 2 days promised, but I ordered it on Friday, it didn't ship until the following Tuesday and I received it on Thursday. Set up was easy, very few frills, but for this price, I didn't expect frills. Picture is awesome, very clear and vibrant. Sound is more than adequate, very adjustable. Pairing the cable remote was easy after I read the manual, simple to use Sony audio code, remote works great. I couldn't be happier with this TV for the money. Read through the reviews and you will come to the same conclusion I did. Poor shipping, inability to read and follow setup instructions, and poor input choices don't make a bad TV. I would definitely recommend this TV to everyone.


Great price and quality

We only paid about 270 for this tv after tax and it was so worth the price. Great sound and picture. It's not the most amazing or fancy tv in the world but it works great for gaming and watching YouTube. Can't beat the price either. We also had it delivered to our house and because of other reviews saying it arrived broke we got the warranty but thankfully it arrived completely intact and ready to use.


Great TV great price

Picture quality is great! Set up was super easy. Only Reason for 4 stars is sound. Sound is not horrible but still not great. It has the option of the TV automatically turning down really loud parts of shows/movies/commercials and it turns it way down. I've turned this option off and played around with the sound options and still doesn't sound great. Like I said, its not horrible but could be improved.


Great TV for the price. Easy installation, fantastic picture. I added a SCEPTER sound bar for better sound. All around great addition to my 3 season room.


Love it

Great TV,you wouldn't expect it for this price,you'll be blown away. In just one word "WOW"



I was a little afraid to buy an off brand television but this one has been a pleasant surprise. Easy setup and works great.


Very pleased

Great price for the size and beautiful picture quality. The only criticism I have is the limited setting options for screen size.


Love it! Awesome clear picture and the colors are really vivid


Great Value!

So pleased with the value of this tv that my best friend got one for herself. It was packaged very well. Easy assembly simply adding the legs and I loved that a small Phillips screwdriver was included. It’s the perfect size for a relatively small living room. I was concerned it might be too large. The video quality is gorgeous. And the surround audio setting eliminates the need to purchase a sound bar. Light enough for a 5 foot tall middle aged woman to lift. Setup was super quick and easy. Paired easily with my cable remote. I’m trying to come up with an excuse to buy another one.


Great product with a great picture at a good price.

Brit88 2018-03-26

Love it

I bought this tv for my husband a month ago and he love it

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Why Sceptre?Price

Know Sceptre?Online Stores

Quality of Product
Value of Product

Good price and high quality. I have several old style game consoles, this TV has enough varieties of input connections (1 x Component/Composite Video, 4 x HDMI, 1 x Headphone, 1 x Optical Digital Audio, 1 x RCA Audio L+R, 1 x RF (Coaxial), 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB), so I can make connections without of using converters.


Great Price for an Awesome TV

Awesome TV for the price the 4K UHD is great! Spent the first couple of hours watching it and saying "Wow" The TV levels the sound so no extra loud commericials


I am very pleased with the purchase of this TV. Everything is clearer,and the sound is good. There is the pop of more colors better definition. Even old programs are sharper. I only paid 30 dollars than the 1070 model which is a good TV, but this one is far superior. I am very happy with this purchase. The sound is better than my son's Sony TV.


Worth every dime

The picture and color are exceptional. The sound is great and the price is even better. Only thing is I wish it were smart...


It arrived in two days plugged it in and it worked great


Good buy.

Picture is good and volume level great (rarely have to go above an 8). Easy set up.



If your a gamer and looking for a tv look no furth

Volume is great ,the picture is good . Good for a big room or a small room. If your a gamer this is a great tv . As the picture is not too dark like some others .


Picture great. Easy to use and set up. Delivery a breeze


Well done

I really like the quality of the picture and the ability to adjust the picture on screen for movies, sports etc. I was surprised to get what I wanted for this affordable price. The sound is ok I may add a sound bar later since my remote is compatible with the Sceptre sound bar and also Roku. Good job.


Great price, excellent basic TV

Time will tell but right now its a super value for what you get. If you're looking for fancy features and a smart TV, this is not for you. If you want excellent picture quality at a great price in a basic TV, this is for you.


The picture quality. However, some DVDs dont show up in 4k so we have to purchase a 4k uhd compatible DVD player. Sound is amazing but so loud at volume 9, dont even need speakers! Overall a fabulous tv and best one I've owned.


Great 4K computer monitor, replaces 4 monitors

Ignore all the reviews of damaged displays. Those are misplaced reviews of bad shipping and should not be attributed to the TV. This is great display for a large computer monitor. I replaced 4 HD monitors with this monster and was able to get rid of lots of cables. To use as monitor, change the picture settings to prevent smoothing so you can read the small text in the native 4K resolution. You'll need to enter the factory menu and do this: 1. Press menu on the remote 2. Type 7343 and wait 3 seconds 3. Choose Picture Curve 4. Go to Curve Setting and choose "Sharpness" 5. Set all the parameters to "0" That's it. Picture will look much sharper, although it may be too sharp for regular TV viewing. If your computer uses mini DisplayPort, you may need to get an Active mini DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 converter. Otherwise you may not get the full 4K to work. I had to do this for my Surface Book 2. It looks great and for $300, it is way cheaper than 4 HD monitors. Time will tell how long it lasts. So far so good but it's only been a week.